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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Pocket Waifu

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Pocket Waifu

User Rating: 4/5
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Clear out your pockets and empty out your fucking balls, motherfucker! I’ve got a new game for you to fucking enjoy your lonely nights with. If you’re one of the sons of bitches who kept searching for the perfect waifu. It’s too bad only in the games and anime that you get to experience those kinds of babes. However, don’t be dismayed as Pocket Waifu has you fucking covered with your erotic and kinky needs. The game is a simulator that lets you have an all-out experience with a Waifu that you adore. Yes, motherfucker, you can say fucking anything with the game, the Waifu is yours to command, after all. Anyway, if your dick is already drooling, let’s get this review fucking started. So, without further ado.

Sell Your Life for Hot and Cute Waifus

This game helps you to get more cutie waifu girls than you may expect. It’s so great. You make a bargain with a sexy succubus woman, which is the whole basis of the game. You give her your soul, and it makes it so that girls from around the globe travel back and forth to your house. I wish that would happen to me. It seems like nothing other than divine guidance would put me back. Though, the way it operates is that girls just emerge without understanding exactly why they’re there. They’re not going to immediately lower your slippers and lie there on your nose. Though I think I could die happy if they did. You will establish your confidence and release yourself from the bonding zone by offering them toys, playing games, feeding them, and relaxing for a night. Just like a true pal … okay?

How Does this Work?

You have some shower gel to give to Mary, who gives her 30 bathroom points but 15 energy. Like other dating sims, the aim is to sort out all the various considerations and ensure that the person you choose to fuck remains untouched. After she has soaped her lovely big titties, she thanks you for the help and goes to the bathroom when you go and get a fucking snack. Because she needs to maintain the photo looking high, Mary is moving forward to enjoy a very delicious salad – 50 hunger points recovered: girls will become vegan or other garbage, so they end up feeding in a split second.

The tutorial is progressing, and Mary will soon learn that sex is what you desire. No shit, woman! Hundreds of years of evolution have guided me to center my attention solely on fucking. I’m so sorry I’m conditioned to fuck the girls as fast and easily as possible. She doesn’t seem to be concerned about this and quickly shows the wide ring anime titties in this snug jumper. But that’s my definition of beauty-she got a crunching chest, so I’m sure that most of you who read this would pinch your hog while she twists her nipples to make you feel exclusive.

Minigames Galore!

I think it’s safe to say that a significant part of the Pocket Waifu’s experience is focused on minigames. Many dating sims don’t really have a skill aspect, but this one certainly does. You can choose from the first category of 9 games which have both their advantages and disadvantages. High roller looked very interesting, I figured, so I tried one for the first time – I suppose I made the right choice. The faster you go, the greater the bonuses are. You ought to scoop this chick by turning wheels. Upon finishing the tutorial, Andrea sends you a free premium check lasting 72 hours, specifically why I suggest not missing the lesson first. Okay, let’s assume that this premium feature’s advantages are worth spending 5 minutes thinking about Pocket Waifu!

Higher Level Waifus Provides Hotter Scenes

Level up your hot bitches as you get hot animated sex scenes at every level! I even fapped the Sakaki one in the shower fucking twelve times. Yeah, she’s a goddess. She’s a motherfucking goddess to my eyes. But unlocking these is increasingly difficult. You must perform certain tasks that take you hours, if not journeys to complete. You could be a little high and dry between you even if you nut crazy quick like I do.

Some Freemium Features Along the Way

Note that although Pocket Waifu can be played 100% for free, you can access additional features every now and then. I’m a huge supporter of this style of model. If you’re able to do things as gradually as possible, but it is convenient to break up a little capital because you choose to finish the game as soon as possible and make it exactly that. You will have 7 days to take advantage of an exclusive deal – it’s worth it for the 1,000 Gold Coins, but I really fucking claim it’s more than feasible to play without wasting time.

What I Like About the Game

Let’s start with the first thing that I fucking loved about the site, the motherfucking community. Yes, it’s really that good. Do you want to know why? Because it’s fucking engaging, that’s why! Other than the game itself, you will be busy with the fucking community as well. Not to mention that the game is quite easy to fucking play. I mean, really fucking easy. It’s not the same with the other games with a steep learning curve that would take fucking hours to get the hang off. Who the fuck does that?

I would also like to point out how fucking awesome the artwork is in this game. I really fucking mean it. The graphics and especially the artwork is more than fucking enough to get your dick up and singing again, or even blow up if you’re really that fucking dry already. Moreover, the overall gameplay is really quite enjoyable. I can honestly see myself wasting my fucking time here, even more than what I anticipated. On a special note, I would like to praise the developers of the game as they actually made it playable across multiple platforms. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Recommendations for Improvements

Flaws! Flaws! Flaws! There are always flaws in everything I fucking liked. Well, it is to be expected as not everything is fucking perfect. If you’re looking for the perfect game, I really think you don’t belong on this earth. Well, not in this timeline. Anyway, I would like to point out that the first thing that I hate about this game is that it doesn’t have any fucking saves option. It’s a fucking progressive game, for Pete’s sake. Why the fuck you didn’t put any Save feature in it. You’re really killing the idea of letting players enjoy the game again without starting from fucking scratch.

Furthermore, it’s really fucking annoying when a soundtrack doesn’t seem to fit the game overall. Well, in this game’s case, it’s certainly fucking annoying because I can’t seem to fucking understand why there isn’t a specific sound for each of the fucking scene. It’s like fapping to a really good sex scene in the game and end up getting turned off because of the fucking music. Not to mention the music level doesn’t even fucking match with the rest of the game. I’m trying to say that background music is way fucking louder than what’s happening in the fucking game. It’s really fucking annoying. Not to mention that the game’s tutorial is very time-consuming.


This game is developed by utter sex specialists who know how to create a regular titty or two, so you recognize you are overflowing of perfection. First of all, you get a good deal of porn to start the game, so you know what you’re in. The rewards are harder and harder to offer if you start with the game with hotter girls, but the poor are still 10 out of fucking 10. Try the key Nutaku date simulator today if you are tired and bored with games with little complexity and little intellect or thought criteria. Yes, I’m talking to you, fucking idiot sons of bitches. Pocket Waifu was bigger than I expected. I’m going to play maybe an hour or two until this summary is re-established. I know you would enjoy them, and if you are unable to, now on the Web, search my other impressions of the best sex game web pages. What are you fucking waiting for?

BestPornGames Likes Pocket Waifu
  • It has a superbly active community
  • The game is easy to play
  • Overall artwork is fantastic
  • The gameplay is quite fun
  • Playable across multiple platforms
BestPornGames Hates Pocket Waifu
  • No Save option
  • The music level doesn't match the game overall
  • The overall soundtrack doesn't seem to fit the game
  • The tutorial is fucking time consuming