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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Rack 2

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Rack 2

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What’s up, you fur loving degenerates! I am back at it again to give you fuckers a treat! I know how tough it is lately to look for porn games that will surely satisfy your urges. I admit, I also spent a lot of time searching for fap-worthy porn games that I could play for the whole day. Lucky for you, I have found a game that will surely make you want to pull that dick out real quick, but let’s not do that for now because there’s a lot of things to talk about in this review as to why this game is so fucking entertaining.

First things first, Rack 2, ladies and gents. A game that is full of fucking boobs that your eyes can feast on for the whole fucking day, or even for the rest of your life. But this game is not a typical boob game that you will find on the world of adult games. It’s a game that will blow your fucking brains off. It has a theme with a mix of science fiction and bondage, which I know most of you weird fuckers love. You are going to be playing the character who gets to please all of your subjects if you know what I mean. A bit weird, don’t you think? But, let’s not think about that for a moment and start this fucking review!

What The Fuck is a Furry?

For those idiots who just play porn games for the sake of it and don’t have the slightest clue what a furry is, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You should have an idea about different categories that are out there. I’ll just explain it anyway. Furry, or furries, are people who love to dress up in fursuits or costumes that have a lot of furs. By the way, who the fuck doesn’t get turned on by crazy hot girls in fursuits? Anyway, people who love this certain category are most likely to create or dress up as somebody with a different personality.

You may not believe it, but there are actually a lot of people who do this. They even have freaking events full of furry loving people, well duh, it’s a fur event. They also have conventions where all of the furries gather and socialize with each and share their life experiences or some other shit. What’s even crazier is that they developed their own words with meanings that only they could understand. Want to be part of the community? Go on then. I won’t judge you.

Unique Concept

What makes this game unique? You can obviously play different types of porn games out there repeatedly, but not all of those games that find out there will have the same experience as Rack 2. I get it, some of you fuckers are thinking that this game is another catgirl game where she gets fucked and whatever because I said furries, right? Hate to break it to you, but you are wrong, motherfucker. This game is one a whole different level that will blow you freaking brains off when you start playing this game.

When I said that this game has furs and shit, I mean that they are going to be creatures, like animals, for those idiots who still don’t get it. The game is fucking full of creatures that you can have lots and lots of fun with. You will find this game very entertaining due to the fact that there are a lot of things that you can do. If this concept is something new to you, I still won’t blame you. I mean, I know that some horny bitches out there only play porn games to help them masturbate, so, you know, I understand. At this point, if you still don’t have an idea from what I just said, you are a complete idiot.

Fully Customizable

This is one element of the game that you won’t find in all of the porn games today, the ability to customize everything. I don’t actually mean everything in the game, but there is a lot that you can customize. The game allows you to customize just about anything in the game, especially for your character. It will let you decide how you want your main character to look like so if you want someone with big boobs or a big ass, you can do that as well. Since your role in this game is to be a scientist. You can customize it depending on your preferences since you are going to give your subjects intimate pleasure.

Aside from being able to customize your dick size, you can also customize how you want your body to look like. The game will give you 12 body options to choose from. Of course, the body type that you choose is completely up to you. The body types you can choose from include, average, swimmer, athlete, bodybuilder, bear, strong, obese, skinny, amazonian, hourglass, chubby, and lanky. On top of that, you can also choose which skin color you would like. See? It couldn’t get any better than this, I tell you.

This element of the game can actually help cater to your desires and fantasies. Since it enables you to customize your character, you can actually make it look as close as what you’d imagine things to be. You can even make it close as to how you see yourself in your fantasies where you have a big dick or something even better. This game can help you accomplish that fantasy and actually give you a great experience while playing this game.

The Gameplay

After you spend a huge amount of time customizing your character, you will immediately get thrown in the game. You will have full control of your character, and you will play the game in third-person, which will let you see everything that is happening in the game, including your long dick or however you made your character look like. Although I guess most of you fuckers out there would like to see it in first-person, this is pretty much what the game offers.

Deeper down into the game, everything you see in this game is like how you think a furry event looks. Literally, the characters that you see in this game look exactly like you, but not with an enormous dick or huge tits. The game is most likely created for players who are actually into these types of games, so expect that you’ll see a lot of those shit in this game. Further down, the game will show you your lab where all the fun things will happen. If you happen to love BDSM, this shit is perfect for you. You will be given options to choose from, such as your subjects, toys, and many other tools that you can use.

From your lab, you will see your research subjects, and once you have chosen one, you will see that subject strapped down to a chair and ready for whatever you want to do with them. This is where you get to pleasure your subjects and your dick at the same time. Oh, and not to mention, this game is in 3D, so expect to see all of the things that are happening in the game, close to what it would actually look like in real life.

What I Like About Rack Rack 2

Heck yeah, the first thing that I really like about this game is how it allows me to customize my character. Fuck yeah, this is what I am looking for in a game. As I have mentioned earlier, I really like a game where I can fully customize a character. It just brings a completely different experience. And that game is in fucking 3D! What more could I possibly ask for in a game?

I also like how the game goes straight to the point. What I mean here is since this is a porn game, it actually shows me what this game is all about. Not many words to read and not a lot of navigation to do which gives me more time to put my hand on my dick and masturbate while playing the game. You know what I mean? The game didn’t give me a lot of bullshit to go through. It has its own pace, which depends on me. I wasn’t pressured to do this and that. It’s like I had full control of the game.

My Recommendations for Improving The Game

There’s not a lot of things that I would like to recommend to the devs. However, I really would like to suggest that they give other players a chance to enjoy this game on decent computers. I have read the requirements for running the game, and I’m sure that my computer hits those requirements, but damn, when I played the game, I had some bad experiences where I had glitches, lag, and sometimes, the game would crash. So yes, if the devs could do something about that, then I will play the game all day long.


Overall, I think this game is really entertaining. It gave me different features, which I really enjoyed, especially the overall gameplay. It gave me a great experience both visually and physically if you know what I mean. Even though I was fooled by the game’s system requirements, I would still love to recommend this game to all the furry lovers out there looking for a great porn game experience.

BestPornGames Likes Rack 2
  • Fully customizable options
  • Great sex scenes
  • Unique concept
  • Straight to the point
  • Game is free to play
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  • Shit requirements to run the game