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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Poke Abby

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Poke Abby

User Rating: 4/5
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Good day to you fucker. Have you noticed the title of this game review? Then you should expect to see a lot of poking to happen once you tried playing this one. I know that you’ve always wanted someone to notice you despite the fact that you’re some loser kid who masturbates every night. Well, here something that will give you the same experience but only much better because of the sexy interactions you’ll have in this game.

Poke Abby is a 3D porn game where you get to poke some busty bitch named Abby until she notices you. You will have to do some things to get her to notice you if you want to have more interactions with her. I promise you that every second you’ll be spending in this game will be fucking worth it because of the impressive scenes this game has. The game’s title can be a bit weird for some, but I don’t give a damn, for it’s one of the greatest porn games I’ve ever played.

The game’s storyline is so unique that you think how this game made its way to the world of porn games. I’m the type of porn addict who prefers playing sex games that has unique gameplay and storyline. I’m tired of playing with porn games that only focus on sex because there’s no thrill or whatsoever in them. This one right here made me feel alive, and I know that you’ll feel the same way once you tried it. Read the rest of it to know more about it.

Games Animation

The animation used for this game is far better than the ones I’ve seen before because the graphics are realistic. 3D games have been evolving ever since, and Poke Abby is one of the best examples of how games like this can affect pervert gamers in the right way. No one wants to waste their time on porn games that have poor animation. Those types of games are long gone, and this era is all about HD sex games.

What I Like About The Game

Voiceovers add fun in games, especially if they have pornographic contents in it. You’ll be surprised how awesome the game is once you hear the characters react to the things happening to them. I love how the people behind this game made so much effort to add voice overs to the characters of the game. You can hear the busty characters in this game moan and scream while they’re being fucked by your character.

Abby is the type of girl that you’d want to marry. She is so pretty, and she’s also gifted (big boobs). I have dreamt of having a girl like her in my room ever since I played this game. Masturbating to this game has always been my daily routine because Abby is the perfect girl I’ve seen in my life. You will have the chance to make Abby your sex slave, but if I were you, I would handle her with care, for she is the kind of girl you’d want to grow old.

Once you get to be alone with Abby, you can do whatever you want with her. You can rub her or pleasure her using different sex toys. It’s up to you how you make her moan, so you better make sure to give all you’ve got if you want to hear her sweet voice. Abby has different spots where she likes being poked and rubbed. You will need to explore all her sweet spots if you want to pleasure this beautiful busty lady.

The game’s storyline is quite simple compared to most porn games you see nowadays. There’s not much that needs to be done before you can get to the hot scenes of this game. If you want to understand the full detail of the game, then I suggest that you read all the dialogues that will pop out on your gaming device. You will feel the thrill and excitement once you start messing with Abby.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

Poke Abby is a very entertaining game. I just hate the fact that the options to pleasure her are minimal. You can only choose between using toys, poking her in different areas of her body, and rubbing yourself on her. There should be more ways to pleasure this goddess because it’s what horny fuckers like me are looking for in this game. This girl made me cum multiple times, and I also want to do the same for her.

The sex toys available in this game are also minimal. I would want to punish her like she’s done something naughty, but the problem is the equipment needed for those types of actions are not available in this game. If only there a way to upgrade the number of sex toys in this game to give better gaming experience for fucktards like myself. This part is a bit disappointing because I really wanted to do some crazy shit on her.

The narrative of the games is too short for its content. I hate the fact that the game doesn’t have a more lengthy narrative. The story is too good to be cut short, that’s why I’m mad at the people who created this game. It’s like they just made this game to tease perverted losers like me and then leave us hanging like our dicks in the morning. Those assholes may have been in a rush creating this one.

The sounds being made by Abby when being pleased is what makes me horny every time I play this game. There are times some of her moans tend to become a bit husky like some dude being plowed in the butt. This issue right here needs to be fixed right away because it’s fucking weird. Imagine having sex with a beautiful girl with your eyes closed, and then suddenly, her voice changes into some guy who is hungry for some anal sex.

Lastly, the settings of the place should be better than this one. The location of the game tends to become boring to look at the longer you play the game. I feel like I’m stuck in someplace that I don’t like. The game is so fucking good that it needs more recognition and updates than it has now. I would like to continue harassing this girl in a much better environment, like my bedroom.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

The game developers should change some things in this game if they want more people to notice it. The current players who are messing with this game also need these changes because they want to have a way better gaming experience with this one. The people behind this game should start by making sure that the moans of Abby stay the same throughout the game.

They should also update the game settings by adding more places where gamers can defile sweet busty Abby. It’s not a good look for a game if they only have one setting because some gamers will feel like there’s nothing more to the game than the ones it has already shown them. It would be a great idea if they can add someplace secluded other than the one that is already in the game.

Adding more sex toys can also help improve this game. Maniacs like myself would love to use other types of toys to please the main character. Whips are pretty basic for a sex toy; that’s why they should look for different kinds of sex toys so that the person playing the game will have more options when they’re punishing sexy Abby. There are plenty of variations of dildos they can add to this game.

Also, adding more ways to please this busty bitch can give more excitement to the players of this game. Other than the ones stated above, they should add more methods to please this dirty girl because some of us want to have more extreme experience when having sex scenes with gorgeous bitches like this one. Abby deserves more than this, that’s why the people behind this game should do something about it.


Poke Abby made me cum the first time I played it. I would like to congratulate the people behind this game because they created a porn game where we get to do nasty things on beautiful and busty bitches without worrying about any consequences. This is the girl of my dreams, and I hope to see more of her in the future. I would love to squeeze my dick between those enormous breasts of hers.

I have always dreamt of meeting a girl like Abby. I know that it will never come to reality; that’s why I’m appealing to the game developers to create more games that still involve this busty lady. Oh, Abby, I would love to feed you with my cum. I’m sorry for the words coming out of my mouth. I guess I just got hooked to the game so badly that I want to see a real-life Abby right now. This is the end of my review, goodbye pervert.

BestPornGames Likes Poke Abby
  • Animation
  • Sex Toys
  • Voice Over
  • Storyline
  • Beautiful Abby
BestPornGames Hates Poke Abby
  • Abby's Moan is Husky Sometimes
  • Limited Ways to Pleasure Abby
  • Boring Settings
  • Limited Sex Toys
  • Short Narrative