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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hey, losers! I guess it’s that time again where you have nothing better to do than search for porn games all day long looking for that one special game where you can beat your meat. Hey, there’s no one judging you here. It’s not like you are the only one who does that. For sure, there’s a lot of horny motherfuckers out there that are doing that as you read this. Anyway, if you are still stuck looking for the one special game, you might like what I’m about to tell you. And if you have a huge fetish towards Japanese game, oh boy, you sure are in for a treat.

I introduce to you, Nekopara! You can tell just from the title how fucking Japanese it is already. Oh, and guess what? This game has an anime adaptation that was released on Steam back in 2017. How fucking great is that, eh? You can stop wasting your time looking at websites with an endless amount of games because this right here is enough to satisfy your small dick and your heavy balls! Nekopara is an adult visual novel that was released by Sekai Project. Years after all the volumes were released, Sekai Project has sold over millions of copies. Crazy, right? So, let’s not delay this review any further and get on with it!

Japanese Delight!

Have you fuckers ever thought about what it would feel like to be surrounded by catgirls? If you have had fantasies about that, then this game can absolutely help you with that. In this Japanese anime game, you will find tons of nudity, lewd jokes, and what many of you horny bitches love, titties! Can you imagine it by now? Catgirls that are all naked in front of you waiting to be played with, if you know what I mean. To top it all of, all the catgirls that you will see in this game have the best fucking Japanese voices!

The Master of Catgirls

Finally! I am sure as hell that most of you bitches that are reading this right now wanted to become someone who has their own catgirls. That’s exactly what this game is going to let you experience. You will be running your own shop called “La Soleii”, and you are going to be accompanied by some of the most hottest, sexiest, and naughtiest catgirls that are fucking great at doing their job, which is keeping you happy. In case you are wondering how you ended up with catgirls, here’s a little backstory to spice things up a little bit.

Kashou, the son of a long line confection maker, has a passion for pastries. He decided to move out of his town and start his own confection shop as a patisserie. In this game, it’s completely normal for their town to have catgirls. So, while he is moving all of his things out, he finds to catgirls that were hiding amongst the boxes. To his surprise, it was Chocola and Vanilla that their family was raising up. When Kashou tries to send the catgirls back, they begged to stay and help improve Kashou’s business. Ta-da, now that you have an idea of how you ended up with catgirls in the game let’s head over to the gameplay.

The Gameplay

The amount of visual novel games that are being released today sure is getting higher. It’s like they keep popping out of nowhere, and a lot of motherfuckers are actually enjoying these kinds of games. I’m not saying they are not good, but I actually prefer something better. But I actually had a great time playing this game despite the game being a visual novel. In this game, you are going to be reading a lot of words. Yes, that is what you’re going to do for the entire game. Duh, it’s a visual novel, what do you expect?

Good thing is, you are not going to be moving around the game a lot. Since you are stuck staring at the screen, all you have to do is read and click. Read whatever that pops up on your monitor and click to see the next dialogue. If you are not interested in reading anything at all, you can just keep clicking to fast forward into the next dialogue. The game also doesn’t give you any options to choose what happens in the game, and the story ultimately leads to an ending. In other words, you don’t have any influence on the story of the game.

The Story Goes On

Let’s just say that you had a lot of fun with your dick and finished the game too quickly, and you are looking for more. Well, the game has got you covered with that. Why? Because the devs have been very kind to you fuckers and decided to create four more volumes! Can’t fucking believe that now, can you? Nekopara has five volumes in total, and you can enjoy all of it! Each volume has different storylines. The volumes are like the stories where it focuses on you having sex with that certain catgirl.

Think about it like this, if the first volume you played was focused on Chocola and Vanilla, that means, the next volume is going to focus on different catgirls. That should be enough to keep you playing, right? I mean, the volume one already had the crazy hot sex scenes, why will you let things stop there, right? Things will just keep getting hotter and hotter each volume, and I really want to recommend that you keep the fire lit.

The Game’s Volumes

To give you an idea of the different volumes and the plot that comes along with it. Extra is the volume where it revolves around Chocola and Vanilla. It’s like a backstory to their life where they were still kittens and struggled to become part of the Minaduki household. Vol. 0 focuses on the life of the other catgirls before they became part of your shop. The third is Vol. 1, which mainly focuses on the life of Kashou as an aspiring confection maker. Fourth, is Vol. 2, where things start to get erotic. It is where the other catgirls start working on your store and see all of their naughty attitudes.

Lastly, Vol. 3, a continuation of the recent volume. It is also a continuation of the fun that you just had with your dick. It focuses on Cinnamon and Maple’s life, which shows how strong their bond is with the other catgirls when they help each other achieve their goals and dreams. There has been a rumor that is going around that there will be an upcoming volume, but the devs didn’t give any news about that. Still, it’s better to stay on track once the official news comes out.

What I Like About The Game

There are many things that I like about the game. One of them is how fucking mind-blowing the graphics were. The graphics really did it. I mean, it’s all thanks to the graphics that I fucking stayed on the game until the very end. To be honest, I didn’t really mind reading all the words as long as I get to see those catgirls naked. I almost wished that I also had catgirls to have fun with. I also like that each catgirl has a voice-acting. It’s one thing that I look for in a game. You know, to have the greatest experience.

You know what else gave me the best fucking experience? The sex scenes! I can’t even express how fucking great they were. I didn’t even last long while watching those catgirls get fucked. Not to mention, they all have different body figures, which I fucking love! No doubt, I will keep coming back to this game again and again.

My Recommendations for Improving the Game

There’s just one thing that I would like to recommend to the devs, and that is to lessen the number of words to read. I’m not going to lie here. I got bored while waiting for the other sex scenes to come. I have been reading for the entire time, and that is something that really bores me. Thankfully, the sex scenes with the catgirls saved the day. So, aside from that, there’s nothing that I would like to get improved. The game is already good enough for me to play over and over again.


Overall, the game is really fucking amazing to play. Even though it’s a visual novel, I didn’t mind playing until the end. There are five fucking volumes to play! Can you imagine how great that is? They even have different storylines if you really want to know more about the catgirls. The game had one of the most mind-blowing graphics that I have ever seen in my entire life. Each character was drawn perfectly, which left me with nothing to complain about. So, if you’re looking for that perfect Japanese erotic and visual novel game, I will recommend this game to you. You will find one hell of an experience in this game.

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