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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Noxian Nights

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Noxian Nights

User Rating: 4/5
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Noxian Nights is a Corruption Themed RPG by Hreinn Games

Most corruption games take it way too easy. You play as some prude bitch who discovers that she likes getting dicked down. Big fucking deal. I don’t want some vanilla-ass game where the proud warrior girl slowly finds love or finds out that she likes sleeping around a bit. It’s just not that interesting. It’s better when the game is heavy-handed with those themes. I want this slut to get used and abused like the poor, pathetic cum-addicted whore that she’s going to become. And I think most of you fucked-up fappers would agree with me that the hardcore shit is the best. So, of course, I went out looking for a raunchy, rough, hardcore corruption game that didn’t hold anything back.

Download the Full Version of this Classic Game for Free!

I found just the game. It’s called Noxian Nights and it’s all about this chick who is hell-bent on revenge, but getting brutally raped by monster after monster might start to shift her goals a bit. We’ll see. I’ll dive into the plot here in a bit. What you horny cucks need to know is that this RPG Maker game was completed back in late 2016. This shit has been out for a while. But, hey, at least you’re getting a finished product. I can’t say the same about half of the goddamn games I come across. It was one of the earlier projects by the talented h-game developer Hreinn Games. They’re currently working on another quality title called Kingdom of Deception that is well worth your time after you finish playing Noxian Nights, of course. You can pop on over to to download a completely free copy of the game. If you’re interested in their current project, then $5 a month will get you exclusive early access to the updates.

Fight Your Way Through Horny Monsters on a Quest for Revenge

You play as this busty warrior babe named Riven. She’s on a fucking mission. Apparently, she was in this big-ass war when her own people started slaughtering each other at this wicked general’s behest. She somehow survived and is out on a vengeance quest to lop that bastard’s head off. She’s tracked him to a small-ish town in the mountains and is making her way down to hit when a strange tentacle beast waylays her and fucks her brains out. She wakes up covered in cum and naked in a stranger’s house. I don’t think that was quite the entrance that she was planning to make. The dude that dragged her back to town is an asshole. He makes Riven get on her knees and gobble on his thick cock in exchange for letting her stay the night. To make matters worse, Riven finds herself too weak to stop his advances. It seems like her warrior powers were somehow drained from her. Still hell-bent on revenge, she storms towards the general and is intercepted by a stranger moments before she makes herself known.

Try to Regain Your Powers as You Get Used and Abused

The dude is an alchemist who also wants to see the bastard of a general go down, but he knows Riven is not strong enough. He agrees to sell her some potions on the down-low if she brings him some ingredients. From there, it’s really up to you how you want to approach this game. There are loads of people to speak with in town who have quests, stories, and items to share. Regardless, you’ll need to venture out and fight some monsters to earn dosh and experience. The combat is your basic RPG Maker turn-based system that you see in most of these games, though I’ll give this one a pass since it came out before everyone and their fucking families were pumping out games using this software. It’s a straightforward system, but the game can get pretty fucking brutal. Expect to lose all of the damn time. At least losing just sends you back to your bed. You don’t have to worry about losing a ton of progress or anything like that.

Explore a Town Full of Interesting NPCs and Quests

The story will unravel as you explore areas, interact with NPCs, and gather your strength. But your road to revenge might shift. Some of these monsters, well, they are looking more and more attractive as Riven keeps getting gang-raped by mobs of them. There will be choices to make down the line that shapes the outcome of the story, and the writing in this game is fucking great. The characters feel fleshed out and dynamic, and the story progresses at a steady pace. It feels like an actual RPG instead of a loose collection of mechanics thrown together to show you some hentai. Visually, you likely wouldn’t be able to immediately tell this game apart from most RPG Maker titles. The assets are all your basic plug-and-play stuff. You fucks will know what I’m talking about if you’ve played more than a handful of these games. But I did like that you get an illustration of Riven on the screen at all times. It changes based on what you’re wearing and wielding. She’ll get covered in cum if you lose a battle. Her clothes can get torn off. It’s a solid mechanic that I liked a lot.

Jerk off to Uncensored, Lightly Animated Fetish Hentai Scenes

The h-scenes are fapworthy as fuck. You get lightly animated scenes of Riven getting dicked down by all sorts of creatures. Watch as she gets fucked by tentacles beasts, horses, wolves, and even hot lesbian babes. Each scene will be fully uncensored and packed with erotic dialog lines. While you don’t get any sound effects or moans, this game is packed with some of the most thematic music I’ve heard in awhile. You get sultry fuck tunes during scenes, head-bang worthy metal tracks during battles, and eerie echoing melodies during tense moments.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I’m a sucker for quality corruption games, and this is one of the best ones out there. It’s a classic for a damn good reason. This is one of the games that start your character off at a high point and keeps going down further and further until she’s a trained whore on a leash who is begging for cock. That’s my kind of content right there. And the whole journey there will be full of kinky characters, lewd scenes, and a genuinely interesting story. You fucks are in for a goddamn treat with this game, especially considering that you can get it for free. Plus, you get some damn good h-scenes to jerk off to. That’s the real seller right there. You fucks will be rubbing yourselves raw with the sheer number of h-scenes packed into this game. The HD illustrations and animations are so fucking good. And you’ll never be waiting long for quality lewd content to make an appearance. This game is all about that kinky corruption action, but you can expect some other fetishes to make appearances as well. You get shit like bukkake, bestiality, rape, anal, gangbangs, and more. There’s a wide enough variety here to satisfy most of you betas.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Now, I know I’ve gone on and on about how great this game is, but that doesn’t mean its perfect. It’s not as unique in terms of visuals or gameplay as I would have liked. Having some deeper mechanic-based corruption meters and such would have been cool to see. And, of course, the basic RPG Maker assets are kind of a drag. But this game goes to show just how far and successful you can be with those basic tools. None of these issues are deal-breakers by any means. This is still an all-around quality experience.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Noxian Nights is a must-play for any of your corruption lovers out there. I know you fucks are out there. Come on out and download this sexy game. You’ll be set-up to enjoy hours of content and gameplay as long as you don’t mind some grindy RPG quests and combat. Download the entire game for free and fap to some incredibly hot fetish fuck scenes. Each one will have multiple illustrations, hot dialog, and be completely uncensored! It’s hard to beat that. Check it out now!

BestPornGames Likes Noxian Nights
  • Solid writing & a killer soundtrack
  • HD, uncensored hentai illustrations
  • Loads of corruption fetish scenes
  • Dozens of hot scenes to unlock and jerk off to
  • It’s free to download!
BestPornGames Hates Noxian Nights
  • Basic RPG Maker assets
  • Some sections can be a bit of a grind