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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Oblivious X (discontinued)

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Oblivious X (discontinued)

User Rating: 4/5
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Hi, there pea brain. We both know that video games with less to none lewd scenes in it sucks unless you’re some douche who loves spending his time watching dudes fighting each other. Porn games are much more fun than those games. That’s why a lot of gamers nowadays prefer playing adult games rather than wasting time on normal video games. I know for a fact that you’re a horny guy, that’s why you stumbled upon this review of mine.

Here’s short information about this awesome game. Oblivious X is not your ordinary adventure theme game because it has a lot of lewd contents in it that will surely make perverts like you extremely horny. Aside from all the bouncing titties and visible cameltoes, it also has great gameplay. You don’t have to stick to your old video games because this is the answer to all the fetishes you have.

This game is somewhat unique compared to other porn games I’ve seen because this game’s lead characters are all women. I know that you think that this game would probably suck, but once you get a glimpse of it, you’ll surely change your perspective when it comes to adult games that have female protagonists in it. Take a minute or two in reading the rest of this fucking game review to know more about it.


The graphics used for Oblivious X is somehow satisfying because you get to control the hentai themed bitches that are in it. I don’t usually get aroused with this kind of animation, but I made an exception with this one because the bitches that are in it are so hot, and they’re very pleasing to the eyes. Call me sentimental, but I would always choose this one over other porn games that have trashy animation.

Porn games with this kind of graphics are the best because they were perfectly created to give satisfaction to the gamer playing it. The game developers made sure to make the game look presentable because they know for a fact that the people who will be playing this game are porn addicts. A lot of sex-crazed teens out there will become excited once they see this game.

What I Like About The Game

Most porn games that have this kind of gameplay tend to have complicated controls. I didn’t have any issues with navigation because they are so easy to familiarize with. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given by the game so that you won’t have any problems understanding it. I lost track of time when I played this game, and I didn’t realize that it was already seven in the morning.

The gameplay of Oblivious X is very straightforward, meaning you won’t have problems understanding it. You will get the game’s niche in just a couple of hours because of how easy the gameplay is. You won’t be experiencing any complications with this one. You just have to enjoy playing it every minute and forget all your troubles to have a more fun and better gaming experience.

To make the game more fun, the creators decided to use real actresses’ voices for the game’s characters. Your cock will surely drool every time you hear the characters of this game speak. Now, this is one cool feature, and it’s enough reason for guys like you to masturbate on the spot. I usually wank myself off to the voice of the bitches in this game because they remind me of my favorite hentai porn.

I love the fact that you’re able to create your own guild, which consists of whores that have out of this world breasts. They’re not the average hentai girls you see because they’re gorgeous and they look like someone you would want to marry. They may look innocent, but if you stare at them for a long time, you’ll see right away that they’re just waiting to be fucked by fuckers like you in every way possible you can.

The dialogues of this game’s characters are very helpful because it helps the gamer understand the scenes of the game. You will know what to do in the next scene just by reading all of them. You will have to be attentive all the time if you want to proceed to the next scene of the game. If you like dirty talks, you should play this game for some of the characters to be a bit of an asshole when you’re having conversations with them.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The game’s storyline can be a bit dull sometimes. I felt the hype at the beginning of the game, but I immediately felt like it had nothing more to offer as I got to the next scenes. I mean, adventure games should be interesting when it comes to the storyline because a lot of players want to know what they’re messing with, and that’s by understanding the niche of the game’s storyline.

I did mean it when I said that the dialogues are helpful, but I got bored with it because they’re not that inviting at all. I have been spending a lot of time reading those bloody dialogues, and not a single one of them made my cock hard. Porn games should have seductive dialogues to capture the attention of the person playing it. Clearly, this one doesn’t have that feature, so I guess I should go back to watching porn videos instead.

The sex scenes of this game are very limited. You’ll only get to witness a few scenes where bitches are being pounded by random guys. This one right here is a problem because porn games should have tons of lewd scenes in it. For me, the game should have a sex scene every after a battle so that the gamer will become more intrigued as to what are the other things he/she may see on the next scenes of the game.

The game’s trashy background is what I hate the most because they make the game look like a complete piece of shit. The transition of the scenes also sucks as if some random kid made them. The game developers have failed to deliver a good transition to the game scenes; that’s why I can say that this one still needs a lot of upgrading to do. I regret my decision downloading this one because I didn’t know that this is how the game will go.

Lastly, the characters of the game wear too much clothing. This issue is a big deal for me because from what I’ve understood. This game is a porn game. Only a few characters showed their skin. I wish I had seen this one coming. I really thought that I would get to see the bitches in this game naked as they travel to different places.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

The characters of the game should wear less clothing because it adds hype to the game. It also helps the gamer concentrate more because they’re seeing the things they want to see in a porn game. The people behind this game should think about this proposal because a lot of people are wishing the same thing to happen. They want to see more skin because it’s the reason why they played this game in the first place.

The game creators should also make the game dialogues more inviting and seductive. Some people get aroused immediately just by reading the dialogues of a specific game, which eventually makes them addicted to it, making them pay more attention to the game. I want to see some of the character’s lines where they’re talking about how thick and long my cock is. I want to read all the dirty thoughts they have about me.

Adding more lewd scenes to this game can help attract a lot of sick fuckers out there. I wish that they consider this request of mine because this game needs more of it. I don’t want to see this game being thrown away because a lot of gamers stopped playing it just because of this issue. I want this game to grow and expand more so that more gamers will join the community this game has. I’m sure that adding more intimate and erotic scenes to it will help get more attention from other gamers.

Lastly, they should improve the game’s background. They can add more background to the game or improve some of it by adding more designs to it. They can also add naked ladies in the background or make the background look like it’s the world’s end. These small ideas can help make the game more thrilling and fun. Aside from the things that I’ve mentioned, I guess there’s nothing else that needs to be upgraded in this game.

BestPornGames Likes Oblivious X (discontinued)
  • Real Actresses Voice
  • Animation
  • Navigation
  • Guild Creation
  • Gameplay
BestPornGames Hates Oblivious X (discontinued)
  • Storyline
  • Too Much Clothing
  • Background
  • Dialogues
  • Few Lewd Scenes