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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Pony Waifu Sim

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Pony Waifu Sim

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Are you craving for something furry? Do you like unique, parody dating simulators about shows that are familiar to you? More importantly, do you like cute waifus that surround you making it feel like you’re part of a harem? If any of the questions I asked you got you excited, you’re in for a treat because I have a game that will surely turn your excitement into reality. Although I never thought I would be reviewing a game about ponies, I’m afraid that the shit in this game will confuse the fuck out of me for the most part.

I get that there are fuckers out there who are an avid fan of anime and hentai that they call themselves weebs. But, I’m not so sure about horny fuckers out there who want to stick their dicks inside tiny horses. Now that you have an idea about the game, you might even play the game for hours if you’re sexually attracted to tiny cartoon ponies. The game’s title is Pony Waifu Sim, and it’s a parody hentai game of the animated fantasy TV series called My Little Pony.

Pony Waifu Sim is a parody 2DCG dating simulator and a visual novel about the TV series, My Little Pony. The game developers are a small team of animators, artists, programmers, and content creators called StudioWhy. StudioWhy created Pony Waifu Sim intending to have an unforgettable, fun, and pleasurable adventure by allowing you to fuck tiny ass ponies. So, without any further ado, let’s get on with this pony ass fucking review.

A Sex Game Made for Bronies

For fucked up perverts who don’t know what the term bronies mean, it’s similar to weebs but for men who love the show My Little Ponies. By combining the word bro and ponies, you now have the perfect term to describe yourself, given that you’re way too fucking excited to be able to fuck tiny ass ponies. If you’re sick and tired of looking at ugly human faces, the game allows you to talk your way into ponies’ pants. Mind you. The game is also a visual novel, which means you’ll have to go through a lot of dialogue.

With the game being a visual novel in mind, you can’t speed anything up because it’s a dating simulator. The dialogue and all the actions make it appear like you’ll be dating an actual pony from your beloved animated TV show. Moreover, the dialogue seems realistic enough to make it seem like you’re dating a real woman, but she’s colorful, has four legs, and no huge tits. The dating part of the game isn’t something you’d expect to be doing in real life. Why? Well, it’s because you don’t do the same type of shit with tiny ass ponies.

You’ll find the kind of spiel in this game that you have to spend time with these ponies by learning about their goals, dreams, and hobbies before you get to their pussies. It’s not the typical shit you do in real life where you ask the girl for her number and take her out on a date, eat dinner, grab a few drinks, and then take her home. This game’s waifu simulator is all weird because I don’t see this type of shit in other adult games. Unless, if you love ponies and call yourself a legitimate brony, you’ll love Pony Waifu Sim’s build-up.

The Gameplay

Pony Waifu Sim starts with having to choose your name, nickname, color, and theme. The name you’ll be inserting is what the ponies will refer to you as, and when you build a better relationship with them, they will start calling you by your chosen nickname. The color and theme are for the interface and dialogue for you to differentiate who’s talking. Further, the theme you choose will not have a significant effect in-game, but it’s what you’ll be seeing whenever you interact with objects and other pony waifus.

Once you’re through with all the choices, you’ll find your character dreaming and talking to himself. Your character wakes up to check the time and notices that the room is unnaturally dark and eerily quiet. As you try to get up to turn the lights on, you see a shadowy figure that’s emerging from the unnaturally dark room. The shadowy figure is a glittery midnight blue pony. Your character thought that he was still asleep and was only dreaming since talking ponies don’t exist.

The glittery midnight blue pony speaks in a weird Northern England type of English. The pony introduced herself as Princess Moona of Equestria, and what she does is to patrol her people’s dreams to help them overcome their fears and keep them safe. Princess Moona herself found it weird how she came across your character because you’re a human being and certainly not from Equestria. After a while, Princess Moona sets off to find the source of both your connections, given that it’s strange that a pony and a human crossed paths.

Your character starts to panic as Princess Moona sets off after she leaves, your room starts to turn white, blinding your screen to take out all of the unnatural darkness. After the strange happenings, the white light fades, and you’re back to your original bedroom. You have to lead your character out of the room to find the strange sound and music. Moreover, you have to click on the attic door to find the source of the music. After clicking on the weird mirror in the attic, you’ll find a pony working on a lot of shit when a camera starts to click.

You find yourself in Equestria, the world of cute, tiny ponies. After going through the first parts of the game, you’ll find that you only have to click through the dialogue and choices given to you to continue with the visual novel. But, some mini-games will have you use your WASD or arrow keys to play them. The mini-games’ purpose helps you get through certain situations and is also somehow part of the simulator, visual novel.

Unique Characteristics of Pony Waifus

After encountering the first pony in Equestria and playing the first mini-game, your character collapses and wakes up finding three more talking ponies to welcome you. You’ll notice that every pony has a unique color and detail that matches their names. If you call yourself a brony, you’ll also see that the characters’ names are similar from the TV show, but the developers tweaked them slightly to avoid perverted fuckers from mixing it up.

But, one crucial thing that I mentioned earlier that’s annoying the fuck out of me is that these pony waifus don’t have tits! Apart from the ponies looking precisely the same but with different colors and details, nothing else is unique about them. Even though some of them have horns and tattoos on some parts of their bodies, you won’t have pleasurable experience jacking off to a waifu with no breasts.

Instead, the ponies have some sort of nipples near their pussy similar to what you see in real horses and ponies. Weird? I find it fucking odd, but I can’t blame bronies out there who find pleasure in jacking off their favorite cartoon pony. I’ve seen plenty of challenging fap-worthy material, but every smut in Pony Waifu Sim is a whole other level.

What I Like About the Game

There are many features to like about Pony Waifu Sim, such as the story, characters, artwork, direct sound effects, and gameplay. Since the game is a dating simulator and a visual novel, the build-up can be very slow, but you can pass through that by sleeping or spending your day with another pony. Keep in mind that spending your day with a pony increases your relationship with them, which also brings you one step closer to fucking their tight pussies.

I also like how the characters look almost the same as what you’d see on the TV show. Although other people may find it disturbing because it may ruin their childhood, bronies may find it perfect since it’s their dream to have a go at their favorite pony. The sound effects are straightforward, there isn’t any voice acting, but it also doesn’t mean that it’s complete dead silence.

My Recommendations for Improvement

There are many things to improve in the game because I still find the gameplay somewhat lacking, behind all of the smut. The build-up is very slow, given that the game is also a visual novel. But, if the developers made the game as a simulator, they should have the dialogue and the game’s progress similar to what people would do in reality.


Overall, Pony Waifu Sim is a fun game to play, especially if you have a fetish for the original TV show and ponies. Although I find it annoying how the waifus didn’t have tits and that you’d have to watch ponies suck your human dick, the game style is unique and an entertaining parody. I highly recommend that you give the game a try because it takes you away from all the real porn that you drown yourself in all day.

BestPornGames Likes Pony Waifu Sim
  • Free to play
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Characters look precisely the same as the TV show
  • Straightforward sound effects and music to eliminate dead silence
BestPornGames Hates Pony Waifu Sim
  • No evidence of tits
  • Unpleasurable pony pussy