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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Get it? Pokémon, but also pussy. It’s so simple, it’s genius. This right here is a porn game for the ages. It’s a porn parody of Pokémon that asks the age old question: What if children’s games had pussy instead? Don’t worry, you don’t fuck actual Pokémon in this game, that would be fucked up beyond redemption. Instead, this game takes place inside a fictional universe, much like the one from the original game, except instead of Pokémon, you have Pussymon, which are basically just weird looking babes with giant tits and fuckable asses. They all have pussies, too. So, they’re very much ripe for the fucking. On top of that, they’re all basically just slave creatures. You can find them in the wild and tame them to fight for you.

The game is episodic and it appears to be made entirely in Flash. Normally I hate episodic releases, but in this case, I give the developer a pass. The dude’s managed to make 59 of these things. Yes, you read that right. There are 59 distinct Pussymon releases each with a bunch of new creatures for you to explore. And by explore, I of course mean bend over and fuck in the ass. By the time you get through them all there will be 10 more, just waiting for you. It’s no surprise that the dude is so active. He’s got a booming Patreon and people really seem to love his work. He’s not the best porn game developer in the world, not even close. But, he is super active and very devoted to what he does best. Pussymon is definitely going in the record books.

Short and Sweet Gameplay

All Pussymon episodes have one thing in common – they’re short, but not that short. They come with a sort of open world gameplay that lets you explore several locations within a map that was made for that episode in particular and it kind of feels like you’re starting from scratch with every single one. You don’t get to carry over any saves as far as I can tell. Instead, you just start a new adventure. Except, where Pokémon had long winded introduction sequences and a ramping storyline, Pussymon has you fucking a babe within the first 3 minutes of gameplay. It really lets you enjoy yourself without getting in the way.

You start up the game, you get past the loading screen and just like that you’re exploring the open world and capturing Pussymon for yourself. You don’t get a starter. Instead, you use your first on them until you can capture one for yourself and then you use her to capture more babes. Along the way, you unlock little side-quests that give you rewards, mostly in the form of original sex scenes. Every episode also has a main quest that leads you to explore the entire map and everything that the episode has to offer. On top of that you even get little bonuses that are hidden throughout for you to discover. It’s like a macrocosm of Pokemon, but with pussy, 59 times over, with original content. Could you even ask for more?

The Art Style

It’s worse than the average porn game, but better than 99% of all Flash games. This guy really knows how to draw an attractive pussy. Sure, they’re all 2D and basic as hell, but they’re animated and very kinky. They give you instant boners, I can guarantee that much. Plus, he’s always thinking up new and innovative ways to draw attractive nude women while also making them look like wild critters. Remember, they’re not human babes, they just look like it. What matters is that they all have round plump asses that are ready for your seed.

Beyond the actual characters that you get to fuck and capture, the rest of the art is plain, but not enough for me to complain. The developer went for a very simplistic retro style for just about every asset in the game. It gets a bit janky at times, especially in the menus, but it never actually breaks. Everything works exactly as intended. The assets are just detailed enough to keep you interested and exploring. Plus, you’re in it for the pussy, so who cares about the level of detail on the trees, am I right?

Fucking your Pussymon

You’re free to gather and fight as many Pussymon as you like, though you can’t pick up doubles, for obvious reasons. You don’t need two of the same exact babe. Once you have a babe, you can train her by fighting monsters in the wild. This leads to you picking up some points that you can use to upgrade your babe. You can either make her stronger or make her love you more. The first option causes her to do more damage against enemies. The second one, well, that’s where the fun is at.

The more a Pussymon likes you, the further she’ll let you abuse her. Luckily, you get a menu dedicated to fucking with your Pussymon as much as you’d like. There’s no need to go through a cutscene or special dialogue. Hell, these bitches can’t even speak. I love that about them. The less a woman talks, the more time she has to stick your cock in her mouth. That’s my wisdom. So, you open up your bag, go to the Pussymon you want to fiddle with and choose out of the several offered options between blowjobs, anal, foreplay and all kinds of kinky situations that you can get yourself into. You need a certain amount of hearts in order to unlock the scenes, but it only really takes a few minutes to max out a single Pussymon. I like that they don’t drag shit out. You get straight to the point. 3 minutes is more than enough time to get a woman to sleep with me. Trust me, I’ve checked several times now.

RPG Elements

This game is basically a mini-RPG, in that it’s not a full title, it’s more of a parody of RPG games. You get a tiny map with each episode and you explore it as if you were in the middle of the action of a proper RPG title. If this developer put all of his episodes into one game, you’d be looking at a game that could easily rival Pokemon. But, as it currently stands, these are 59 mini-RPGs and that’s actually not a bad thing. It means that you can dive face first into one of them and devote your care into maxing out that game, without having to worry about being blue-balled. You can complete an entire chapter and leave the rest for later. It’s like eating a little bit across the day instead of having one huge meal. It’s healthier and you enjoy it more.

Interesting Original Story

The story to these games stays out of the way of the action, but it still manages to ramp up to a pretty long narrative. Most of it is told to you through visual novel style cutscenes in which characters talk to you directly. You see them on screen, they say what they have to say and they fuck off. The longest parts are usually at the very start of a chapter, before you’re let loose to enjoy the actual game. I like this method a lot, because it means I’m not going to be interrupted over and over again while I’m trying to fap. Plus, most of the characters that do the speaking are naked babes. What’s not to love, am I right?

Through gradual little releases of super sexy Flash games, this dude has created an entire game universe that his fans are absolutely in love with. If you like tiny Flash games that are loaded with content and you regularly jack off to 2D renditions of breasts, boy, this is the game for you. You will be hooked instantly; I can guarantee that. You should also check out the man’s Newgrounds page. Look for Sp3ktr3. What he lacks in an ability to spell words properly he makes up for in great porn games. Follow him there and keep up to date with new updates. Also, if you’re rich or your allowance is huge, consider tossing him a shekel or three. He’s one of those Patreon porn game developers who really loves his audience and he takes his games very seriously.

And one more thing. If you’re busy, or lazy, don’t feel bad if you only play the latest installment of Pussymon. Sure, the story won’t make a lot of sense, but the games are great even on their own. You don’t have to play all 59 of them to enjoy yourself. They each come with a very long playtime, so playing just the one will be more than enough for a night of hot faps.

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  • Art is mediocre