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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Panthea Leave2gether

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Panthea Leave2gether

User Rating: 4/5
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How do you do, you bunch of furry-addicted sex-deprived virgins? Don’t even lie to me and tell you aren’t if you enjoy the side of the internet that furry-fies everything and make it a whole lot more sexual than it needs to be. Anyway, let me tell you about this game that can clearly satisfy your carnal desires in watching a human female interact and have sex with anthropomorphic animals. It’s called Panthea developed by Leave2gether.

Let’s start off with the basic description of the game’s storyline so you can decide if you want to play the game – heads up, you definitely should. Basically, this game is all about a human female named Casey, who lives in the same apartment with a demi-human rabbit girl. Casey works in a company called Galaxy Pumps, where you and this other guy are the only humans. You follow and control Casey to earn money and how you’ll spend that hard-earned cash.

That’s the basic description of the game’s storyline and main objective. The end result of the game is all up to you, act sex-deprived like what you are in real life, and get frisky with any and every single character in your office and unlock all of the sex scenes. You could also take the completionist route, and you know, actually do work at your job. Panthea can be described as a survival game(financially) and as an RPG(the hentai kind). Let’s talk about it.

Don’t You Want To Feel Something?

You know, something other than complete frustration from playing online games with complete fuckups and dickwads? Well, why not just feel lust? It’s way better than that shitty feeling you get when you’re upset over something meaningless and pointless like an online game, right? It’s kind of pitiful that you have to resort to feeling lust, anger, and sadness because you pathetic shut-in gamers won’t have much else to feel, am I right?

Allow me to describe one of the best sex games I’ve ever played despite the shortness and the hate that others cast upon it, and that game is Panthea by Leave2gether! You get to witness your carnal desires being fulfilled right in front of you! Have cross-species breeding and maybe even some action between two furries! Much like plenty of the free financial survival hentai games, you’re going to need to manage your work and leisure – pretty basic, right?

Panthea is much more than just your subpar hentai game because the Panthea developing team actually put in the effort to provide you sick fucks some good content and sex scenes to endlessly beat your meat to. Don’t you think that will get your little junior downstairs to stand at attention? Anyways, you’re going to want to strip a layer or two and open up a new incognito browser when I’m done because I know you’re going to play this game!

Starting Off The Game

The developing team of Panthea really didn’t want to waste your time. After loading the whole game(which is going to take a while) and going through the disclaimers, you’re already diving straight into the game. You’re in your apartment with the rabbit-girl(Lana) as Casey! You’ll soon be pleasantly surprised because you’ll find out that the whole game can be played with the left click. Hooray for one-handed games for simultaneous fapping!

One-Handed Gameplay!

You’re going to love this feature of the game because it’s perfect for simultaneous gaming and fapping sessions! You can pay equal amounts of attention to both beating your meat and playing the game, but we know that’s a lie because you just want to drain your balls dry! You’re going to need to figure out how the game works – regarding the interactions and dialogue, but that’s already presented in the first screen, so more focus on jacking off! < h3>The Game’s Dialogue

I’d say it’s pretty subpar, you know considering how your main priorities are seeing all of the female characters naked, their massive titties, their plump asses, their juicy pussies – be it furry, or non-furry. Be honest, you’re probably going to skip a lot of the dialogue when playing Panthea, correct me if I’m wrong. However, if you’re not going to skip out on it, it’s a pretty good thing to appreciate – it gives dimension and a little more life to the game.

Your Actual Gameplay

I have already mentioned it before under its own subheading. Still, I’ll say it again briefly for the audience with short-term memories. You can play the entire game with just your left click! These types of games clearly take you back to the time of the older Newgrounds where they were more lenient with their adult content, and every game on there was operated with the left click. I vaguely remember them, but those were the best sex games I’ve ever played.

You work as this newly hired sales rep, but we know you’re going to do so much more than just sell pumps. You can act as the sluttiest office worker as you fornicate with every bartender, coworker, friend, delivery girl, and a whole lot fucking more! Though the primary focus is sex, you still have to keep in mind that this is a survival game – sort of. You have to keep track of your horniness, hunger, and other stats – they may have a role in your gameplay.

You only get to unlock the sex scenes depending on your stats I told you about earlier, as well as your relationship with each of the people you’ve already interacted with. Let’s say you need an interaction level of at least 10 with any coworker to give them a handjob – I gave you a really big hint on how to unlock a scene and even a piece of the puzzle to have sex with every single character in the game. Though it wouldn’t take much to figure out.

Do you want to know something cool about Panthea? You have the option to keep your progress with the save feature that the game has. I know that some of you have the energy and the time to complete the whole game in one sitting because you’re pitiful shut-ins. However, for those who don’t have those luxuries, then you have the wonderful option to save your game and then come back to it whenever you want – all up to your decision.

Extra Scenes and Shit

I didn’t really get to finish the game to its fullest since I haven’t got the full version, so I had to work with what I got. I still tried to get the most out of the game, like all of the scenes and the fastest ways to unlock those said sex scenes. Getting those sex scenes was the most important because they’re what I really need to review, and the main reason why you horny fuckers cam up to read this review in the first place, am I right?

You can satisfy all of the hidden fucked up fetishes you have through this game. You know, maybe you really enjoy jacking off to furry porn, don’t knock it until you try it. Furry to furry, furry to human, human to furry and last but not least, human to human – the most basic shit you can get. Remember how I said that the Leave2gether team actually put effort into the sex scenes? Well, you get variations with all of the sex scenes Casey goes through!

You might even encounter some chance scenes or just extra scenes that don’t add to the game’s storyline. Like one of your coworkers jacking it off and busting to an imaginary version of Casey or maybe you might even catch your rabbit girl roommate get fucked by her little blue pet cat – fucking weird, I know. Don’t do what I did and stop early. Just keep playing Panthea, and you’ll definitely come across these little extra scenes.

The Birds And The Bees

For the more perceptive bunch reading this review, I know you’ve already figured out that this game is literally filled with a fuckton of sex scenes. Now, for you who don’t know what that means, you’re going to see a lot of titties, asses, boobies, cocks, pussies, dicks, vaginas, breasts, and a whole lot of breeding! Yeah, you’re going to need more than one 2-ply tissue. Panthea is a great solution to your fap material drought, just try it out!


There’s really nothing too bad about the game, from my perspective. It’s free to play, which is already a huge positive for me. Despite being free and unable to play the full version, the game still had plenty to offer – the art, animation, sex scenes, audio, gameplay as a whole is already good enough for me to pass it as one of the best sex games. I hope it gets into your lists of best sex games as well! I’d certainly give it a high score of 4 out of 5.

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