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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Racy Poker

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For whatever reason, the rest of the world – both the real and online – tends to follow the trends that US lawmakers force on Americans and the rest of us into. A good (or terrible) example of this would be how Stateside regulators have effected – really almost destroyed – online gambling. Back in the early days of the internet, there weren’t too many barriers to creating a fun online gamble house. Apparently, adults putting up their own money to maybe make more was something which wasn’t in the “public interest,” according to jackass legislators. Throughout the 2000s, they went after gambling until effectively banning it. Some companies switched countries feeling to places like Ireland, but the small and niche guys got hit the hardest. In the wake of all of this devastation, one of many new competitors in this part of cyberspace popped up. Rather than sneak around the law, a slew of new sites, like Racy Poker, provides a similar service with a new company model. In this case, starting in autumn 2013, instead of having people gamble with real money, they get to play for free. The site makes money by selling ad space, and the player gets treated to games that feature scantily clad women. To be honest, this type of website isn’t the first to do this – so, let’s look into what makes it different…

For a Small Online Casino, There Are Decent Number of Games

There aren’t too many games to play compared to other adult casinos, but since this site seems to be maintained by a small team or maybe even a single person, we won’t hold that against Racy Poker. Indeed, given the size of the site, it’s got a respectable number of games. The classics represented are blackjack and six varieties of poker. The versions most people will be familiar with are Texas Hold ‘em, 7-card stud, and Draw Poker. There is also Caribbean Stud, Omaha-style, and a form of Video Poker. In both cases, as you win hands, the money you can bank up increases, but your virtual opponent poses in incredibly sexy poses. If you manage to keep your winning streak going, the model presented gets more and more naked. As a nice twist, you can switch opponents mid-game, which adds some nice variety. However, if you think this will change the gameplay style, I don’t think this makes anything else happen. Shockingly, while there are some – when you compare it to others – the adverts aren’t too distracting. When you play poker, you can change the difficulty, though I should notice that medium setting is pretty forgiving. Professional players are going to get bored even on hard, but if you’re new to the game, this it’d be a fun site to start with. Weirdly, you can’t adjust hardness settings on blackjack. What’s up with that? From what I have found, there haven’t been too many changes or additions made since when this site went live. The only thing worth mentioning is the fact that Strip High Low is a playable game, too. Instead of betting for “money” or chips, for each correct high-low guess, your virtual opponent strips. You’re expected to, but unless you get into the fantasy, it’s all based on an honor system. It’d be nicer if you felt pressured to if you were streaming with a real woman, but I guess that’s why there’s Skype.

You Get to Play with Hundreds of Hot Girls

Well, with 750 girls to pick from, there is no shortage of options. You can get them randomly assigned when you start a game or pick one from the Opponents pages. Each profile has a decently detailed description, height, weight stats and, most excitedly, body measurements. When it comes to diversity, everyone’s favorites when it comes to appearance are present, of course. And as far as I can see, there is a mix of known names and plenty of performers you’ve never heard of before. Further, with many of these models, you can view them in multiple outfit sets, each of which has its own strip sequence. If you are into playing with people IRL who have fleshy joysticks, there are a good number of male performers, too. However, trying to sort through them can be a bit tricky due to a weird programming screw up.

Besides the Eye Candy There Is a Minor Added Bonus

Besides all of the games and sexy lassies, there is a somewhat neat bonus, which I don’t really see all of that much. Apparently, based on Twitter followers’ feedback, you can see which models are trending and who you should be playing with. It’s not a big thing, and since there is only one loaded up right now, it is a poorly educated perk.

Everything Is Programmed Well But the Rules Are Incomplete

Out of all of the games that I have seen, they seem to be fair and are easy to understand even if you have never played them before. Still, I’m sure some people might find some versions of poker to be a bit tricky, and so did this website’s developers. To help out new users, they included basic instructions on how to play some forms of their game. Once again, this is another part of the site, which is incomplete. Some links are clearly written with colorful illustrations to make the reading less boring. Others have only the bare minimum put into the instructional text. Then there’s the fact that there are games which don’t have any instructions at all.

The Mobile Version Looks and Plays a Bit Better But Not By Much

I’m not overly fond of the site’s design, to say the very least, but I’ll get onto to that later. I will say here that when it comes to handheld machines, the way elements load is slightly more tolerable. Most of the time, everything loads towards the center, and there are fewer adverts per page. Furthermore, the games play just fine and load extraordinarily well.

I Could Think of SOOO Many Things to Make Better

If you’re scanning through this article and think that I’m just going post a bunch of paragraphs criticizing this site so you should skip it looking into it, don’t. It does have plenty of decent perks, but there are a ton of things which I think should be fixed. Since Racy Poker’s domain is scheduled to be renewed at the end of October of 2020, I am always willing to help out with these improvements. Upgrade the goddamn site design – Okay, the biggest problem I have with this site isn’t so much the content but the way that it has been presented. To begin, I would center all of the elements on the homepage and modify the menu, so it is of the dropdown variety. Rather than select between having a female or male opponent, I would have two versions of the site – straight and gay. Maybe instead as to not alienate female players – Racy Poker female and Racy Poker male, or something similar. I’d also have the ads either flank the sides of the window or at the top and bottom. There are also some weird spelling mistakes that show up like when you “loose” a hand. Since it is seven years old, you would imagine that this would be fixed, but I guess that is too much. Include a search engine to find models – With hundreds of models listed, I was shocked that there is no way to find them other than click from one page to the next. Seriously, how is it that a site like this which came out when it did not have some kind of tagging and search engine system? Anyway, I would program a simple search engine or at least install one from a third-party engine like Google or Bing. As the models are the main selling feature of this site, it would be cool to see a category page. Seeing how just about every porn site and every adult games platform has the same feature, I don’t get how this is not on Racy Poker. If you’re going to have tutorials… – If you are going to have playing tutorials for gambling games, then it should be expected that you have them for all of your games. What would be even better? If they had a programmed tutorial at the beginning or a toogle-able pop-up, which gives you some brief instructions. Add to the trending page – If there are going to be something that different, which I do like such as the Trending feature. But if you’re going to have it and not commit at least have an archive of previously trending models. Making real betting a possibility – This may be the most controversial part of my critique, and it would take a lot of work, but I think it’d be worth it. Yes, it is officially illegal to do online gambling throughout many countries throughout the world. However, there are some workarounds that act as nice legal dodge. Instead of facilitating bets using “real” money against the house via PayPal, it is possible to gamble using cryptocurrency. A great example of this being successful is BetOnline, which has risen to fame and success despite being a US-based company. Following this model, I’d allow for crypto wagers with an account and, as a bonus, take down the ads.

Should You Race Right Over to This Domain?

When it comes down to it all, whether or not you should head over to this website depends on how bored you are. If you answered “a little bit,” then I’d say yeah you should, but I wouldn’t carve time out to give these site’s games a whirl. I suppose if you’re a big no-consequences gambling junkie, this is a better site than most of the others I’ve reviewed on this site. Still, with so many other good gambling sites with adult content discussed on this site, I’d look at those. Play a bit if you want for a time suck while on the train (or however you commute), but I can’t justify giving this website more than two and a half out of five hands.

BestPornGames Likes Racy Poker
  • You can play several popular gambling games for free
  • Your ‘opponent’ can be one of several hundred hot models
  • As you win, your beautiful player/dealer strips down
  • The difficulty curve is pretty forgiving but changeable
BestPornGames Hates Racy Poker
  • The website design is some of the worst I’ve ever seen
  • When it comes to quality and the details, there is a lack of consistency
  • There’s no gimmick, special sauce, or ‘it’ thing to make this game pop
  • Not all games give you the option to adjust the difficulty