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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Pocket Fantasy

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Pocket Fantasy

User Rating: 4/5
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Pocket Fantasy is a Mobile Hentai RPG by Nutaku.net

I know you weebs never want to leave your crusty hentai dens. I get it. You’re surrounded by hot Japanese babes that will scream and cry out for you no matter how pathetic you might be. But I know even you betas have to crawl out of your squalor and venture into the world from time to time. I see you cucks shaking and sweating like a vagrant going through alcohol withdrawals. You need your hentai. You need to be able to take that shit with you and sneak off to fap at a moment’s notice. My first suggestion is to get some fucking therapy. My second suggestion is to keep on reading so that I can fuel your waifu addiction.

Pocket Fantasy is a lewd hentai mobile game by the legendary folks at Nutaku.net. You should know about them by now. They’ve been pumping out high-quality free hentai games for years now. They even sell hot sauce. And, you know, I may have bought some. It’s not bad. It’s a conversation piece at the very least. Throw that shit on some food and you’ll be making your own ahegao face from the spice.

Play the Full Game for Free on any Android Device!

You can pick this game up straight from Nutaku.net. All that you need to do is search up the title and you’ll be good to go. You’ll get a direct download of the Android app. Simply sign in using your free Nutaku account and that’s that. Also, you desktop nerds can join in on the fun. There’s a downloadable desktop version of the game for those of you who truly never fucking leave your rooms. It plays exactly the same as the mobile game. It’s just bigger.

To be honest, I’m still not entirely clear on the story of this game. It’s pretty substanceless. Nutaku is great at a lot of things when it comes to crafting hentai games. Making a decent storyline is not one of them. You get this flashback scene where a bunch of busty hero babes tried to take down an evil army and failed miserably. They got blasted so fucking hard that they were never seen in the world again. They’re gone, which has let evil gain traction and crop back up like an annoying weed.

Your Standard Good vs Evil Plot that Lacks Substance

You play as some random person who is going to try that shit again. You’re assembling a team of lewd hentai sluts to go and take down the source of evil once and for all. So, yeah, it’s the same plot as nearly every other hentai mobile game out there. You fight evil for some reason or another. That’s all that you really need to know to enjoy this game. It certainly won’t be the story or writing elements that keep you invested.

Each level you take on will be broken up into two separate stages. The first stage is sort of like Minesweeper. You click on blocks of grass to reveal what’s under it. Sometimes you’ll find some gold, treasure, a stat buff, or something cool like that. Other times you’ll hit an enemy and trigger a battle. Your goal is to clear every square on the stage and resolve every battle. Battles are simple. It’s your basic auto-fighter set up with a few extra features.

Level up, Collect Items, Grind Battles, and Try to Unlock Hot Hentai Scenes

You can customize your line-up of babes before each fight. Some have ranged abilities while others like to run up and duke it out face-to-face. You can move your characters around a grid to maximize the damage they do to enemies in that row. Alternatively, you can throw this shit on auto mode to wipe through low-level enemies and mobs. You’ll want to pay attention during boss battles so that you can activate special abilities that deal massive damage.

The whole game is about micromanaging your characters. You’ll want to find new items and weapons for them to use. Then you’ll want to upgrade those items as much as you can. You can find new and interesting heroes that work better in certain battles, but you’ll need to level them up and make sure they’re on par with the rest of your party.

Incredible Visual Design & a Full Cast of Japanese Voice Actresses

It’s a lot of repetitive stuff that I’ve come to expect from mobile games like this. And, of course, you’ll run into time-based roadblocks if you run out of resources. That’s where they try and push the premium summons and currency. Essentially, you can pay more money to not have to play the boring bits of the game.

As with most Nutaku titles, this game looks and sounds great. The whole thing is professionally voice acted by hot Japanese babes. You weebs will be nutting in your pants just from these goddamn voice lines. It’s some good shit. Each babe has a unique personality and feel to her. I won’t go as far as to say the characters are dynamic, but you get all of your standard waifus. You’ve got nerds, sporty girls, popular chicks, proud babes, and every type of slut in between.

Jerk off to Uncensored, Fully-Animated Hentai Scenes…If you can Unlock them

The sex scenes are a grind to unlock. It takes fucking forever. Sure, there are loads of lewd scenes peppered throughout the story, but they aren’t good enough to jerk your dick to. You unlock hentai illustrations and videos by giving key items to babes in exchange for slightly filling up their intimacy gauge. So, yeah, you have to sacrifice key items. It’s not a separate thing. That fucking blows. Unfortunately, there’s no real way around grinding these scenes out. Expect it to take a good couple of hours before you get to any of the good shit. The actual scenes are fucking great. You get fluid animations that are fully uncensored and full of hot sound effects and voiced lines. They’re great, but I don’t know if they are worth the long wait.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This is an easy game to sink some time into, and that’s exactly what it’s for. This title isn’t here to wow you with its story or introduce you to some sort of revolutionary gameplay elements. It’s a simple hentai mobile game that you can plug away at for weeks without running out of content. In that aspect, they fucking nailed it with this game. It accomplished exactly what it set out to do.

Despite taking forever to fucking unlock, the hentai scenes are fappable as hell. You weebs will be waiting with bated breath for each one. The art is great. The illustrations and animations are fully uncensored and rendered in that classic, crisp Nutaku style. Plus, the entire game is professionally voice acted by hot Japanese babes. You can’t beat that shit. I know you weebs are going to go crazy!

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The plot is lackluster. I’d like to have seen some more effort put in on that end, but there’s only so much you can expect from a free hentai game. My main complaint is that the hentai scenes take ages to unlock. Fucking hell, at least give out one or two in the beginning to get us invested. I was surprised not to see them do that. Most Nutaky games tend to give you a little taste of what is to come.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Pocket Fantasy is a solid hentai mobile game. Those of you looking for something meaty to dive into will want to keep on searching. This is a simple game that relies on busy work and repetitive grinding to keep you invested. But, hey, I know tons of you are down with that shit. You’ve got nothing to lose but time by checking it out. It’s completely free to download on Android and desktop. If you do get into it, then you can expect to jerk off to loads of uncensored hentai animations that you won’t see anywhere else on the fucking internet. That alone should be enough to at least give it a try.

BestPornGames Likes Pocket Fantasy
  • Uncensored, fully animated hentai scenes and illustrations
  • A fully-voiced in Japanese cast of characters
  • The stunning art style and visual design
  • Loads of hot sound effects
  • You can download this casual game for free!
BestPornGames Hates Pocket Fantasy
  • It takes a lot of grinding to unlock the hentai scenes
  • The lackluster storyline with flat characters
  • Microtransactions