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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Planes Of Eros

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Planes Of Eros

User Rating: 4/5
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Planes of Eros is another Solid Idle Game by the Folks at

You need to have some sort of redeeming feature to get pussy. Sorry, but it’s true. You need wit, brains, brawn, or a mixture of all three like yours truly. I’ve got babes calling me at all hours of the night just begging me to come and give them the herculean dicking that they crave. You beta cucks aren’t nearly as lucky. Nobody wants to come and fuck you on your cum-crusted pull-out couch with soda cans and cum rags shoved into the creases. If that didn’t turn a hot babe away from you, then all of the busty anime figures and posters probably would. It’s fucking pathetic.

But what if your fapping talent was a redeeming factor? What if your relentless jerk-off endurance could save the goddamn world? That’s the very premise of Planes of Eros by Nutaku. You play as a horny beta who gets transported to a strange world where your dick is the key to salvation, but I’ll get deeper into those kinky details later. This is a newer Nutaku title. It launched in mid-2018 and has been doing pretty fucking well since then. As with all Nutaku titles, millions of you hentai-addicted weeaboos come to rub yourselves raw to this shit every single month.

Play the Full Game in Browser for Free!

You can find the game for free over at There are no required downloads. You get to play this lewd game right there in the comfort of your browser. You’ll just need to sign up for a free account to play the game, which will be the case for all Nutaku titles. So, it’s best to have one even if you don’t like this game. There are dozens of hot fappable games in the catalog that you cucks are bound to love.

The story here is simple. You play as some fuck who was fapping to a hentai game when he gets transported to a strange realm for seemingly no fucking reason. Baffled, you land amidst a battle between two powerful sluts who are vying for power. You are recruited to the side of good and are told to use your cock’s powerful energy to strike down evil. Harnessing the power of “Excalibur” you nut with all of your might to make these babes submit to you.

A Simple Good vs Evil Storyline

It’s a pretty cut and dry freemium game story. You’ve all seen this shit dozens of times before. You’re here to fight evil and fuck bitches. That’s it. Don’t expect any dynamic characters or twisting, turning storylines that keep you on the edge of your seat. This is some simple storytelling with average writing. That doesn’t make any of this bad. I know most of you horny gamers couldn’t give two shits about the story of most games, so you’ll be fine to ignore that stuff for the most part.

Planes of Eros takes a different approach to combat when compared to other Nutaku freemium games. It still has all of the same auto-battle elements and stage-by-stage progression that you’ve all come to expect from these titles. You still collect and amass a harem of whores to do battle for you by spending the in-game currency of gacha packs. But for this title, you use a random slot machine for combat to chain together symbols to form combos that deal massive damage.

Build a Harem and Fight Battles Using a Unique Chance-Based Combat System

It’s much more about chance than skill in this game. You can only do so much in terms of building up character’s stats, items, and abilities before you go into battle. Aside from a few powerful special abilities, the battles come down to chance. You could get fucking stomped by a lucky enemy who manages to chain together some massive fucking combinations. I’m not sure how much I like that. It’s a decent system for an idle-style game like this, but I generally like having more to fuck around with. Though the game doesn’t lack busy work outside of combat. You have servants to manage, a harem to build, heroes to level-up, and items to buy. Leveling your sluts is how you start progressing towards h-scenes. You reach a point called a “Limit Break” where your hot babe gets a fuck-ton of power and takes you out to pound her pussy raw. It’s some pretty good shit. And, surprisingly, this game isn’t light on the hentai scenes. There are tons of story related scenes to fap to in addition to these kinky character fuck scenes. Don’t expect any extreme fetishes or anything, but there will be a little something for most of you bastards.

Fap to Dozens of Hot, Uncensored, Animated, and Voiced H-Scenes

Each scene that you unlock will be fully-animated, fully-voiced, and fully-uncensored. That’s what I’m fucking talking about. You get some damn good h-scenes that will have you weebs hard as diamonds. The animations are fluid with each scene often having multiple angles and speeds. You’ll get erotic, Japanese voiced dialog that will have you aching for more. And, of course, you get some hot sound effects and jazzy music on top of all of that. All in all, Nutaku pulled out all of the stops with this one.

But the good news doesn’t end here—you can take this kinky game with you on the go by downloading the exclusive Android app. Just head to that same site I listed up top on your Android device to get a direct download for the app. It’s safe. It’s awesome. It will play practically the same as the desktop game. Hell, you could throw this shit on auto-battle and set your phone down as you go about the day. You’ll get to come back to some heaps of loot and some killer hentai scenes to jerk your dick to when you get home.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This is an easy title to sink some time into without it taking too much of your focus. It’s essentially an idle game with some more options and mechanics. You’re playing this game right if it’s playing itself, which I know might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For what it is, it’s a damn solid idle game. There’s almost always something to work towards and unlock. There are daily rewards, gacha packs, quests, challenges, seasonal events, and all of that good shit. It’s a game that you can fuck around with for hours and hours without ever running out of content.

And the hentai fuck scenes are so fucking hot. Nutaku might not always come out with the most innovative stories or combat systems, but damn do they know how to make some fap-worthy hentai. You sex-starved cucks will be frothing at the mouth when you see this quality content. You won’t be able to help yourselves from sinking tens of hours into this game, for you’ll be swimming in these scenes.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

As always, I wish the microtransactions weren’t pushed so hard. But asking Nutaku to cool it on those is like asking a cocaine addict to calm down—it just isn’t going to fucking happen. You end up running out energy or dosh and the game will try its damndest to get you to whip on that credit card and buy some premium shit. I’d also have liked to see more in terms of the combat system. I get that it’s an idle game, but I got fucking bored of it after a while. It wasn’t as mentally engaging as some of the systems from their other games.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Planes of Eros is a great game for weebs who are looking to kill some time and jerk off to hentai hotties. It doesn’t offer a lot of meat in terms of story or dynamic characters, but it’s not trying to. It’s a free game built around leveling up a harem and fighting evil, and that’s exactly what you get. For a free game, you get a fuck ton of content. You can sink tens of hours into this experience and not even come close to the end. Plus, you can rub yourself raw to loads of uncensored, animated, and fully voiced sex scenes that will blow you away. Check it out today!

BestPornGames Likes Planes Of Eros
  • A fun, free idle game by Nutaku
  • Loads of uncensored, fully animated hentai scenes
  • A fully-voiced game
  • Beautiful visuals and art
  • An easy, casual game for killing time
BestPornGames Hates Planes Of Eros
  • Microtransactions
  • Combat gets stale quickly