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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Pornhub Casino

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Pornhub Casino

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Here we often talk about explicit, adults-only games with fantasy hentai girls, side-scrolling platformers peppered with sex, and run-of-the-mill explicit Flash-based games. In my ongoing quest to cover all of the best sex-centric games, I figured it was time I covered PlayHub Casino.

If you’ve never heard of it or the name sounds vaguely familiar, it used to be called PornHub Casino. If you’ve read other reviews, you might already be put off, but keep on pressing. The switch in names wasn’t just a simple rebrand to salvage this site.

A Once Decent Gaming Platform With a Controversial Past

If you go through my whole review – or at least read my summary at the end – you’ll find that this website has a lot more to offer than other virtual casinos. And I’m not just referring to the nudity seen on several pages.

Despite being apart of the PornHub franchise, this platform has a checkered past, to say the least. Launched in 2016 under the moniker Pornhub Casino, this website hosted dozens of exciting games with even more electrifying live dealers.

Unfortunately, at the start and for years later, there were all sorts of issues that kept bugging the players and swamping the staff with complaints.

During those dark days, there were accusations of website cheating, painfully slow reception of, and payout of money, among many other problems.

With all of these complaints being lodged, the site’s customer service moved at a snail’s pace to address a growing number of issues. This didn’t exactly put PornHub’s casino into the good graces of third-party reviewers, hence their persistent negative reputation.

But with countless hours of work put in with a new domain, Play Hub presents a far better user experience with all of the same vision as the original.

When It Comes to Games, You Get an Awesome Selection

Are you excited yet? Good, then we’ll start with the choice of games that you get along with the other neat goodies you get as a Play Hub member.

Casino – With hundreds of games to enjoy there is absolutely a horde of games to play, and I don’t just mean simple roulette, five-card hold ‘em, and blackjack. There are dozens of varieties with slightly different rules on many games, not to mention themed versions.

For example, there is a slot game featuring pictures of the famous Joone porn parody Pirates: XXX. Further, others use branded images from adult video games, pop culture characters like Frankenstein’s monster, and other fun IPs.

Sportsbook & Virtual Sports – Place ya bets! Place ya bets! Here you can put money down on everything from boxing matches to team sports to the ponies.

The sports you can bet on include tennis, baseball, mixed martial arts, and most notably (European) football. The teams and leagues you can gamble on are from all over the world, so there’s no shortage of choices.

Even/odd scores are clearly placed on the Virtual Sports, and you can get footage of the races to see the results yourself.

Webcam Poker – While being able to card count is important, the game of poker ultimately comes down to being able to spot someone’s tell. As it goes on, most virtual casinos this is impossible, which can be a little disarming for a lot of players.

That is unless you game on Play Hub. By connecting your webcam, you can send and receive video feed from everyone involved in real-time. It’s not often that this level of connectivity can be found on competing sites, and even if you do, you aren’t guaranteed a roster of people to play with.

However, with an always expanding community, you are sure to find fun folks to gamble against.

Community – Clearly, this isn’t a page for games but a place for users to connect. On the primary page, you’ll see a list of noteworthy players, some of whom make well over ten thousand Pounds. Besides the common users, you can see links to the top dealer dames. On their profile, you can subscribe to them, friend them, and, if you’re nice enough, can reach out to them via private message for an intimate chat.

My advice after you get an account, check out the popular members. Some of them look just as yummy as

With the requirements that you create a username and passcode, verify your email, and submit your birthday, getting an account is a breeze. The only other thing you need to do is select a gender (two options only), and you’re good to go.

After that, all you need to do is put up a minimum of ten dollars US to start playing, but I’ll get into that later. Before that, let’s focus on the key feature, which makes this site unique: the live, often nude dealers.

The Live Ladies Feature Is a Feast for the Eyes

All over the web, there are plenty of casinos within that sample, several of them have plenty of excellent games like Play Hub. That leads to an obvious question: why am I so excited about this gambling site; what makes it unique?

Here it’s the live dealers, and they aren’t your typical, straight-talking guys there to provide casual conversation. No, here you get to play well over a dozen casino games that feature scantily clad chicks with perfect figures and pretty faces.

This feature is available at all hours, so no matter what timezone you live in and when you game, you’ll be able to play with some sexy ladies.

How Does Customer Service Compare Now

It is true that trying to get ahold of someone years ago before the rebuild was challenging, to say the least. This seems to have changed as getting in touch with the support team is super simple, and they should get back to you quickly.

Here’s the catch: you can only communicate via email – there are no phone calls or no live chat options. However, by clicking the Help option at the bottom-right of the page, you can include up to five screenshots to make sure your complaint is addressed as quickly as possible.

There Are Several Deposit Options for Everyone

Sending or receiving money online when the sex business or anything is involved is tricky business. Yes, it is true that the porn industry has been a boon to creating a better e-commerce environment, but it can still be hard working with some banks.

Part of this has to do with conservative attitudes help by banks, but this generally has to do with the touchiness financial institutions have towards government backlash. Good thing for all of you, the developers at Play Hub have thought through these hurdles and provided a dozen ways of making deposits.

Popular services like PayPal and Skrill are an option, along with even Visa and Mastercard. Smaller money movers like Qiwi Wallet and Payeer are options, and of course you can use Bitcoin as well.

On the note of making deposits, receiving payments is just as quick and secure also. There is a slight issue, though if you are a big winner. For reasons I think are related to regulations, while you can get daily payouts, those transactions are limited to $5,000 a day.

Now for the Comparison Across Devices

No matter which net-capable device you prefer, this site looks just fine and runs well. When it comes to mobile machines specifically, Play Hub has been optimized just fine, with some of the additional frills on the desktop version being removed for the sake of visual simplicity.

On the face of it, either version is excellent all around. Still, I feel like I should add that you may have a better time using a home computer simply because the screens are bigger, and you’ve got a wider range of means to interact when playing.

I Have My Own List of Criticism

As I have so often said, I don’t have a problem with people earning cash. However, I do think there should be a balance between the content to draw an audience in and methods to make money.

When it comes to Play Hub, they don’t blast your eyes with adverts, and there isn’t an issue with pop-ups. You will have to scroll past the occasional commercial banner. I find that to be unnecessary and takes away from the experience given the fact that they already charge for their services.

I prefer to focus on being solution-oriented, so let’s get onto the things which I’d add.

Here Are the Things I Would Improve If I Could

To be honest, there is nothing about this site that needs to be fixed, but a few could be drastically enhanced.

It’s a strange thing to me when a group of web developers put in the effort into creating a fantastic series of webpages, but don’t assign one person to regularly promote them. Play Hub does have a blog that announces some sweet promotional events.

However, if you check their archive, it is sporadically updated at best. In fact, the last announcement was made back in March 2020 – five months ago as of this publication.

Then there is the @PlayhubCasino Twitter account. Along time ago, the account manager regularly posted promotional pics detailing deals of all sorts, plus pictures of pretty women. That used to be the case back in 2018, now the Play Hub Twitter page is just a waste of cyberspace, which hasn’t been used since.

I think this is rather unfortunate since there have been some awesome deals to take advantage of.

I understand that Play Hub isn’t in control of the stupid restrictions governments place on users from playing. Still, if I could get away with it, I would write up a guide on how to enjoy Play Hub even if some politicians don’t approve.

Is that inviting legal challenge? Maybe, but given how complicated it is to go after an out of state business, I’d be willing to take the risk. Besides, everyone deserves to blow off some steam gaming online, especially in these trying times.

Do I Think You Should Start Playing Here?

When it comes to looks and mechanics, this is one of the best online casinos I’ve ever seen, and the live skin shows don’t hurt either! Everything I’ve seen tells me that all transactions are fair, and there is virtually no possibility that you’re going to get ripped off.

Best of all, with the number of games presented which you can play at any time, there is the real possibility that you can make a ton of money.

All of the major issues this platform used to have resolved, so don’t worry about waiting for customer service to solve a problem.

To give my final thoughts, with everything shutting down or restricting capacity, why not visit a digital casino. Even if you aren’t a gambler, Play Hub can be the perfect place to blow off steam and maybe earn some coin.

With that recommendation, I give this site the top rank of five hands.

BestPornGames Likes Pornhub Casino
  • You can play all of your favorite casino games while at home
  • Unlike other virtual gamble houses, this one features beautiful women
  • Transferring money is secure and safe with no risk of being screwed
  • If you’ve got the game, you might make a killing in no time
BestPornGames Hates Pornhub Casino
  • Some people might not be able to play due to georestrictions
  • While there are ways to get past region bans, they take time to do
  • Customer service can still be a pain in the neck to deal with
  • Payouts are limited to a set amount each day