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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Isn’t it great we live in a time where people can find whatever they are looking for to fulfill their lives?

Got a thing for being flogged by a dominant madam or a muscly man you can find bars full of people who are into that. If you’re looking for used women’s panties, there are websites where you can order them and, in some countries, can buy them from vending machines.

Truly there are products and social organizations for all kinds of kinky interests. Why there are even elite defecation clubs scattered around the world.

Okay, enough with my crudeness and cynicism. I genuinely do think that it’s fantastic that the modern world has sexual stuff for every kind of person. And I the wake of gay liberation and the strength of the pink dollar, there are gay versions of everything.

An excellent example of this is the LGBTQ version of Nutaku. No matter what you prefer to see up top and between the legs, I am sure that this site will have at least a few games for you.

A Site Which Is a Spin-Off of a Fusion Between the East and West

Confused by the header? Don’t worry, I’ll clarify.

Years ago, the Hokuto Corporation allied with the creators of PornHub, MindGeek create a leading platform to sell and promote hentai-style games to a western audience. The result was the incredible website Nutaku which has been drawing horny gamers ever since it first came out.

As you can tell from the title of the article, we’re looking at the queer version of this site and all that it has to offer. Before you make too many assumptions, don’t think that Nutaku Gay is some cheap knock off chasing the money of a few people’s money.

That certainly isn’t consistent with Nutaku or MindGeek’s brand. Besides, with everything related to the gays and money, it has to be fabulous, right?

Plenty of Games for the Gays

There are sixteen titles listed right now, cover a variety of genres, and feature all sorts of art styles.

For example, if you have a thing for bara and like retro puzzle games look up See No Evil. Do you enjoy dating simulators with complex mechanics? Then Booty Calls and Abducted are the games for you.

I’ll add that there are two other ways to categorize games in this game – inexpensive and free. The first is listed as premium games, and most of them are only a few bucks. On the high end, there is one game which is forty dollars, though most are less than eleven.

Then there are the six free games you can download and play. While they do technically follow a freemium model, none are pay-to-win, and from what I’ve played, they are all fun, too. Despite not being a pole jockey, I am pretty open-minded and can say that the freebies like Blush, Blush, and Men Bang have some remarkable production values, plus plenty of cartoon hotties.

You Get Interactive Experiences Featuring Lesbians

With thirty-five entries, when it comes to the total number of games, this part of the site is the biggest. However, most of the downloads tend to be in the same that being visual and interactive novels.

That said, each story portrayed is well-written, has amazing artwork, and usually are affordable for what you get. There are dozens to refer to, but if this kind of entertainment is your thing, I’d recommend starting with an installment in the Sakura series.

There are eleven installments on this page and feature the same characters with different themes. For example, the two titles, Sakura Gamer, put the girls in a techy environment with loads of nudity and gentle girl canoodling.

Don’t like interactive digital novels? Good news, there are a few other sorts of games on this part fo the site. Ice and Fire of Maiden is a 3D, Viking-themed platformer which looks like Mario meets Metroid with the nudity cheat code added.

Tenta Shooter is a fun, hybrid game that mostly resembles a sci-fi shooter with a bit of an old school twist t it. And then there is Mandy’s Room 1 & 2, which is a sex simulator. To sum up, it’s more amazing to play than it is to watch.

They tend to be a bit pricer but have the utmost levels of production quality and hours of content in each installment.

They’ve Even Got Trans Products, Too

You may think that a subset of a form of entertainment that focuses on a niche form of porn wouldn’t have much to choose from, let alone any games which are good. It was nice to see that the transgender games are far more fun than I thought with some amazing graphics at that.

Let’s start with Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator to get an idea. It’s a fully interactive sex sim that features customizable 3-dimensional characters placed in a delightfully cheesy space sci-fi universe. Pixie Panic Garden is described as a puzzle game but is more like a top-down maze navigation game with points where the plater can see some kinky hentai.

Besides those, there are a couple of different sorts of interactive novels, too. To make things even better, the cost per game is better than the Lesbian section.

With Each Game, There Is Plenty of Promotional Information Given

A shocking number of other sites I look at may have a handsome rooster of games, but provide little if any info on the genre, plot, or anything else. Fortunately, that is not the case on this site.

On each download page, there is a brief description at the top and a far more detailed one further below. Along with that, you’ll often get a rundown on what kind of game you are in for, what the system requirements are, and a list of some neat perks or bonuses.

While it’s not true in every case, most of these games have been promoted and discussed on several social media pages and have a passionate community of players. When that (often) is the case, you’ll typically see a series of links to those sites on the download page as well.

Most importantly, the download section has a series of high def stills from gameplay and even promo trailers to whet your appetite.

What I Like About Nutaku Gay

I’ve already gone on the good things that I have to say about this site, but I’ve got even more. The mobile version of this website has been expertly optimized, which is great news for Android users since many games can be played on those devices.

When it comes to paying for games, you get a few options. You can do it the usual way by paying with a credit card. Besides Visa and Mastercard, Discover and JCB are accepted. Another option is to pay using Nutaku’s virtual currency called gold.

If you didn’t know, new members get 100 gold once they verify their account.

What I Don’t Like About Nutaku Gay

One thing about Nutaku that has always confused me is their aversion to providing feedback for the products they sell. It’s not like their games suck or are advertised in a misleading way.

Just look at my reviews of some of their other games like Flower Knight Girl and Crush, Crush. Obviously, I think those are great games, which are Nutaku exclusive titles.

Whatever the reason, there is no way to drop a comment, leave a dis/like, or in any other way, express how you feel about games on their download pages. If it were up to me, this would change immediately.

I understand that it’s up to the developing team, not the publisher, as to how games are priced. But I do wish that the Lesbian and Trans games were a bit cheaper. It’d be even better if they had at least had a few free demos in those categories.

Making My Recommendations and Dropping a Rating

If you’ve read my review on the main Nutaku site, you know that I have heaped praise on it. In that same review, I do point out the few issues I had but thought they weren’t too big a deal to stop me from giving it top marks.

In the interest of being fair, I’m going to look at this subsite on its own.

The design is clean, and with the added background art looks even better than the original Nutaku. Since there are fewer games, it does make sense that they simplified everything, but it still would be nice if they put in a basic search engine.

I’ve listed all the rest of my other complaints already, but they are hardly a deal-breaker to prevent me from giving this site a good four and three-quarter hands. Not often that I do that if you’ve read the rest of my work.

If you like quirky trans games or are looking for girl-girl virtual novels, this is one of the better websites to use. If you are on the hunt for video games featuring fellas attracted to other fellas, this is your goto website.

BestPornGames Likes Nutaku Gay
  • Despite hosting niche adult-games, there is a fine level of selection
  • The website has an even better look to it than the original
  • You can get access to half a dozen gay games free of charge
BestPornGames Hates Nutaku Gay
  • There is no search engine despite the fact games are tagged
  • I wish they had included an option for users to give ratings and leave comments
  • It sucks there are no free lesbian or trans games