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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Price for Freedom: Avarice

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Price for Freedom: Avarice

User Rating: 4/5
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Price for Freedom: Avarice is a Lewd Isometric RPG by Team Dread Deer

Alright, I’m calling forth all of you old-school fantasy nerds. If you used to be, or still are, an acne-ridden fuck who would spend 10+ hours every weekend playing tabletop games then you need to stick around for the quality shit I’ll be talking about today. If isometric battle-maps and polyhedral dice get your dick hard, then you are in for a goddamn treat. Oh and furries/scalies should pay attention too. Yeah, I know that’s a weird fucking combination. But stick with me here. I’ve got a high-quality game that melds those two genres into something truly spectacular.

It’s called Price for Freedom: Avarice. This is an isometric, top-down RPG that is full of hot furry content. Don’t worry, this game isn’t just for furries. It’s got demons, angels, snakes, and elves to fuck as well. That way nobody feels left out of the fapping fun. Anyway, Team Dead Deer are the ones behind this kinky game. They started working on this project back in 2017 and have recently released build 14. It’s a ways from being fully finished, but you can still expect many hours of content from the current build.

Download a Public Version of the Game for Completely Free!

The public build is actually free to the public. I hate when developers create a “public” build that is actually just a cheaper version of the patron build. That bullshit always gets my hopes up. Oh, I guess I should tell you where to get this shit. Head over to to get your hands the game. If you want some exclusive Patron content, then dish out $5 a month for the extra special build with gallery unlock keys and a dialog editor.

You start off as a traveler in a caravan. From some hints in the dialog, it seems like you’re a criminal trying to get out of the trade and live a better life. You make friends with a newfound traveling companion and talk about goals, aspirations, and what you plan to do when you reach a place called The Orphans. Unfortunately, getting there won’t be as easy as you had anticipated. You hear a kerfuffle going on outside. Going out to investigate, you find that you are under attack by a group of bandits.

Fight Your Way Through Baddies Using a Unique Hex-Based Combat System

It’s easy enough to fight through the first few goons. This is where the game introduces its combat system. This may just be because I’m a fan of isometric RPGs already, but damn I fucking loved it. You fight on a hex-based grid. You have a certain number of spaces that you can move each turn as well as a certain number of action points for performing, well, actions. Movement feels natural. The turns go by quickly. It’s not clunky or frustrating like I thought it might me. This system could stand on its own even if this game wasn’t full of horny snake-bitches getting their cloacas creampied.

The second battle doesn’t go so well. You get captured by bandits and thrown down into a dungeon where you meet a busty elven maiden who helps you break out. You can choose to free your buddy from earlier or leave him to rot in his cells. I brought him along and went dungeon-delving through the catacombs to escape. This game really does feel like a classic RPG. It’s a lot like Baldur’s Gate from way back when. Only this title looks a lot fucking nicer.

Explore Dungeons and Make Decisions that Influence Your Fate

There are secrets to find, monsters to fight, and skill points to allocate. There are all of the RPG elements that you could ever wish for. You can customize your character to whatever play-style you like, and you can eventually recruit other members to help round out your team. The dungeons are expansive and full of loot to find. You can even find lewd illustrations to jerk off to! These are great since getting to the full-fledged sex scenes can take quite a while.

Before I dive into the fapworthy scenes, let’s talk about some of the more basic elements of the game. The writing is fantastic. You get loads of dialog choices and lines to choose from. The writing is so good that it wouldn’t look out of place in an RPG like Divinity: Original Sin. The characters are dynamic and present challenges and goals to you as the game goes on. And the story is presented in an engaging and deeply involved manner.

Absolutely Stunning Visuals & Audio Design

Price for Freedom: Avarice has a brilliant art style that will blow you fucks away. Every scene is full of detail and has been crafted by a damn good artist. Every character you meet will have a unique design. It’s simply some damn good design work. Continuing this train of quality features, the audio is on-point. Expect dark, grungy music for dungeons and light, upbeat tunes for battles. Thankfully, this isn’t a game where you same goddamn music track repeats for hours. There’s a wide variety of tracks for every mood.

But enough about all of that. You horny gamers want to hear all about the kinky sex scenes. I won’t blue-ball you cucks any longer. The scenes are fucking great. You get fully animated, uncensored fuck scenes that are full of erotic dialog and descriptions. Each scene will have multiple positions and choices built into them.

Fap to Customizable, Fully-Animated, Uncensored Sex Scenes!

Hell, you can even toggle the goddamn boob jiggle physics in the main menu. The only thing the scenes are currently missing is audio. You get music, but you don’t get any sex sounds or moans to accompany your fap. I’m down for them throwing those in if they can make them good. Judging by the rest of their content, I bet they could fucking nail it. It seems to be up in the air on whether or not the team will add them in.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This game could very easily stand on its own without any lewd content at all. That’s a fucking rarity. Price for Freedom: Avarice is one of those titles that you could sink hours upon hours into. It’s got it all: dynamic characters, a well-written story, sleek isometric maps, streamlined gameplay, a leveling system, an engaging combat system, and loads of hot sex scenes. This game raises the bar for all other lewd fantasy RPGs on the market. The level of quality work in this title is staggering, to say the least.

Damn, the sex scenes are something else. They might be a bit much for those of you that can’t get behind fucking fury babes, but those who are fans of that kind of fetish content will love this shit. There are loads of uncensored, fully-animated scenes to jerk off to. You can even customize them! Head to the gallery and play with some of the many physics options available to you. Some scenes even let you toggle and play with outfits and body shapes.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Keep up the solid work! I don’t have any major complaints about the game. I just hope that the team keeps on keeping on and actually finishes this shit. It’s quite the ambitious title, but it does look like they’re keeping a solid pace. My one minor gripe is that it takes a good hour or so to get to the first lewd scene. Let me get some hot elf action or have a lewd dream before then! You need to hit these horny cucks with the kinky fuck scenes fast or they’ll lose interest and move on to the next thing.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Price for Freedom: Avarice is an excellent game that I highly recommend to each and every single one of you horny gamers. Even you fappers out there who might not be big RPG fans will find that this is a great entry into the genre. It’s not often that a game has been made with this much care and passion. It’s a must-play for all RPG and fury fans out there. Plus, you can give this quality title a try with zero financial commitment. Enjoy a vast world to explore that is jam-packed full of hot, fully-animated, uncensored sex scenes.

BestPornGames Likes Price for Freedom: Avarice
  • High-quality isometric RPG experience
  • Amazing visual design & an engaging plot
  • Uncensored, customizable, fully-animated sex scenes
  • Engaging gameplay with loads of character options
  • Challenging combat system
BestPornGames Hates Price for Freedom: Avarice
  • Takes a while to unlock sex scenes