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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)

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Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)

User Rating: 4/5
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Hi pervert! Are you feeling bored playing those mainstream role-playing games? Are you trying to find a new genre of games? Like for example, a sex game that includes fucking and fighting? You don’t need to hold your urge anymore; the Otogi Frontier R is the right game for you, it is the most exciting role-playing game which provides unique features like letting you sleep with your character. You can also unlock some sex scene if you pass some tasks.

Otogi Frontier R is not the typical role-playing game that you usually see or play in other sites, which means, the Otogi Frontier R is very popular with those horny people who want to jack-off every day. To warn you, the Otogi Frontier R is highly addictive, and you might end up jacking-off while playing every day as well, just like those who tried this game. Oh well, at least you’ll experience some excitement in your boring life.

Like other role-playing games out there, in Otogi Frontier R, you will face many enemies. But you don’t need to worry, all you need to do is create your special hero, and you’ll be fucking your enemies in the ass in no time. While playing this game, you can fuck some hot girls, kill monsters, and travel to unique places inside the game. But wait, there’s more, if you want to know more about Otogi Frontier R, you need to finish this review.

Reviewing the Game In General

After playing the Otogi Frontier R, you will say that it is indeed one of the best role-playing sex games. It’s not usual that you can play a game while you can also see some hot sex scenes, just like the old saying, killing two birds in one stone. Other role-playing games become less fun because they lack specific instructions on how to play, but that’s not an issue while playing Otogi Frontier R; they provide everything to you.

If you fear that you couldn’t play the Otogi Frontier R because you are using a MAC operating system, you are wrong. This game’s creator made sure that everyone can fucking play this game in any fucking operating system. To make sure that you can open this game on your web browser, you should not use any blocker or go to your firewall and disable it. Before you can start playing the game, you also need to create an account.

What I like About The Game

Being an online gamer for many years, I can say that I am not new to role-playing games. In fairness, comparing the Otogi Frontier R to other role-playing games that I played before made me enjoy more and, at the same time, hornier. I can say that this game is the best game for those people who always thinks about sex every day of their existence. If you’re a fan of hentai, then you’ll enjoy this game.

When playing Otogi Frontier R, there are many familiar anime or fairytale-inspired characters like the famous Cinderella and Snow White. There is a high chance that you will often be masturbating because of these fairytale-inspired characters. What took my attention to why I tried to download and play the Otogi Frontier R is because of its perverted storyline and hot gameplay. I was able to navigate with ease because of its user-friendly interface.

Talking about its interface and graphics, you need to lessen your hopes. If you want to experience a type of graphics that you usually see in other massive role-playing games in the market right now, you’ll be disappointed. It would help if you remembered that this game was made for all types of OS and all sorts of devices such as laptops, pc, tablets, and phones, the creator made the game lighter which will also affect the graphics to be lower.

One of the most catchy things about Otogi is its background music and sound effects. It can make anyone horny and excited while playing the game. Nobody wanted to play a game that has annoying music and sound effects. If you ever unlocked a particular stage in the game, you will see sexual interaction, and the characters will start doing what they are made of, which is giving pleasure to the player.

What’s great about the Otogi Frontier R is that it does not require any payment to have fun in playing the game. Comparing this game to other game role-playing games in the market right now, you need to spend a couple of dollars before playing their game, which kind of bit a letdown for me. A perfect free to play RPG for those horny and perverted people like yourself who lack money.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

Before we go to the things that I like about this game, I want to discuss first the things that I don’t like about these games. In my perspective, the game needs more sex scenes to inspire its players to play more. Role-playing games is already a fun game, but if you ask me since they made a game for horny people such as myself, they need to add more perverted scenes to motivate me to spend more time playing the game.

Let’s face it, even though it has some hot sex scenes, but what I hate most is that the character’s most important parts are censored. Because of that, the game became less attractive, let’s face it, anyone who plays these types of games wanted to see those private parts while doing those erotic and perverted acts. It would be great if they would show those private parts to the players to enjoy more.

I’m not too fond of the look of the characters; it feels so unrealistic. Some characters have huge tits to the point that I don’t want to play anymore. So if you are trying to play hot role-playing with realistic and 3D graphics, this game is not the one for you to play. We can all agree that if not all, but most men wanted to have sex all time, then to make it more exciting for them, at least redesign the game and put more realistic breasts to the characters.

Just to be blunt about it, the game is a bit dull for me, I would love to just jack-off myself in the restroom while watching porn instead. These types of role-playing games are made to provide excitement to those perverted people, but the problem is that they could not attain that. Most of the conversation and words used in the game are just so annoying for me. Piece of advice to the creators of this game is that they need to step up.

My Recommendations For This Game

A significant thing the creators should do first if they want to gain and retain users is to remove those fucking censors on the character’s vagina. Since they created a perverted game, they should commit to it and provide the perfect experience to their players. They should also add more sex scenes and make it more realistic and intense at the same time to create excitement for their players.

The creators should also do, or change is making or creating the body parts of their characters more realistic with the right colors. It will let your player feel that they are playing in the real world, just like those porn videos you have on your personal computer right now that you’ve repeatedly been watching for so many years. With realistic body parts and colors, the game will get more players.

To provide more diversity in the game, they should also add more types of characters. It will help new players to choose different kinds of characters depending on their taste. Popular anime heroes or modern fairytale princesses will give hype to this game. They should also add more conversation and make it more sensual and dirty. Adding a unique quest or mini-game will also help their players enjoy more.


There’s no such thing in this world called perfect; the game is excellent. Kudos to those people who spent hours, days, and months creating this kind of play. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and that’s good news for them because once they do all those things, they will get more players. Otogi Frontier R is one of a kind role-playing game for perverted people out there. If you are one of them, go ahead and play this game right now.

BestPornGames Likes Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)
  • Free to Use
  • Unique characters that were based on famous fairytales
  • Hot sound effects and conversation
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easy to Play
BestPornGames Hates Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)
  • Poor aesthetic
  • Censorship
  • Limited Storyline
  • Boring sex scene
  • Unrealistic character bodies