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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Towergirls Princess & Conquest

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Towergirls Princess & Conquest

User Rating: 4/5
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Princess & Conquest is an Open-World, Fetish-Filled RPG by Towerfag

I don’t fuck with fantasy games unless I’m plowing my way through every horny slut, bitch, and cunt that gets in my way. I want to feel like a goddamn god among men. Why would I want to play as some intrepid beta who can’t even get his dick up when the time comes? Fucking lame. That’s why I went out and searched for a game where I could go on a conquest of conquering fantasy pussy. And I didn’t want some boring, vanilla-ass game full of elves. I wanted the cream of the crop—monster girls. Believe it or not, I found just the game that I was looking for. It’s a kinky sex game called Princess & Conquest by a creator known as Towerfag (aka Towergirl). But don’t be fooled! This cuck isn’t working alone. There’s a whole team of people working on this lewd RPG Maker title. It started development back in the early days of 2016 and has since reached version 0.17.9 as of July 2020. Needless to say, these cucks will be working on this shit for years to come at this rate.

Grab the Full Game for a $5 Monthly Contribution or for a Flat $14.99 Price

You can see more about the development cycle over at Here you can also dish out five bucks or more a month to get yourself access to the latest and greatest builds of the game as well as some neat bonuses if you subscribe for higher tiers. If you want to avoid the monthly bullshit, then you can head on over to to get yourself a full copy of the game for $14.99. Keep in mind that the title isn’t finished, so that price might go up when they get further down the line with this shit. Get it for cheap while you still can!

The game places you in the role of a young knight seeking fame, riches, and bitches. You’ve signed up with the local adventurers guild and it is implied that you’ve worked through some fairly decent quests in the past. For this one, you’re to venture to a nearby kingdom run by the Kobold Princess and save her from the dangers that are plaguing her in her kingdom. Sounds easy enough, right?

Can You Save the Busty Kobold Princess from Certain Doom?

You take her with you as you venture down into the mines below her castle to find out who has been hoarding and stealing her precious materials. You fight some bats and shit on your way to a strange cave where the glimmering of gold can be seen from within. You enter to find a big-tittied dragon slut who has stolen hordes of the petite Kobold Princess’s gold. You slice and dice until that dragon bitch runs from the cave, but she sets the whole fucking place on fire before she makes her escape. The entire kingdom falls to the terrible flames. That leaves you and the princess alone to figure out what to do next. You escape to the adventurers guild to let them know you failed. After a solemn conversation at the tavern, the two of you decide to track that dragon girl down and kill her for the genocide that she wrought upon your people. But that rabbit hole goes deeper than just that. There are politics involved with the other reigning princesses and even the Queen of Dragons herself. But I won’t be spoiling any of that good shit for you. Suffice it to say that the story is full of interesting twists and turns to keep you engaged.

Dive into an Open-World Experience Bursting With Fun Quests & Secrets

From there, the game really opens up. You have a vast map full of castles, forests, and other locations that you can pop around to. It’s up to you how you want to tackle this game. The story will unfold as you go around, recruit NPCs, and get more powerful. The main loop revolves around taking quests from the Adventures Guild that I mentioned earlier. You can work there and earn swirlies, which function as the currency/experience for Princess & Conquest.

Combat is interesting. It’s not your standard boring-ass turn-based combat that you see in every single RPG Maker game ever game. You attack and move around the battlefield in real-time. It’s deceivingly simple. You need to learn and memorize enemy movement patterns so that you can swoop in and deliver your strikes before they can retaliate. I actually really liked this system. It was nice seeing an RPG Maker game go for a different approach.

Meet Loads of NPCs, Level Up Characters, and Build Your Perfect Party

There are quite a few layers when it comes to building your character and party members. They will all have roles that they excel at, with some only really coming in use when outside of combat. But each character will have stats for Love, Lust, Power, and Wealth. You can increase these stats by burning your swirlies at fires across the world. These function as rest stops where you can level them up. Increasing love will unlock sex scenes. Increasing power makes characters, you guessed it, more powerful. A higher lust stat will make it so it’s easier to do kinky shit with them. And more wealth means you bring in more dosh!

On top of all of that good shit, the game nails it when it comes to writing, visuals, and audio. This feels like a premium experience all of the way throughout. You get some solid music tracks. Seriously, this shit fucking bumps. And the visual design is on fucking point. You get loads of detailed pixel art using unique assets and designs. Plus, the character designs are rendered in a vibrant 2D style that is just so goddamn nice to look at it. Expect loads of busty babes and thick thighed sluts to fuck.

Fap to Uncensored, Fully-Animated, Fetish-Filled Sex Scenes

But enough of all of that shit. Let’s talk about the h-scenes. You get fully-animated, uncensored scenes full of furry and scalie fetish content. You can’t go more than five minutes in this game without seeing some big-bootied kobold whore get her pussy creampied. There are well over 100 animated scenes in this game to unlock and rub yourself raw to. You even get some kinky sound effects to go along with some of these scenes! Also, I’ll let you in a little secret: there are cheat codes out there that will get you access to every scene in the goddamn game in an instant.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The h-scenes are fappable as fuck. You get some quality uncensored scenes that will blow you furry/scalie fucks away. If you’re looking to jerk your dick to hot scenes of snake sluts, bunny bitches, and cowgirls getting fucked then this is the title for you. It’s not even finished yet and it has well over 100 scenes in it to get off to! It doesn’t get much better than that. I can’t stress enough how detailed some of these scenes are either. These are some truly top-tier illustrations and animations.

I also liked the combat system quite a bit. It was nice having a break from the basic cookie-cutter combat style that most RPG titles go for. This game makes you think differently in terms of approaches to battles, and you have to keep enemy move patterns in mind. You can’t simply mash attacks to win like you can in most other games.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish that you got to the kinky shit sooner. Like I said, the game hits you with quality fap material pretty fucking frequently. It’s just that it might take you an hour or so before that starts happening. Let me plow one of these kobold sluts or something before all of the intense story shit starts going down. Give me a hook to get me interested in the high-quality fap material that is going to come pouring down later in the game.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Princess & Conquest is a solid RPG that I would consider a must-play for fans of scalie/furry fetish porn. It’s loaded with it! I just wish that there was a demo version of the game for prospective players who might be on the fence. Otherwise, this game is fucking great. I highly recommend that all of you horny gamers go and give this fapworthy title a shot!

BestPornGames Likes Towergirls Princess & Conquest
  • An engaging story full of twists and turns
  • Uncensored, fully-animated furry fuck scenes
  • A visually cohesive game with great writing and audio design
BestPornGames Hates Towergirls Princess & Conquest
  • It’s not finished yet
  • It costs $14.99