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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Overgrown Genesis

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Overgrown Genesis

User Rating: 4/5
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Overgrown Genesis is a Lewd Zombie Survival Game by The Dystopian Project

I know that this genre has been beaten to death, but I still love a decent zombie game. But can you fucking blame me when there are some absolute bangers out there? It seems like a big name studio pumps out a zombie game each year that keeps the fans sated for just a little bit longer. And, of course, that same energy gets carried over to the lewd games community. There are loads of zombie games where bitches get fucked by rotting corpses and shit. But I wanted something a little different. I wanted a more robust game with a decent story, unique events, and solid gameplay instead of your usual zombie rape sex simulator.

Pick up this Completed Game on Steam for $14.99!

Overgrown Genesis was the game I found that seems to meet all of those marks. But we’ll have to take a deeper dive to see for sure. The game throws you into a dystopia where a virus has turned most of the population into zombies, but even they won’t be the biggest threat to you. The world is hard and unforgiving. But I’ll give you eager bastards the scoop on the story soon.

This game has been in the works since early 2017 by a team called The Dystopian Project. They finished this project in May of 2020, so you’re getting a fully finished product. They’ve made a few other titles that have gone on to be pretty fucking successful. If you like what you see here, then you should check those games out over at Patreon.com/dystopianproject. There you can get access to any and all new releases for just $3 a month. That’s fucking nothing. If you just want to do a one-time payment for the game, then you can find it on Steam for $14.99.

Try to Succeed in a World Where Everyone is Out to Use and Abuse You

You play as a busty pink-haired engineer named Juno. Your luck has taken a bit of a turn for the worst. You’re out of money, food, and supplies. It’s time to get out into the military-protected zone that you live in and try to find a job. There’s one available, but they need a fucking certificate of your skills. Okay, I’ll preface this by saying that the story here is pretty damn good. But, man, that’s absurd. You have to go and find someone to forge you a fucking document. I just don’t get it. In this world, I don’t think people could actually be that picky about who does work for them.

Anyway, you have to go to this shady dude and either suck his cock or go do a fetch quest for him in the sewers. You better believe I took that goddamn sex scene. Regardless, the results are pretty much the same. You get the document, land the job, and then you head out to fix the generator on the outskirts of the city. Now, doing the blowjob scene will lower your morale. A lower morale score can affect future dialog choices as well as your ability to escape the grapple of a zombie. So, make sure not to be too much of a degenerate whore or you’ll be paying the price later.

Scavenge Resources, Kill Zombies, and Make Tough Moral Decisions

The militia dudes take you to the generator, and you fix it up with no problem. That’s when they turn on you. These horny assholes push you up against the wall and fuck your brains out as you struggle and cry. There will be a lot of that sort of rape fetish content in this game, so make sure you’re into that if you plan to play this shit. You could even call it the main source of sex scenes. At least these fucks get what’s coming to them as zombies burst through the area and start devouring them.

You crawl away through a duct and find your first gun. From there, you can explore the area while killing zombies. There’s more story shit that happens right after that, but I won’t spoil any of it. You’ll have to give this kinky game a shot to get those juicy details. But you’ll be going back and forth between exploring ruined areas of the city and finding sources of dosh in more “civilized” portions of the city.

Original Visual Design & High-Quality Writing Makes for an Immersive Experience

The gameplay is all about resource management. You run around abandoned areas trying to get the stuff you need to make weapons, items, and shit like that. You’ll get plenty of choices to make along the way when you run into survivors, people who are dying, and other groups of scavengers. It’s all very well written. There were some noticeable typos here and there, but the storytelling is riveting. There are plenty of genuinely intense moments, which usually isn’t the case in lewd titles like this one.

Visually, the game looks fantastic. It’s an RPG-Maker game, but you probably wouldn’t know that from a first glance. Every asset is unique. The game world is full of detailed backgrounds and characters. You’re not stuck with the same old characters and assets that you see in every other RPG Maker title. And I was a big fan of the gritty art style. It fit the mood of the setting well. Again, the level of detail packed into some of these backdrops is incredible. On a lesser note, the menus were easy to navigate. I liked that there was a quest tracker so that you always knew what the fuck you were supposed to be doing.

Jerk Your Dick to Dozens of Multi-Paneled, Uncensored Sex Scenes

The sex scenes aren’t fully animated, but you get loads of them. Juno is getting railed every 15 or so minutes in this lengthy game. Each scene will have multiple uncensored panels and line after line of erotic dialog to really bring that shit to the next level. Man, this game doesn’t fucking relent when it comes to the fetish content either. Expect scenes full of corruption, rape, humiliation, bukkake, monster fucking, domination, and much more. There’s a little something here for all of you horny gamers.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Overgrown Genesis has a damn good story to tell. The characters were dynamic. The events get wild. I really like that games in this genre give you hard choices to make. This game is no exception. You’ll have to make some hard calls that will shape the story and your character’s morale going forward. The writing coupled with the high-quality visual design makes this an easy game to sink some time into. I didn’t get to mention this up top, but the audio is pretty immersive as well. You get some moody, dark tracks that make the game feel complete.

The sex scenes are worth the asking price for this game alone. I fucking hate when games with a price tag only give you a handful of illustrations to jerk off to. They don’t hold back with this title. Not only are you hit with scene after scene, but these scenes feel like they have a place in the story. They aren’t just thrown in there for the sake of adding h-content. Each one progresses the story and the motives of the characters.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The writing could have used a proofread. It’s not awful or anything. It’s actually pretty fucking good. It’s just that some glaring typos would have been picked up by a skilled eye. For the price-point, I would have liked some voice acting or at least some sexy audio during the sex scenes. The music pulls some of the slack there, but it could have been better. Though keep in mind that these are very small complaints of an otherwise kick-ass title.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Overgrown Genesis is a must-play RPG Maker title. If you’re into zombies, domination, and tough moral decisions then you should already be heading over to Steam to grab yourself a copy of this incredible game. It’s got it all! There’s a damn good story. The art is unique. The writing is solid. Hell, they even managed to get the porn right with the dozens of uncensored sex scenes that you can rub yourself raw to. I highly recommend that each and every one of you cucks go give it a download right this second!

BestPornGames Likes Overgrown Genesis
  • Dozens of multi=paneled, uncensored sex scenes
  • Hardcore fetish content
  • Unique visual design and art style
  • A riveting story with choices that actually matter
BestPornGames Hates Overgrown Genesis
  • It costs $14.99