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Updated on 15 January 2020
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On this site, I mostly talk about adults-only video games and everything about them. Graphics, gameplay, the story, everything including the price (if any) and where to find them. However, you may have noticed that I don’t talk a lot about the quality of the platforms that sell games. In the interest of being thorough and bring you guys a rundown on a great adult game provider.

From the Creatives Who Brought You MindGeek and

In the new era of globalization, every good business’s goal is to expand its brand and products all over the world. Following this model, the Hokuto Corporation’s flagship website made a proposition to a Canadian company that used to be called Manwin. Who are these people? Well, DMM is a Japanese game solicitation website, and Manwin is now called MindGeek – the owner of but a few illustrious smut sites including Twistys, PornHub, Why Not Bi, and Reality Kings. The collaboration of these two legendary entertainment companies led to the development of a western-friendly net-based distributor of adult video games. A month later, in January 2015, Nutaku was launched with a small but enjoyable collection of translated Japanese erotic games and a few SFW games. During the months of that year, the site aggressively expanded with more games and gained one helluva reputation. Of course, that was half a decade ago – there is quite a bit more to discuss regarding this epic erotic-game hosting platform.

Here Is How Their Business Model Works

Then as now, Nutaku hosts both mainstream indie games, those of the adult variety. However, since they have published or promoted a series of non-explicit games while trying to build a larger audience, they’ve technically split the site. While under the same brand name, there are two variations of Nutaku:, the safe for work version, and, the one with the nudie goodness. The games you can acquire are available for browsers, desktop downloads, and mobile devices for a number of prices or even for free. But we’ll get on to that later – first, we need to go over the site’s aesthetics…

As Usual, Simple Site Design Is Key

Technically, you can find some “adult” games on the .com variant, but remember those are censored. Obviously, we are going to focus on the explicit version, though both have a lot of merits and the same features. So let us begin with Nutaku’s design and how it relates to finding everything. As with most modern, good webpages, they don’t try to overload you with a ton of bright color or excess accents. Instead, they keep it traditional with an off-white background, dark blue text, and pink incorporated into other elements. What makes each page arouse the viewer are all of the sexy thumbnails and exciting titles. On the main page, there are dozens of games neatly organized into categories like what’s new, staff picks, what is popular. If you want the full range of titles organized by genre, just click on the menu then the Games link. On that page, you can whittle results down by genre and tag. Further, you can filter what you see by publisher, developer, and language. On that last search option, there is an impressive number of languages the games have been translated into is impressive. As you’d guess, there are versions of titles in English and Japanese, but there are several French, Mandarin, and German versions as well. Beyond that, if you are a few Italian, Polish, Spanish translations, among others.

I’ve Covered Many of Their Games But Here Are Some Recommendations

Now that we’ve gone over how to find them let’s discuss what sort of smutty virtual experiences you are going to find. If you do a search on this site, you’ll run into games I’ve covered in-depth like Crush, Crush, and Flower Knight Girl – both of which I recommend – but there are a few more I need to say a little more on or haven’t yet reviewed. And to give you a quick clarifier, I do think these are all worth playing. Big Bang Empire – In this comic-style animated simulator, you’re out on a mission to create the next big studio in the world of adult entertainment. Or at least a virtual world that ts. Anyway, through hilarious quests, money acquisition, PvP & GvG contests, you may be able to create a vast porn empire. Attack on Moe H – This click-based crossed with an RPG adventure sets you in a magical world with gorgeous busty hentai girls. You are tasked with assembling an army of anime-style Amazons and Adonises to slay monsters and collect magical items. If you are more a so-called casual, this game would be a good one to start with. Even though it is, there is still plenty of lovely nudity and completely explicit sex. Harem Heroes – Ever dreamed of amassing a collection of horny maids who are willing to do all sorts of sexy acts for your pleasure. Well, thanks to the talented folks at Kinkoid, not you can! This is an easy but fun to play multi-stage adventure set in a colorful world of fantastic palaces and castles. There are character customization options, ways to build up trust in your harem, sex competitions, and much more. Both casuals and committed gamers will love the mechanics, animations, and hardcore actions. I should mention that most of the basic biographical information is presented on each game page, including the genre(s), tags, and a brief description. On virtually all of them, you’ll see at least one video preview and always a few promo pictures. There are no comments or reviews for some reason, but most of the developers make posts on any new versions or other updates. As I brought up, there are only hundreds of downloadable, browser-based, and mobile-friendly games on this site. Do a little searching on my website to find other reviews for what to look out for on Nutaku.

They’ve Got Games for and about the Queers and Trans, Too

As I know from experience, any good company wants to provide as many products to as many people as possible. And as I think we have seen since the start of this century, the pink dollar is very real. To capitalize on this and provide some variety, there’s an LGBT version of the site. Located in the menu, you can get linked with a couple of taps and treated to dozens more steamy games. Surprise, surprise, the Lesbian section has an amazing 35 titles to pick from many of which are romantic, virtual novel adventures. These tend to focus on the relationships between characters, so getting to the sexy stuff takes a while but might be worth the investment. Besides those, there is a JRPG, a shooter, and a sex simulator – however, I can guarantee you that all of them are packed with girl-on-girl nudity and naughtiness. And with an average cost of about ten American bucks, I think that the price is reasonable for what you get. I’m sure most of my male readers are going to make a beeline to the lady-on-lady hentai games, but I know there are plenty of you who have a thing for trannies as well. While the smallest part of the site, there are ten games listed right now, which, most of which are between $15-20 USD, tend to be on the pricey side. However, most of them, like Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator and Erected City – are pretty fun to play and have impressive graphics. In my opinion, that more than makes up for it. Lastly, the Gay section has a respectable number of games and, unlike the others, has two sub-categories – premium and free-to-play. Of course, the first costs money and has more content though they are often cheaper than most other titles in the LGBT version of Nutaku. In fact, you can purchase some for a mere $3 – that’s like getting something on sale from Steam. The free-to-play titles aren’t as in-depth or so you would think. Actually, the dating simulator like the uncut version of Blush, Blush, and business management game Cockville ain’t too shabby.

You Can Get Updated On This Platform a Number of Ways

Most games you are going to get off of Steam, download on some rando small studio, and even a good number of mainstream titles, don’t have regular live events to get extra points. On Nutaku, however, many of theirs often have special campaigns that you can only play for a limited time. Scroll to the bottom of the main page, and you’ll see a link to on the right side and be connected to a host of new events you can participate in. It does change from day to day, but when I checked, I counted 18 new quests and campaigns. Some of them lasted for about twenty-four hours, while others could be enjoyed for several days. With so much going on and everyone’s likes being so busy, it would be nice to have a page to go to find out what is new on Nutaku. One option is to regularly look at their blog and press pages, though there aren’t too many new posts, and only big things are posted about there. Upcoming games are listed with descriptions and pre-reg options listed on the main page. An even better way to be in the know would be to subscribe to the Nutaku newsletter. Do you prefer to get your gaming news from social media? Like all quality online retailers, they have an excellent Facebook and Twitter which, while safe for work, of course, give you some excellently erotic previews. Perhaps the best avenue to go down would be to look up the Nutaku Discord chats. You can get answers to all sorts of questions in real-time as well as tips and tricks to mastering games for free.

Getting an Account Is Fucking Fast and Super Simple

To enjoy this site to the fullest, you are going to want an account, which is, as you’d guess, completely free. Once you do get an account, you even get 100 gold, an onsite currency that can get you discounts. Now I know what most of you are thinking: is there a mobile version of this site, and does it run well? To those questions, I say yes and yes. Keeping up with their ethic of quality, Nutaku has adapted its desktop version perfectly for handheld devices. Getting around and access to all features are presented as are a ton of mobile-exclusive games. In fact, there are dozens of games designed specifically for tablets and phones, many of which can be played on traditional machines as well.

You Can Make Money With Them a Couple Ways

Nutaku has plenty of exposure, but they are always looking for people to continue to help them expand. Through their affiliate program, you get a series of tools to help you promote their site on your blog, landing page, and other net-based pages. While nothing is guaranteed, but if you register for this free partnership, you could make a killing. You can get paid a few different ways once a month. And don’t worry about geo-restrictions – anyone can participate. Are you a game developer or working with a team and need a great place to publish? Don’t exclusively use your own website or go to a saturated market like Steam. With Nutaku, you can not only get a platform to promote your product but even get more help with production, marketing, and tech support.

The Selection of Their E-store Ain’t Too Bad Either

As this site has had a following for years – and one helluva one at that – they’ve promoted their brand and provided products for the fanbase in the form of merchandise. On the Nutaku store, you can find everything from pillowcases, mousepads, posters, various apparel, and more. They even have a branded XXX hot sauce – how often do you see that? I haven’t tried it myself, though I may order it soon, but Nutaku reports that it’s a hot seller. *pun intended*

Here Are My Final Thoughts and Opinions

To be up front with you guys like a shameless, trench coat-wearing exhibitionist on a New York sidewalk, there are a few things I would like to see modified or improved. To begin, the minor things I would like to see included like a simple query bar. Despite having tags, there isn’t a convenient way to search them out. I do like the simplicity, but it would be nice to see dropdown taps for the blog, press, and game events placed in the top-sided menu. Most strangely, there aren’t any ratings for games onsite, which I think is especially odd since this is an established feature on virtually all online retailers. Furthermore, the game pages don’t even have a comments section for users to leave feedback and recommendations. Nonetheless, there are so many more positive things to say about this gaming platform. You can view Nutaku in a dozen languages, everything looks fantastic, and you can get a variety of games, usually at a reasonable price. The games themselves generally are of good quality and have genres that will appeal to just about any gamer, no matter their taste or sexual preference. Even though I have some complaints, it’s still not enough for me to not give this site a top rating and my enthusiastic recommendation. Look it up, get an account, collect your gold, and have fun.

BestPornGames Likes Nutaku
  • You can get access to hundreds of X to XXX gaming titles
  • Download any genre which will appeal to every horny gamer out there
  • The site’s categorization and overall design is excellent
  • When it comes to price, most games aren't too expensive, and some are free (!)
BestPornGames Hates Nutaku
  • There is not a search function at all
  • I wish there were a rating and comments section
  • The menu could include more onsite links