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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Do you love slaying monsters and seeing sexy bitches at the same time? Are you the type of horny dude who loves to play with role-playing games that have lewd content in it? If yes, then I have the perfect sex game for you. You will indeed play with that tiny penis of yours you call weapon because of the exciting sex scenes this game has. I have been messing with this game for some time now, and I still can’t stop masturbating to this game.

Ouroboros is a porn game that allows players to do amazing quests while having intense interactions with some of the game characters. This is not your typical role-playing game because it contains stuff that is not suitable for children. You probably know by now what I meant by that. That’s why a lot of horny fucktards out there are playing this motherfucking game.

You can see how the game developers planned this one because of the way the story and the gameplay of this game. This is the first porn game that made me wet my underwear in just a couple of seconds. Playing this game is one of my stress relievers, and I suggest that you try it. You will see many exciting things in this game, and if you’re interested, you should continue reading this review of mine.

Background Music/ SFX

If you’re planning on playing a porn game, the best thing you can do is look for a game with excellent sound effects and background music. From what I’ve observed, most people who are into sex games prefer games with good quality sound effects because it helps them concentrate more on the game they’re playing. It also excites the shit out of them, that’s why they keep playing these types of games.

What I Like About The Game

The navigation system of this game is quite simple and easy. You will have to do a lot of traveling in this game for you to get to the next location of your task. It’s a good thing that the process for traveling in this game is not that difficult because some porn games I’ve tried have complicated controls, especially when it comes to doing some walking or running. Problems like this one often give off bad impressions to horny fuckers like me.

I also love the fact that you can easily spot the enemies from a certain distance. Some people don’t want to battle enemies because they want to skip those scenes. After all, it tires them out. You get to avoid those sons of bitches by looking for another way around or sneaking your way through them. You can save more time and energy by doing this rather than fighting them one by one.

If you’re the type of person who loves finishing a game within just a certain amount of time, you should definitely check this one. The total amount of time for finishing this whole game is just less than 6 hours. I’m the type of gamer who doesn’t want to play porn games for a long period of time. That’s why I try my best to finish it as fast as possible so that I can look for another sex game to mess with.

Now comes the best part. Since this is a visual-novel themed RPG, you will see a lot of explicit scenes that will make you horny. Once you progress to the game, you get to unlock a gallery that contains lewd content that will make your stupid cock happy. The animations used for this game help you unleash the manly fluids you have inside you. You will have to do some specific tasks if you want to see these bad bitches.

You will surely enjoy this one because of its graphics. Most RPGs have low-quality graphics. That’s why it’s hard to look for sex games that don’t have this kind of issue. This game right here might not be a 3D game, but this game’s graphics are enough to make your pathetic ass cum. I love seeing busty whores who sucks enormous cock because they remind me of a particular MILF I like in my neighborhood.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The first thing that bothered me is that this game is not a free-to-play game. This kind of ruling has been bugging the shit out of me for years because there are a lot of hungry horny fuckers out there who don’t get the chance to see or play the porn games they want because of a certain amount they need to pay for those games. Ouroboros is one of those games, and I find it very annoying.

The animation for this game is not that impressive at all, considering that this is a porn game. I did not feel the essence of the hentai theme in this game due to its animation. The characters of the games look very cartoonish. That’s why I can say they’re not really the type of game horny fuckers like me want to invest in. I have played dozens of hentai themed porn games before, and I’ve seen better ones than this one.

The titties of the characters in this game are a bit unrealistic and unnatural for me. The bitches in this game may have watermelon looking breasts, but they look very fake for me. The people who designed this game’s characters didn’t know how to make them look natural, considering the animation they used for the game. Hentai games are known for big breasted bitches. Maybe that’s the reason they made the characters look like they’re about to explode.

I really think that this game’s art gallery is not enough to satisfy the needs of horny fucktards like myself. I thought I was okay with the idea of just seeing pictures of girls having a threesome, but as the time goes by, I realized that porn games should have more interaction when it comes to scenes that involve sex. I am not okay with just pictures, that’s why I think this game can do better in the future.

The last thing I find annoying about this fucking game is that the game characters are very limited. For an adventure game, this one really sucked a lot because there are only a few characters in this game that you can interact with. I was expecting to see a whole lot more, knowing that a lot of traveling will be done throughout the game. I guess what I meant by that is that I was frustrated with the limited amount of sexy whores that are in this game.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

Adding more characters to the game can help improve the game because most gamers are looking for games that have plenty of characters in it because they want to have more interaction with the game’s characters. It would also give them the chance to choose which girl they want to defile with. It would be really great if changes like this will be done to this game.

They should also change the sex scenes into live actions because staring at porn art gallery won’t suffice our needs as a man. We want to see those characters fuck each other with real movement. Looking at lewd pictures can be fun sometimes, but if I were to decide, I would go for live-action rather than just looking at nude bitches in pictures. The story will become more interesting if this happens.

It would also help if they make some of the bitches’ breasts look more realistic in this game. We all know that this is just some porn game, but the details are essential, especially when we’re talking about the appearance of the game’s characters. I don’t want to mingle with bitches that don’t look natural. I want my bitch to be the kind of girl who I would be great for family matters and especially sexual stuff.

The game developers should consider upgrading their animation. The normal scenes of the game look like some dropout highschool kid designed it. It really doesn’t have that big impact on me because, to be honest, the animation of this game really sucks. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m downgrading the people who designed, but I also can tell that they can do much better than this one, and I believe in their skills.

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  • SFX/ Background Music
  • Games Controls
  • Enemies Can Be Avoided
  • Tons of Sexual Stuff
  • Graphics
BestPornGames Hates Ouroboros
  • Not Free-to-play
  • Animation
  • Unnatural Breasts
  • Limited Characters
  • Few Sex Scenes