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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hey, there, weasel. Another boring day for you, eh? Well, that’s okay, I think I have something here that can ease the boredom you’re feeling right now. Before I start sharing about the wonderful news I have, I just want to tell you that everything that you’re going to see in this article of mine will make you extremely horny. You can even masturbate while reading this one if you’re that weird nerd who gets aroused immediately to anything dirty.

Porn Games is a game site where hundreds of porn games are available for sex-crazed fucktards who wish to satisfy themselves by playing adult-themed games with weird and kinky storylines. You’ll be amazed once you see the collection of porn games this site has. I know for a fact that you’ll also get overwhelmed once you try visiting it because of the quality of the contents it has.

For many years, I’ve already tried all the game sites that have the same content, but this one right here is the only website that made me horny so much to the extent that I masturbate right away even though I haven’t picked a game to mess with due to the displays they have. You can say that I’m one horny motherfucker, but trust me when I say that you’ll also be like me once you see this wonderful website. Feel free to read the rest to know more about it.

Website Navigation

When I first heard about this site, I thought that navigating around this site would be difficult because, from the way my friends described it, it seemed very complicated. I immediately went home, locked my door, and started searching this site on the internet. I was surprised when I got to the home page because there were nothing or whatsoever confusing about it despite the site having hundred of sex games.

I was really amazed by what I saw because I have never seen a game site with lewd content that has no issue when it comes to the navigation process. Most of the sites I’ve visited before have plenty of complications. That’s why I gave up on those kinds of websites and settled with cheap-ass browser games that don’t have sex scenes on it. I felt pathetic during those times, that’s why I’m so happy that this game site existed.

What I Like About The Site

If you’re looking for a game site with an unbelievable amount of sex games, then you hit the jackpot on this one. Porn Games have various sex games that will surely make your cock drool all the time. You won’t be able to try all of them because they are way too many for perverts like you. Basically, this site is categorized as a porn site, but the good thing about it is that you can defile random bitches rather than just watch them.

I also love the way how straightforward the site developers were when they came up with this site’s name. Even cocksuckers like you can have a boner in a matter of seconds just by reading the name of the site because you know deep inside that small brain of yours that this shit right here contains hundreds of dirty stuff you can use to extract every single drop of cum you have left in your shriveled and disgusting balls.

Now let’s talk about animation. I was impressed when I saw the sex games displayed on this site’s main page because almost all of them have good graphics, which is a good thing because fucktards like me are looking for games with high-quality animation. I get more excited when I see a certain porn game with great artwork and graphics because it’s not easy to look for one, especially if you’re not on the right website.

I love how organized this site is. The people behind this game made sure that the sex games they have are properly categorized depending on the genres they belong to. Because of this, searching for a porn game is now much faster and easier, and it helps the people visiting this wonderful site to locate the exact type of porn games they’re looking for. You will not get lost or get confused when looking for a game to play with because of this.

A website’s layout should always look presentable and clean at the same time to attract more people to check it. I know for a fact that the people who came up with this site were professionals because they did the same thing on this website. Everything is arranged, and the design and color of the site’s layout are so simple yet inviting at the same time. Kudos to the people who developed this enticing website.

What I Don’t Like About The Site

I want to talk about only a few issues this site has, and I’m going to start with the ads popping out of the screen. Most game sites nowadays have dozens of ads on their website, which annoys pervert gamers like me. We don’t want to see these things because we just want to play porn games peacefully without being disturbed and bothered by some ads telling us to click on their page just so that they can get viewers or something.

I also noticed that some tabs on the site don’t have any function at all. It’s like they were placed there for display. Well, I’m no expert, but from my point of view, I think these useless things can cause confusion, especially to the people who are still not familiar with the site’s configurations and navigation. It can also serve as a distraction because some gamers will be curious as to what is the fucking purpose of those said tabs.

I also don’t like seeing some of the games because of the animation issues they have. I haven’t played all of them, but I tried messing with a few ones, and I did see some of them had poor graphics quality, which is a bit sad for me because this site is known for its collection of high-quality sex games. These games should be replaced with games that have better artwork and animation.

Lastly, some games take too long to load. I have a very little amount of patience for things like this that’s why I find this kind of problem alarming. I also know that there are also other guys like me out there who don’t have the right amount of patience when it comes to waiting for games to load. I really don’t think that the problem is in my internet connection because I’ve tried a few games in here and they all have the same issue.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

The website developers should aim to provide better services to its loyal users by fixing some of the issues like the game loading time. They should check them one by one and do everything in their power to ensure that problems like this will not occur again in the future. By doing this, they can give better gaming experience to the loyal perverts they have on their site.

They should also try to do something about the ads popping out of the site because it can really be annoying, especially to those fucktards who are not a fan of seeing random ads on their screen. The people behind this site should find a way to lessen the ads of their website so that sex-deprived fuckers like me can roam around the site without being disturbed by some stupid ads.

Taking out the non-functioning tabs from this site can also help the site become more user-friendly. It can help lessen the confusion of the site visitors, and they can optimize more space. They should add more features to this site like short clips for every porn game they have. Adding this kind of feature will make the viewers more excited because they get to see little pieces of the action from the game they’re checking out.

Replacing old games that have poor graphics or animation can also help make the site become better. In this way, they can keep the site’s content fresh all the time. They should update the site’s games from time to time to ensure that those games don’t have any issues that might affect a certain gamer’s playing experience. Changes like these can help prevent problems from happening in the future.


Overall, Porn Games is still the best game site where you can play sex games with an interesting and unique storyline. This site may have a few problems with it, but I still enjoyed playing the sex games that I have. I really hope that the people behind this site will do their part to make this magnificent website much better. A little update and upgrade can make this site become the number one adult website on the internet.

I will continue using this website because it has porn games that other game sites don’t have. The animation of the games that are in here is so impressive that just by thinking of it right now made my cock rock hard. I swear I’m going to masturbate once I’m done with this review. I might do a little scrolling on this site afterward or whatever, but all I know is that a lot of man juice will be spilled in my room today.

BestPornGames Likes Porn Games
  • Easy Navigation
  • Site Title
  • High-quality Animation
  • Tons of Sex Games
  • Clean and Organized Website
BestPornGames Hates Porn Games
  • Some Random Ads
  • Non-functional Tabs
  • Game Loading Time
  • Some Games Animation Sucks
  • Site Not Updated Regularly