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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hentai is the perfect type of game to play because the waifus in every game feels natural, so those game developers made them perfect. Even though waifus serves as an idealized representation for all of us, we can’t resist their cute voices and sexy moans whenever they experience good fucking. With that in mind, I’m going to show you a site that’ll give you a wide range of premium hentai games you can download and play for free. I know that’s what you want, you miserable cunt. Time to bid farewell to your boring lives and say hello to hentai paradise, because OnlyHGames is here. welcomes all hentai lovers worldwide to download and play their extensive collection of free, premium hentai games and visual novels. I know plenty of porn game hubs exist with exciting artwork and gameplay, but nothing beats the sexy waifus craving for dick. The site owner is housing a ton of hentai games ranging from full Japanese and English to Deutsch, Español, and Portuguese. If any of those languages I mentioned previously, you’re in luck since you can enjoy playing hentai games with subtitles you can fully understand.

Initial Impressions of OnlyHGames

Only Hentai Games gives off a dull vibe due to the black and grey color scheme with a mix of white and pink in the font colors. I noticed the color scheme first because colors can affect the overall browsing experience for people visiting the site for the first time. If a website doesn’t feel pleasing and welcoming, horny fuckers will fuck along to another site where they feel more appreciated. With that in mind, weebs are evolving, and most of them are becoming the sensitive thumb-sucking pussies we never thought they would become.

Moreover, the website layout looks old-fashioned. The site owner of Only Hentai Games made no effort whatsoever for setting their site apart from the thousands of hentai game hubs existing on the internet. I know the site’s content is more critical, but site owners should treat the appearance of their website in the same manner. With that in mind, the site owner should do something about the site’s logo because all you’ll see is the name of the site, with no image or clipart that’ll serve as the site’s mascot.

There are also flashy banners everywhere. I understand the site’s free but having flashy banners and annoying pop-up ads. Now that you know that OnlyHGames isn’t free of advertisements, you should also know about the redirects. Yes. Clicking on a game won’t lead you to the landing page of the game immediately. Instead, you’ll have to go through a couple of redirect ads that will keep on opening a new tab unless you’re fast enough to close them. You’ll have to go through plenty of bullshit in Only Hentai Games because it isn’t ad-free.

When it comes to how the site owner is displaying the games, I find it annoying to look at all those stretched thumbnails. You got that right. All of the thumbnails don’t have proper scaling making everything blurry and low-quality. If the site owner limited the aspect ratio of the thumbnails, they could make up for the dull color scheme of the website. But, I’m glad that the site owner aligned the games correctly. As a result, even if the thumbnails look stretched, the site looks tidy.

Navigating Through the Site

Despite the dull and straightforward layout of OnlyHGames, they have a clean navigating system! The navigation menu appears at the bottom of the site’s name, where you can find H-List, Language, Type, Uncensored, Genres, Android, Advanced Search, and Game Error Section. Clicking the H-List category will show you the entire list of games starting from the games with Japanese titles to letter A until Z. The only problem I found with the H-List is that it doesn’t display all the games, you’ll have to click the “next” button at the top and bottom of the list.

On the other hand, the Language category is a drop-down menu where you can choose the games you’d want to play in five languages I mentioned earlier. Keep in mind that you won’t find all of the games in a particular Language category. Instead, most of the games are in either Japanese or English. Moreover, you can only see less than ten games in Deutsch, Español, and Portuguese, which leaves you playing the games and visual novels in English.

The Type category is also a drop-down menu where you can choose the hentai game genre, mainly 3DCG, Action, Game Video, Puzzly, RPG, Simulation, Visual Novel, and Video. Wait, Video? Surprisingly, Only Hentai Games doesn’t only house an extensive collection of hentai games and visual novels, but they also have hentai anime for you to watch. The hentai videos on the site aren’t the short clip type. Instead, they’re full episodes and series that you could also download for offline watching. So if you’re waiting for your hentai game or visual novel to download, you can watch a hentai anime episode or two to pass by time.

Moving on to the Uncensored category, it is full of games for weebs that hate pixelated pussies and dicks. Keep in mind that hentai came from the Japs, and any lawfully produced pornography must have censorship. Playing a hentai game with pixelated pussies and dicks can ruin the pleasurable experience, which is nice for the site owner to place a category of uncensored games.

Genres Genre tags are an essential feature that every porn game should have, and I’m pleased to see that OnlyHGames didn’t overlook this feature. The Genre category in the navigation menu will lead you to the genres landing page where you can find all the genres of the games neatly arranged in letters. What makes the genre tags even more interesting is that you won’t find any redundancy or repeated genre tags in a different letter case.

Game Request and Game Error Section If you want to play a premium hentai game or visual novel, but you can’t find it in the site, you can request for them by clicking on the H-Game Request located at the top header bar. What’s good about being able to request for Hentai games is that even if you’re not part of the site owner’s Patreon, he’ll still find ways to get your requested game. Of course, the site owner has set a date for requesting games and will start on the first day of the month until the second week.

If you download a game and it doesn’t run, head on to the navigation menu and find the “Game Not Work?” category. I know that the name of the category doesn’t make any sense, but you can still understand what the site owner indicates. Heading on to the “Game Not Work?” category, you’ll find the frequent errors that you might be facing and the solutions to them. However, if any of those solutions don’t work, you can comment down the page and expect a reply sooner or later.

Hands Up for the Mobile Compatible Hentai Games and Visual Novels

Before you get excited and shit, the mobile compatible hentai games, and visual novels only work for Android devices. But, I’m amazed that the site owner didn’t forget about this because let’s face it, it’s better to play games on phones since you can play anywhere and anytime you want. The site owner also made it easier for you to find the latest mobile compatible games because the posting of the games on the Android landing page starts from the newest to the oldest.

What I Like:

What can you not like in a hentai game hub with an extensive collection of premium hentai games and visual novels along with hentai anime as a bonus? Although the color schemes may ruin the mood, the website’s layout makes up for the poor choice of colors because they’re easy to navigate. Further, the categories are also complete since you can find the entire list of hentai games, the uncensored versions, android compatible, video game genres, and Language.

The site also has a search bar for you to find the games comfortable and an advanced search option where you can filter out the games individually. If you can’t find any of the games you want, you can also request them and expect them on the site by the end of the month.

Recommendations for Improvement

The site owner should remove annoying ads to create a stress-free environment for the weebs. I understand that having these ads on a site can generate income, but there are existing hentai game hubs that don’t use any of that bullshit. As a result, people are better off going to those sites because they’re hassle-free.


Overall, OnlyHGames has a chance of being a go-to hentai game hub because of its extensive collection of free premium hentai games and visual novels. Moreover, navigating through the site and finding the games that have a particular fetish you want is easy because of the genre category and search bar with filtering options. I highly recommend this site for horny weebs if they wish to download and play thousands of premium hentai games.

BestPornGames Likes OnlyHGames
  • Extensive collection of free premium hentai games and visual novels
  • Has a hentai anime section with lots of series and episodes
  • The genres and advanced search feature allows you to find games easily
  • You can request Hentai games that you like
  • User-friendly website layout
BestPornGames Hates OnlyHGames
  • Lots of flashy banners, pop-up ads, and redirects
  • Dull color scheme creates an unwelcoming vibe