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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Parasite In City

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Parasite In City

User Rating: 4/5
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Parasite in City is a Fetish-Filled Side-Scroller set during a Zombie Apocalypse

Sometimes it’s simply best to go back and enjoy some of the classics. There are tons of great porn games coming out nearly every fucking day, but I love delving deep and finding the hidden gems or games that some of you horny cucks may have forgotten about. These games are usually simpler than their modern counterparts. Though, let’s be honest, newer games like to string you along for a long-ass time. These old-school games hit you with loads of hot sex scenes to keep you coming back to bust a nut.

Remember zombies? Yeah, you know, that fad that overtook the entire fucking world for a few years. It was around 2013/14 when that shit was at its pinnacle of popularity. And, well, a lot of talented game developers took a crack at the genre. I mean, how the fuck could you not at the time? The horny masses would play just about anything with a shambling, half-decomposed corpse in it. That’s how Parasite in City by Pixel Factory came to be.

A Classic, Trend-Setting Side-Scroller Full of Crazy Fetish Scenes

This game started development way, way back in 2013. And, surprisingly, it only took the developer until mid-2014 to call the project finished. It’s a Japanese title, but there’s a decent enough English translation built in. It’s not like this game has any exposition in it anyway. You can find the official version of the game for around 15 bucks over on But, listen, this game has been out a long-ass time. There are loads of free versions out there if you don’t feel like dishing out that dosh.

You don’t get any real narrative for this game aside from a very brief comic at the start. You play as some hot babe who likes to sleep with no goddamn blankets on for some reason. What kind of masochist is this slut? Anyway, she hears a noise and goes to investigate only to discover that it is, in fact, the zombie apocalypse. I really don’t know how a scenario like that sneaks up on you like that. Were there no news stories or government broadcasts? Hell, there wasn’t even an alarm. I have so many unanswered questions.

Janky Controls that Take Some Getting Used to

Anyway, you pick up a gun and begin your journey into the city. I don’t know if you’re trying to solve the mystery here or if you’re just having a grand time blowing zombie’s heads open. The game doesn’t give you any objectives or directions at all. You’re left running around a sewer or something. I don’t fucking know. All that you need to do is explore, kill, and avoid getting raped to death by mutant zombies and insects.

It’s a side-scrolling platformer. Man, the controls are a bit janky to get used to. The animations are relatively fluid, but the control scheme just isn’t intuitive. Having to use shift + x + an arrow key to aim and shoot was fucking ridiculous. And the jump mechanics are not all that great. It’s not the worst platforming that I’ve experienced in a porn game, but it’s not great either. It’s a product of its time, and you cucks will have to do your best to get used to it.

High-Quality Pixel Art With Unique Character Designs and Fluid Animations

I liked the art style. It’s got this retro pixel-style while not being so pixelated as to not be able to see the good shit. The backgrounds are detailed. Characters all look unique and have pretty fluid animations in general. You’re not stuck with any lazy, janky animations like some games have. Fuck, I swear some titles from back in 2013 look like a high-schoolers first coding project.

Parasite in City has some Metroidvania elements to it. No, not Megalovania you fucking nerds. There’s a lot of looking around and backtracking after finding key items. You’ll find multiple weapons and power ups that enable different approaches to enemies and combat. It’s pretty simple stuff. If you’ve played a side-scroller before, then you will know how to dive into this one. You have an ammo counter and a health bar that you’ll need to keep track of.

Unforgiving Gameplay that Starts the Game Over when You Lose

You run around and kill zombies while collecting items. Sounds easy, right? Well, every monster out there is trying to spread those legs and plow your character’s pussy. Every mob you run across will either hit you to damage your babe’s health, or they will grapple your busty slut and creampie her snatch. You can resist by mashing the arrow keys, but why the fuck would you do that? I imagine most of you cucks are here because you want to rub yourselves raw to these kinky rape and impregnation scenes.

Yeah, you read that right. Your hot slut will be running around for a bit after getting pumped and dumped when, suddenly, she’ll lay back and give birth to a full-ass zombie bug. Oh, and then that bug will rape her and repeat the cycle. Fuck, that’s messed up. But, yeah, you can expect loads of different fetish-fuck scenes. You can even quit out to the main menu and build your own custom sex scene with any of the monsters that you’ve encountered thus far. Though I’d wait until the end of the game. This game is really bad about saving any of your progress. If you lose, well, then you’re pretty much fucked. I couldn’t find any save points or anything. You die and you start all of the way back at the beginning.

Fully-Animated Sex Scenes & a Customizable Sex Scene Builder

The actual h-scenes are pretty damn good, though it does suck that you have to risk losing health and starting over just to view them. Each encounter will be fully animated and, as far as I can tell, completely uncensored. Though I can’t be totally sure about the censorship. It’s all pixels anyway. But, yeah, you get fluidly animated scenes full of all of the sexy sounds and moans that you could ever want in a porn game. It’s worth noting that this is the game that really kicked off the whole side-scrolling, monster-rape fetish genre. So, it’s worth checking out on that basis alone.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Parasite in City is a classic for good reasons. It’s not the best of the best, but it was good enough to have loads of other less talented cucks try and follow in its footsteps. This game is a damn good side-scroller with a vast area to explore. It looks fucking amazing for its time. Hell, the animation and art can still easily hold up to some modern indie porn games that came out just this year. And who doesn’t like a game that gets right to the point? You don’t have to suffer through hours of horrendous dialog or shitty narratives.

It’s all about killing, exploring, and fucking. Man, these h-scenes are so fucking good. The animations are fluid. The fetish scenes are wild. You get sound effects and moans to make this shit even better. The custom scene builder was a damn good idea as well. I don’t see many porn games out there that give you that much control.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Well, most of my suggestions will be moot at this point. I don’t think that Pixel Factory is going to come back 7 years later to fix something I bring up. But, hey, I’m used to saying shit for the sake of it, so let’s do it anyway. The controls need reworking. It’s way too easy to fucking throw yourself off a cliff and die. That makes you start the whole damn game over. It’s fucking brutal. Throw in a quicksave system at least. It’s not like you unlock new shit to tackle the game with when you lose either.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Parasite in City is a solid, classic side-scroller. It’s not the smoothest gameplay-wise, but you have to give this game some credit for starting what it did. Hundreds of kinky games spawned and were inspired by this title. It’s full of hot rape-fetish scenes that blow your fucking minds. Plus, you can find copies of this game everywhere. I highly recommend this one to any of you side-scroller fans out there. Oh, and zombie nerds will love this shit too. Go and give it a shot!

BestPornGames Likes Parasite In City
  • A fun, classic side-scrolling survival game
  • Loads of crazy fetishes
  • Fully animated sex scenes
  • Custom sex scene builder
BestPornGames Hates Parasite In City
  • Janky controls
  • Unforgiving gameplay