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Updated on 15 January 2020
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User Rating: 3/5
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Rack is a Kinky Furry BDSM Game by Fek

Sometimes you want to go all out with the fetish shit and really teach a horny slut a lesson. I’ve met kinky babes who can’t orgasm unless I had them strapped into a fucking Sybian, shoved a plug up their ass, and smacked them around while they gagged on my cock. Hey, I’m not complaining. I’ll take a fucked-up slut with baggage over some prude bitch any day. Don’t listen to any of those incels who say babes can wear out or stretch their pussies until it feels like throwing a hotdog into a fucking cave—that’s simply not true. Get yourself a whore who knows exactly how she likes to be fucked and you’ll never have a lackluster or disappointing sex life again.

Gain Access to all of Fek’s Quality Furry Games for Just $10 a Month

But why the fuck am I going on about BDSM-loving fetish fucking? Well, it’s because I’ve got a game for you horny fappers that will let you go fucking wild. It’s a game called Rack where you strap furry sluts to a sci-fi fuck machine and get to do whatever the hell you want to them. Okay, maybe not everything. There’s no gore, violence, or scat involved. So, those of you with weaker stomachs can still get your rocks off to this shit.

This game is yet another title by the legendary furry developer known as Fek. Despite how great of a developer this fuck is, he’s guilty of one of my biggest Patreon pet peeves. You can find links to all of his titles and projects over at Patreon.com/fek. But you’re not getting any freebies. You’ll need to dish out $10 a month for access to the “public” builds. Those aren’t fucking public! Public means fucking free when it comes to Patreon. I don’t get these people man.

Control a Fucked-Up Sex Machine and Torture Horny Furry Whores

Anyway, enough about pricing and dosh. I know that talk makes you poor bastards nauseated. There’s no real plot to this game, but it doesn’t fucking need one. You play as an unknown individual on some sort of sci-fi ship who has corralled a bunch of furries as test subjects. You load them up onto a device called a rack where you can pleasure them until they’re begging you to stop for just a second. They’ll wriggle, writhe, and pull at the restraints as your flick their clits or stroke their dicks.

I really enjoyed the way that this game is set-up. Most sex simulators would have this be it. You’d fuck around with a few different characters until you got bored. This game gives you some actual objectives to work through. They start simple with shit like making a single furry slut climax, but it will slowly get much more difficult. You’ll unlock meters that show the test subject’s anticipation, arousal, and pain levels. Every time a slut has a thigh-shaking orgasm you’ll get credits towards new toys and devices.

A Steadily Increasing Difficulty Curve Keeps You Invested

The objectives get more complex. You’ll need to keep a character edging or make it so two characters orgasm at the exact same time. You’ll unlock vibrators, dildos, fucking machines, chastity cages, ball gags, shock collars, cock sheaths, markers, and so much more. Just when you think you’ve reached the end of your line you’ll get a new toy. It’s so fucking fun. There’s a little bit of everything for you furry BDSM lovers out there. You can even unlock a strange portal device that opens up so many possibilities for fucking around with two characters at the same time.

But the customization doesn’t stop there. This game has a large community centered around creating custom characters. There are a few dozen made by Fek and a few others that you can download from the base gallery, but you can do so much more. There are links in the game to character templates. You can go fucking wild. Create your perfect, slutty fursona and watch as they get tortured by your own hand. You can even give them various personalities that make it so they react differently to certain toys and approaches.

Fluid Animations & a Unique Art Style

The art may be the determining factor for a lot of you. It’s not a very clean style. It’s sketchy. Not sketchy like your shifty friend, but sketchy as in rough lines and shit like that. It’s not amateur work, but Fek’s style is definitely an acquired taste for some. Especially if you’re a hentai-addict who can’t get off unless some busty waifu is drawn in a beautifully rendered, clean style by some sweatshop animator. Despite the rough style, every animation in this game is fluid and expertly done. There’s no janky movement or any bullshit like that.

I do wish that there were more positions. None of these sluts face you. I’d love to see those pussies contract as these bitches orgasmed again and again. Though you do get to see them squirt their hot juices all over the floor when they do, so there’s that at least. But maybe Rack 2 will have some different perspectives and positions. The way it is set up now really limits what you can do and see. You can’t really fuck around with any anal fetish shit or do much the female babe’s tits. A simple spin of the camera would change the fucking game so much.

Fetish-Filled Furry Torture Scenes Worth Fapping to

But the movement is great. Like I mentioned above, these sluts will wriggle and move around as you torture them. And, of course, you can load up some male characters if you want to see them shoot some sticky ropes all over themselves. There is some audio to the game, but you don’t get any moans or sex sound effects. Toys make noise, but that’s about it. You will get some dialog boxes, which certainly help in terms of immersion. I just found myself wanting a little more.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I loved the simplicity of this game. There are no complex story or time-filling mechanics to fuck around with. It’s simply a solid concept that doesn’t try and string you along with a bunch of bullshit. You don’t get these kinds of games very often. Most developers seem to think that they need a goddamn creative writing degree just to make some smut. I liked the progression of objectives and unlocks. It all felt natural and well-paced. I was never bored or frustrated either. The difficulty level was spot-on.

Of course, I have to mention the kinky furry BDSM fetish content. I may not be a furry, but even I can recognize that this is some quality content. I really enjoyed just how much room there was for customization. You can make your own character, chat with other users in forums, and share your creations. I wish more titles were built around fostering a community of players. That’s how you get shit to stick around. And, well, the kinky furry BDSM action helps too. That may have had something to do with this game’s staying power.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I have two main complaints: there aren’t enough positions and there aren’t any moans/sound effects. If Fek went back and added that shit in then this would be pretty much perfect in my eyes. I’m pretty eager to check out Rak 2 and see if he’s making any large changes. I’m especially excited to see if he’s cleaned up the art at all over the years. But, aside from that, I don’t have any major issues with this experience. It’s a solid furry fucking simulator. It doesn’t try to be anything other than that.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Rack is a must-play for you kinky furries. If you sit awake at night dreaming of being strapped to a table and fucked, then you need to download this incredible game. Notably, there are some human models that you can play around with if furry porn isn’t quite up your alley. I’d say this shit is worth a look for any of you that love jerking your cock to BDSM porn. I highly recommend you horny furries go and give this quality game a shot. Oh, and keep your eye out for new updates for Rak 2!

BestPornGames Likes Rack
  • BDSM furry fetish content
  • A simple game with no unnecessary bullshit
  • Loads of character customization options
  • Uncensored, fetish-filled furry porn
  • Lots of toys and gadgets to unlock
BestPornGames Hates Rack
  • Only one sex position
  • No hot moans or sex sound effects