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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Just when you thought you had figured out how Japanese games work, yet here you are, looking for another game that would surely thirst out your cum-filled balls. Is your eternal search for the most satisfying porn game still ongoing? It must be so hard for you since there are tons of games that are being released today. Compared to what we used to get before, porn games are so fucking advanced that they almost feel like they are real. It’s actually amazing if you think about it. Virgin perverts nowadays have more options at how they would like to satisfy themselves.

If you are one of those new perverted losers that are looking for fap-worthy games, I present to you, RapeLay. This game is one of the most controversial games that were created way back. It is a full 3D game that lets you have fun with three super fucking hot Japanese girls. What’s kind of fucked up about it is that they are between the ages of 14 or 15. It is one of the porn games that made the world go crazy about censorship and whole other shit. Believe it or not, this game is actually banned in Argentina. Fucking crazy, right? It surely is, since you get to feel what it’s like to fucking rape Japanese girls in this crazy rape simulator game. So, without delaying this review any further, let’s get on with it!

As Weird As It Gets

No matter what this game’s concept it, you should not be doing this in real life. You might have some crazy ideas about trying this shit out in real life but fuck that shit. This is what this game is for. Since your urges or desires can’t be done in real life, you now have the chance to do it in this game. You know this game will turn out so crazy since it also made the other countries go crazy. It literally got the world questioning the very existence of this game. Which is fine if you think about it. Being able to do things in this game that you will never be able to do in real life is so fucking satisfying. It kind of removes the urges to do it.

Even if you are against rape, you know that you will have a little bit of desire to do it when you start playing this game because that is how perverted you are. Everything is pretty straightforward. You are informed of what you will be doing in the game. You will be playing as a perverted motherfucker who sneaks up on women and grope them in public. These are the types of people that are one of the most perverted fuckers that you will see roaming around the streets.

In Japan, they actually have certain types of terms for these kinds of people, and they also have words for all the types of perverted actions that you could ever think of. What’s even crazier is not only do they create terms of these types of activities, but most perverted fuckers actually go on their way to create new ways to molest these cute girls. Fucking weird, right?

The Gameplay

The game follows a plot, and this is what you’re going to follow for the rest of the game. Don’t worry. There is a lot of fun and exciting things that you are going to encounter along the way, so make sure you stick around the game long enough. The game kicks off with a scene that shows you three beautiful Japanese girls. You will be introduced to your character as well, and of course, you will be the most savage sex predator in the city. The whole point of the game is that you will have to molest these three Japanese babes every time you have the chance to do so.

The first few scenes of the game are a little boring since there’s not much action that’s going to happen, but it’s fine since it’s just at the start and there are more coming. Some of the scenes at the beginning are already fappable. There are already a few actions that you are going to see, so if you can’t hold it in anymore, it’s perfectly fine to take out that small dick and have fun with it. To give you an idea of the action, at the start, you are trying to get a good grip at groping two girls on the subway. They try their best to ignore you, so there’s not much action that happens afterward.

Few scenes after that are where all pornographic stuff happens. It’s like the scene after scene. The scenes will shower your dick up to the point where I don’t think that your dick can handle it anymore. You are going to be psychologically playing with these women’s minds until they give up and become your sex slaves. Once you get to all three of them, you can basically do anything you want to all three of them, and there’s nothing else that can be better than that scene.

The Game Will Put You at The Edge of Your Seat?

I honestly don’t know why the devs came up with the idea for this game. Seriously, look at the concept of the game. Just from the title of the game, you can clearly tell that it is alarming. No wonder it got the whole world crazy. The game has a rape concept that makes it look like the devs had a fetish towards these kinds of stuff. It seems like the devs also thought that many fuckers out there are into these kinds of games.

With all those crazy ideas they had, they managed to create one hell of a game with pretty good graphics even though the game was released a few years back. The game was only released on Windows until this very day. Even if it was released a few years back, it still had one of the best 3D graphics that I have ever seen. If we were to go back in time and review this game, the graphics are enough to dominate all the other games.

Horny Factors of The Game

Looking at the game’s concept, it is enough to make your motherfuckers horny. Even just by looking at the title, it got you fuckers a bit horny. I’ve been playing porn games long enough to know that most of you that are reading this review do have desires when it comes to these types of games. Who can resist watching these kinds of shit anyway? I mean, a cute Japanese babe getting fucked is probably what you most fuckers here are dreaming of.

What added horniness to the game was the sex scenes actually had voice-overs. That is one factor that should be present in porn games. While going through the first scene in the toilet where the character rapes the girl is just amazing. There was a voice-over that matched the scene, and the girls were entirely naked. I didn’t even realize where my hand was as I got carried away by how fucking amazing that scene was.

What I Like About The Game

Seriously, this game just fucking blew my mind away. There are actually a lot of things that I like about this game. I like how the devs actually had the balls to create something like this. I didn’t expect that this game would actually create controversy, especially since it was created way back then. It takes some serious guts to create something like this. I also like how graphics were made. Can you fucking imagine the resources that were available before compared to what we have now? It’s just unbelievable that the devs were able to throw in the graphics for many horny incels to enjoy.

I also like how the devs made the gameplay where the only character that shows is the girl that you are having sex with. I really like how they made it that way. It kind of completed the whole package, and I really had a lot of fun with each scene. All the girls were fully naked, and they had voice-overs. Not all of the games released today had these kinds of elements in them, and I wish they did since the perverted community keeps on growing every day, and they all deserve every bit of fun they can get from the games.


Overall, RapeLay is a really entertaining game to play. The concept of the game combined with the gameplay is something that I rarely see in today’s adult games. It was a great game when it was first released, and in my opinion, I think the game still is amazing today. Being able to rape Japanese girls without leaving your house is an unexplainable feeling. I would totally recommend this game to your fuckers, especially to those who have a huge fetish towards these types of genres. You will surely have fun as much as I did.

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  • Oddly satisfying concept
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  • No modern remake