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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Orange Trainer

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Orange Trainer

User Rating: 4/5
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Orange Trainer is a Parody Star Wars Visual Novel by Exiscoming

Alright, you space nerds. Get in here. I know that there are loads of you fucks who want nothing more than to fuck an alien slut in her gooey cloaca. But, actually, I don’t want you guys. I want you lamer nerds who just want to fuck alien sluts with differently colored skin because I’ve got a lewd Star Wars parody game for you guys today. I’m looking for the adventurous but no too adventurous sci-fi lovers out there. If the idea of bending over a kinky babe with antennas and a regular female body turns you on, then keep on reading because I’ve got some quality porn for you today.

Orange Trainer is a lewd visual novel that throws you into the Star Wars universe. But don’t worry. You don’t have to be some sort of turbo-nerd just to understand what the fuck is going on. I was able to enjoy all of the kinky corruption and slave-play fetish themes without having even seen a single movie. I know, it’s sacrilege. But I have better things to be doing like fucking bitches and, well, fucking bitches. That’s really my main hustle. I don’t have time to settle in for a lame-ass 3+ hour film where nothing ever happens.

Pick up this Completed Title and Download it for Free!

Instead, this game gives you all of the kinky alien fuck scenes without the boring plot. It started development by a talented fuck called Exiscoming back in 2016 and wrapped up with the final update at the very end of 2018. Finally, a developer that can keep themselves on a damn schedule. You’ll want to jump over to to get your hands on the game. Did I mention that you can download it all for free? Fuck yeah. That’s what I love to see. Though consider dishing out some dosh if you want access to new updates of his current projects.

You play as some dude who wakes up out of a cryogenic chamber of sorts on a strange ship. It looks like you may be some sort of marauder or pirate hoping to get his hands on some expensive space bounties. Unfortunately, you seem to have majorly fucked up. The ship you’re on has your ship in the docking port, though it’s in pretty bad shape. It certainly can’t go flying around anywhere right now. Oh, and the massive carrier that you’re on is devoid of people and slowly but surely falling apart.

Wake up and Get Your Bearings on a Delapitated Space Cruiser

Talk about a rude awakening. Though there is one other person on the ship. You find a Jedi slut named Ahsoka in the holding cells. Well, she’s actually not much of a slut yet. Your goal is to change that. This proud, orange babe will do anything to escape. It’s up to you to make sure that she knows her place and does as she’s told. And you’ll have two separate approaches that you can go with to make that happen.

You can be an asshole who yells at her, beats her, and forces her into submission the hard way. Alternatively, you can be the strong but loving nice guy who buys her shit and makes sure that she’s comfortable. But don’t misinterpret that latter option as letting her roam free. You still get to force her to get on her knees and choke on your cock, only you make it seem like she’s the one who wanted to do it in the first place. The nice guy option plays some dark fucking mind games.

Slowly but Surely Whittle an Alien Jedi’s Inhibitions Down to Nothing

Fucking Ahsoka isn’t your only task. You need to make sure the ship you’re on doesn’t explode while you’re on it. You assume the role of commander and fix up your planet hopper to help make some cash. You can go and do quests yourself, but the big bucks come in when you get Ahsoka to go out and do some naughty work. She can be a stripper, dance, or a prostitute. The more work she does the more money you make, which you can put towards training to make her an eager whore.

She gets taught how to strip, dance, get groped, get fucked, and all of that kinky stuff you corruption-fetish freaks are addicted to. And your decisions towards her will influence more than the sex scenes. You end up leaning more towards Jedi or Sith, and that rating can have implications down the line. As for the writing, it’s fairly good. It’s not a very text-heavy visual novel. Most characters only have a few lines of it in total. You’re not going to get any intriguing and dynamic characters in this one. It’s all about fucking Ahsoka’s tight orange pussy.

Enjoy Uncensored Sex Scenes…If you Have the Patience to Unlock them

It takes fucking forever to get any lewd scenes. This game will make you work for the smallest glimpse at this slut. You start off training her to dance and strip, but even that takes ages to get anywhere. You have to make money to afford the training, but you can’t train her too quickly or she’ll get all pissy and tired. It’s just such a grind for the tiniest rewards. It’s probably going to take you hours before you get to see this bitch spread her legs. And even then it will be a single paneled illustration. I’m sure glad this is free. If I paid top dollar to get baited this long I’d be pissed.

Don’t come at me saying I don’t get the point of this. I get it. It’s supposed to be a slow burn where you whittle her inhibitions down until she’s putty in your hands. Even by those standards, the process takes ages. The scenes you do get are completely uncensored and beautifully drawn. You fucks will have no issues jerking your cocks to these illustrations. I simply wanted more for my time. Give me animations, voiced lines, lengthy erotic descriptions. Really, any of those would have been nice.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Well, you Star Wars fans are in for a treat. Most of the lore and characters went over my head. I can’t tell you if these bitches are in the movies or what, but you can probably expect loads of familiar faces to make an appearance. You might even get to bang a few of these sluts if you play your cards right. The world is vast, and there are plenty of planets that you can visit. You won’t run out of shit to do anytime soon, that’s for sure. There’s always a quest or objective that needs to be completed.

If you’re here for a lengthy corruption fetish game, then you’ll like what you see with Orange Trainer. It may take a long ass time to get anywhere, but I guess that’s fairly accurate. You’re not just going to whisper a few sweet nothings and get a proud Jedi to spread her legs for you. It takes time. Though I wish you could harness the Force to speed things up a bit. You know, do some Jedi mind tricks on this babe.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish I could hold fast forward and quickly get to where this game gets good. There’s so much grinding at the start. And it’s expected of you to chat with Ahsoka and get to know her, but she barely says a goddamn thing. Each interaction with her consists of maybe 3-4 lines and these lines repeat all of the time. If you wanted to push player and NPC interaction, then adding in some more choices and dialog trees would have been nice.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I may have ragged on it a bit, but Orange Trainer is still a damn good parody game. It may not give you instant gratification, but it does have many layers of complexity that offer a robust game experience. There’s a lot to do and explore for this being a free game. And the sex scenes you do get are fappable as fuck and full of hot corruption fetish themes. If you’re a Star Wars fan then this is close to being a must-play game. It’s got loads of shit for the fans, but even people like me who don’t know fuck-all about the series can enjoy it.

BestPornGames Likes Orange Trainer
  • Fun Star Wars parody game
  • Uncensored sex scenes
  • Corruption fetish themes
  • It’s free to download and play!
BestPornGames Hates Orange Trainer
  • Sex scenes take forever to unlock