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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Perky Little Things

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Perky Little Things

User Rating: 3/5
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Perky Little Things is a Lewd Hidden Item Finding Game by Luxobscura

This pitch is going to sound more out there than usual, but stick with me for a minute. Do any of you fappers still fuck around with those hidden item search books or puzzles? I’m talking about those games where you need to find certain hidden items. They were all the rage on flash game sites and educational software back in the day. I thought they’d disappeared entirely. After all, these games are pretty niche. But what if I told you that I somehow stumbled across one of those games that was full of porn? Yeah, it sounds fucking weird, right? But trust me on this one. It’s actually an interesting title that might be the exact sort of casual gaming experience you fucks love.

Pick up the Complete Game from Steam for $8.99 or Try the Free Demo!

Well, I did find exactly that sort of game. It’s a quirky indie title called Perky Little Things. The full game was released back in February 2020, so it’s fairly new. All of the kinks have been worked out…or worked in, and the whole game is available to buy from Steam. It will run you $8.99 for the full experience. Now, I get that a lot of work has gone into this shit. But that price feels a little steep for the kind of game that it is. Though we’ll see how the demo fairs. You can pick that up for free from to give the game a shot.

The demo isn’t all that different from the main game. The only difference that I could find was that you just get two maps in the demo version and quite a few more in the full game. So, yeah, it’s not like you’re stuck with some dated version of the game or any of that bullshit. One benefit of the demo is that you can download it on Android. Steam doesn’t let you do that kind of thing unless you’ve got one of those expensive Nvidia phones or whatever. I’m not about that kind of gaming commitment.

Search Through an Array of Detailed Maps Full of Lewd Scenes

It’s a simple premise. You click on a map and get this huge setting with lots of little things going on in the background. There are mini-stories to be discovered all throughout these maps. But you’re not just here to gawk at all of the weird and wacky encounters going on in the background. You have a job to do. There will be a bar at the bottom of your screen with outlines for items that you need to find.

But finding it is only half of your journey. Each item belongs somewhere else. You need to hover it around on different people until they highlight gold. Once they do, you can drop that shit on them and the scene that they are in will change and get sexier. For example, the magic school map has a tree that can be fertilized. If you do then it will come to life and start fucking the busty MILF that was tending to it. That’s the sort of thing you can expect to happen.

A Charming Casual Game Full of Incredible Artwork

It’s a charming game. The art style will be the real point of contention. It’s not badly done, but it is a very stylized toon style that some of you hentai-loving cucks might not care for that much. Again, the artwork is fucking incredible in terms of skill, quality, and execution. It’s just that it ends up feeling like the kind of game your horny uncle would rant and rave about. Though maybe that’s just me. But it feels like a game for those of you fappers who wouldn’t consider yourselves gamers.

The game balances difficulty well. It takes a bit to find all of the items and get them to where they belong. It’s not too easy where you finish in a couple of minutes, but it also won’t take you hours upon hours to get through a level. I’d say it took me 15 or so minutes to complete each map. It very well might take you fucks longer if you stick around and gawk at all of the kinky stuff happening.

Fap to Loads of Hidden Fuck Scenes Scattered Throughout Each Map

And there is a fuck ton to look at. The level of detail in all of these scenes is incredible. I have to give credit to this dude for being a damn good artist. That much is undeniable. Many of the encounters are animated. Now, don’t get your hopes up when I say that. You’ll spy around the map and see some subtle animations for these hidden scenes. It’s more along the lines of stretching of the lines than it is true animation. It’s still better than nothing, but it’s not going to stand up to more fully animated games on the market.

The moments and scenes you find hidden are all uncensored, though you’ll likely have trouble seeing anything good. There are plenty of tits, but trying to find a full rendered pussy in this game will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s nearly impossible. And I don’t really get why. All of the babes end up being positioned away from the viewer or end up being positioned in a way where you can’t see shit. So, this makes this more of a quirky item finding game instead of something that you can fap your brains out to.

Thematic Music on Each Stage

It’s full of cheery audio that I didn’t expect. I know I, generally, complain about lewd games not having sound in them, but I didn’t think this particular game needed it. But I’m not complaining. You get a themed soundtrack for whatever map you’re on as well as some sound effects. Some of the sluts on-screen moan when you poke them or give them an item. It’s got silly shit like that. You don’t have any real scenes with moans, gasps, or voiced lines. The soundtrack and effects drive that easy-going, casual nature home.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This game isn’t trying to be or do anything crazy. It’s simple. You don’t have to use a whole lot of brainpower to enjoy every aspect of what this title has to offer. You’re not here to save the world. You’re not here to build a massive harem or manage a kingdom and its resources. You’re here to look at some quirky artwork and find some naughty items. That’s it. And the creator executes on that premise perfectly. You get exactly what you sign up for, and I can’t say the same for most other lewd games out there.

I know I gave this title some shit for its sex scenes, but they’re still fappable if you’re not some degenerate cuck who needs the most fucked up porn available just to get a half-chub. There are loads of hand-drawn lewd scenes on each map. The scale here is insane. It’s a lot of impressive work that was done by a single artist.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I think the game would be even better with some full illustrations. Give me some good shit as a reward for finishing levels or finding hidden objectives. I want to see full HD uncensored illustrations in this style

BestPornGames Likes Perky Little Things
  • Charming, incredibly detailed art style
  • You can try the demo for free
  • Loads of lewd scenes to discover
  • Uncensored, lightly animated sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates Perky Little Things
  • I wanted more porn!
  • It costs money for the full game