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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Nexus Mods

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I feel kind of silly reviewing NexusMods. You should already know about this site. If you don’t, I’m about to open your eyes like they’ve never been opened before. The only condition I’m gonna lay down is, are you a video game fan? If yes, read on. If not, what the fuck are you doing on my site? Go to my regular porn review site. Anyways, NexusMods is like the essential mayonnaise of the video game world. Whatever flavor of mainstream game you’re eating, it’s tastier with mayonnaise. That analogy kind of got away from me. I’m hungry, don’t judge me. The point is, if you play video games, you need NexusMods.

That is, if you play non-pornographic video games, but you hate the fact that they don’t have any smut in them, you need NexusMods. Smut games come with … smut, so that’s fine. They’re good to go. You put one hand on your keyboard or mouse and the other on your cock. Shit works well. Now, when it comes to mainstream games, they haven’t ascended to fap-worthy. That’s where NexusMods comes in. You can find just about any type of modification for damn near every popular game you can think of on this site. But, I’m going to focus on the naughty mods. There are a few exceptions for some games, like The Sims. You go straight to Wicked Whims if you want to smut-up that bad boy. But, for all the other mainstream titles, you head on down to NexusMods, flip off the safe-for-work filter and get to jacking.

Tits at All Times

Some more modern video game titles like The Witcher 3 will have sex scenes that you can just about jack off to, but they last less than 10 seconds at a time and they’re really spaced the fuck out. So, good luck jacking your dick off to those scenes if you’re not a one pump chump. Me, I’m a stallion, so it takes me a good 15 minutes at least and that’s if I’m rushing things. I prefer my video games with titties that are constantly on screen. Don’t get me wrong, I like to focus on the gameplay, but it’s just so much easier to do that when the main character I’m playing as is flashing me throughout the whole experience.

And I know what you’re thinking – regular games are smut-free for a reason. To that I say: What are you, a priest? Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Titties were meant to be free. They were meant to flow in the wind and most importantly remain in my field of vision. Besides, monitors are fucking huge these days. Surely there’s space on my screen for a luscious pair of tits and the rest of the fucking game. I mean sure, that would be kind of weird if you’re playing Batman, but consider this. Mod Bruce Wayne out of the game and replace him with … literally any hot babe with her tits hanging out. Now that’s what I call replay value. There is no modern game that could not be improved by the inclusion of giant tits in your face. Then there’s the asses too, but we’ll get to that. Let’s talk about my favorite example.

Amazing Triple-A Mods

When the Resident Evil remakes started rolling in, I had to have them. I’ve been a fan of those games since I was a kid. But, I got kind of bored of replaying the first remake, Resident Evil 2, a week after it came out. I don’t know, it just wasn’t grabbing me. I mean the zombies were neat and the guns were fun and there was a lot of suspense, but I had a half-chub throughout the whole game and it was just getting on my nerves. I didn’t have that problem playing as Leon, because I don’t want to fuck him. But, when I played as Claire or whenever Ada was on screen, I was kind of upset. On the one hand, they’re hot as shit, on the other hand, it really hurt knowing that I can’t see them take their clothes off. This was really bothering me. So, I headed over to NexusMods to remedy the problem and sure enough, there were tons of Resident Evil 2 mods on there. Now, we’re not talking about several mods, one of which is a nude mod that adds some casual nudity. Nah, fam. This is NexudMods we’re talking about. As of right now there are over 23 pages of adult mods on here for Resident Evil 2. Just make sure to log in so you can prove you’re an adult. It’s tedious, but it’s worth it. A few of these adult mods are dumb and gore related, but most of them are literally just nude mods for several characters in the game.

Resident Evil Smut

Fuck it, I’m gonna give it another paragraph. I got a bunch of nude mods and replayed the game as Claire. I gotta say, it was a lot more fun playing through this game whilst staring at her amazing ass at all times. This improved the game tenfold. Plus, her titties flop around while she’s running in a really realistic way. It got me hard throughout. I had to take little breaks to rub one off in-between safe rooms. Oh and if you want to get rid of Leon, because he’s really not fap-worthy, you can replace him entirely with a nude Ada. Then, you can also make Ada hotter, because… why the fuck not. You can get giant breasts for her and even change her face here and there. You can get the same types of mods for Claire. Hell, you can make the entire game a harem if you want. They even added some babes that weren’t originally in the game, because fuck it, men gotta fap. Oh and by the way, if you’re gay and you’d like more of Leon, well, they got mods for that too. It ain’t my thing, but it’s up there if you’re that kind of guy. I don’t judge, I just serve up awesome game reviews.

Easy to Sort Through

NexusMods was always an easy site to navigate, but they’ve made sure to streamline the process as much as possible for all of you freaks out there. I’m not sure if their filters were this extensive when they first launched, but today, you can sort through all the adult content by specific filters so that you immediately find what you’re looking for. So, you can see all the adult mods, or, only the ones that have to do with nudity. That way you can filter out the violence and gore related mods if you’re not interested. Obviously, if you’re looking to fap, nudity is where it’s at.

I should also note that if you want to be blown the fuck away by a never-ending procession of hot tits, you should head on over to NexusMods and look up adult nude Skyrim mods. There is no way in hell you’ll ever see them all, but you can sort by quality or download count to see the best of the best. For some reason that I do not understand, there is an entire army of devoted modders and modelers out there working around the clock to add hot titties to Skyrim. There are a few bangable babes in that game by default, but it’s all kind of bland. You don’t see much of them and their tits don’t inspire confidence. Well, if you get a bunch of mods for the game you can remove all the annoying children and import yourself a fuck-ton of bangable beauty queens. Hell, there are even mods that let you fuck them. It’s the greatest shit ever.

Free and Seamless

These are the two most important upsides to using NexusMods. One, it’s free and two, they have their own mod manager. Now the manager doesn’t technically work with all games. Some of them can be a bit pissy. But, all the ones that are worth modding are completely compatible and this is great, because you can download a shitton of mods and hot-swap them in between gaming sessions. So, that means you don’t have to nab individual files and place them in correct folders or whatever. I know that can be super annoying if you’re in the mood to fap, but the game expects you to go on a fucking escapade just to get the mods running. Fuck that. Get the mod manager and fap away. NexusMods is an absolute essential tool in proper high quality gameplay, especially if the games you like don’t have smut in them. The site is free, the software they provide is free and all the mods are made by community members who just want the world to fap. What a wonderful world we live in, am I right?

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