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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Red Light Center

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Red Light Center

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Playing porn games while keeping it real is something that we want to do to ease the loneliness. 3D adventure porn games and visual novels with fake bitches are starting to get boring, and you can’t apply any of those dating tips you gain along the way. With the game I’m about to show you, you’ll be playing and mingling with legit horny girls online. Now’s the perfect time to enhance your dating skills by gaining more social experience. The next evolution cyber sex game I’m talking about is none other than Red Light Center.

Red Light Center is a social fuck game where you can meet and fuck real horny sluts virtually. The game combines all the unique features you’d want to play in a porn game that utilizes true-to-life realism while delivering lossless high-definition graphics. Moreover, Red Light Center has been up and running since 2006. The game started from the worst graphics that looked like you were playing with fucked up plastic dolls to feeling like you’re playing the porn version of The Sims.

What makes Red Light Center unique even though it has similar graphics to The sims is that there are real-life horny sluts playing this game and craving virtual sex. Technology is evolving quickly, and the only shit that this game should have is the implementation of virtual reality and virtual sex systems to spice up the virtual sex experience. Now, hold on your dicks and stop pinching your nipples from excitement because we’re not at the fun part yet. So, without further delay, let’s get on with the review.

The Evolution of Virtual Sex

Red Light Center may be the best free to play online virtual sex game out there. Why do you ask? The first reason is that it’s free, you rarely get the opportunity to play a virtual sex game with plenty of horny bitches craving to get their avatars fuck in various positions. And, who doesn’t like free shit? Second, you get to meet strangers on the internet with the same taste as you and fool around with them until your heart’s content. There’s nothing else you can ask for in a free-to-play interactive 3D virtual sex game.

Moreover, you can live your sexual fantasy due to the game’s full customization features, where you can choose your looks, outfits, facial features, and accessories. What makes the avatar customization interesting is that you can be anyone you want even if your avatar looks nowhere near like you. But, isn’t that what we all do in online games? We tend to dress to impress and make sure we land that date because no one knows what you look like. Thankfully, Red Light Center allows you to do all that shit.

Moreover, you get to meet that special someone as you mingle with everyone, and if that doesn’t work, you can always get off using Red Light Center’s sexbots. Not everyone’s lucky in this game in terms of flirting and getting someone to like you. I’m glad that Red Light Center has your back because you can even perform hundreds of sex animations. And, since the game’s name has a similarity to the red light district, they have hundreds of stripping for all the avatars, including the sexbots.

Everyone is Welcome

Isn’t it satisfying to find a game where they welcome all horny fuckers with different fetishes? Well, Red Light Center makes all that shit possible because apart from having an LGBT community, they even have a community for the furry lovers out there. With that in mind, the game lets you explore your sexuality without fear of judgment and embarrassment from the people around you. Keep in mind that the game provides a fun and safe virtual environment. Thus, you should stop behaving like a pussy and start opening up.

Another in-game feature that welcomes horny fuckers from around the world is professions. Red Light Center allows you to train and teach different professions, such as club manager, bouncer, event planner, or virtual class teacher. Spend time on the things you enjoy and hone your skills to earn in-game rewards. The best part about these professions is that you can apply them to your gameplay and make real money by converting your in-game currency to US dollars.

Create Your Virtual Space

One of the fascinating things about Red Light Center apart from the gameplay being free to roam is that you can create your own virtual space. Your virtual space is a place or location where you can invite hundreds of people to hang out, mingle, dance, and even find a virtual date. The game’s in-game editor and content creation tools don’t limit your creativity, and the only shit that’ll restrict you from creating a unique virtual space is your imagination.

From clubs, condo townhouses, and villas to islands, locations, and vacation spaces, Red Light Center has endless possibilities of virtual spaces that you can create. This feature of the game is also what makes it similar to The Sims because there’s nothing more fun than exercising your creativity and creating the place you always wanted. You can also share your virtual space to the community where you’ll gain recognition for creating a unique place that horny fuckers would like to roam.

In your virtual space, you can add your unique music playlists to eliminate the awkwardness of the utter silence. One of the things you should always remember when creating a virtual space is originality. By keeping things original in your creation, you should add things that represent you and the things you like. Your visitors will eventually notice your shit, and those who can relate will start to take an interest. With that in mind, if a horny bitch ever takes an interest in you, you can take it to another level and start doing all that interactive sex experience.

Virtual Community

I mentioned in the previous paragraphs that there are various communities that you can join in the Red Light Center. Apart from the multiple communities of fetishes, the overall community of Red Light Center is amiable and welcoming. The reason for this is that particular players in the game have various roles, such as guides, greeters, leader, protector, supervisor, moderator, and staff. What makes these roles interesting is that the game gives them to the active members of the community.

Before you can access these roles and become a legitimate member of the community, you have to purchase the game’s membership with a 17 dollar price tag. Sadly, even if the game is free-to-play, playing as a free member limits your access to features like private messaging, sex, virtual space creation, and the like. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It’s sad to have a free-to-play virtual sex game where you can’t access the adult features and the fun shit about a free-roaming 3D online virtual world.

Without VIP membership, it’s like you’re playing an old version of The Sims. You’re better off fapping to 3D adventure games and visual novels because the way I see it, the game is nowhere near free-to-play. If you visit the website, you’ll notice that the developers of the game said “Free to Download.”

What I Like About the Game

Red Light Center has plenty of attractive features such as complete character customization, virtual space creator, interactive experience, and professions. The professions aspect of the game allows anyone to learn skills and put it into use in-game. With that in mind, there are endless possibilities you can do in the game apart from having virtual sex with horny sluts. Moreover, I also like how the game has a virtual community with active members that assume roles to guide beginner players and help them get through the basic shit of the game.

Since there are thousands of virtual spaces in the game, you can roam freely through various locations and do almost any shit you want.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The game has many potentials and needs plenty of polishing because the way I see it, Red Light Center limits you from doing a lot of shit unless you pay for the membership. When it comes to the price of the membership, I don’t think it’s worth buying, given the quality of the graphics. Keep in mind that the game started in 2006, which means the developers should’ve done better shit to improve the game for the past 14 years.

Another feature that they should give the free players of the game is private messaging. The essence of Red Light Center is similar to a forum, but players have an avatar and can perform personal interactions. But, if the developers limit free players from doing that, they might download a better online virtual sex game.


Overall, Red Light Center has plenty of room for improvement and change the game’s virtual experience to compete with other online virtual sex games. What’s terrible about the game’s current situation is that there are plenty of existing bugs and ads for free players. Having an expensive price tag while the graphics and overall gaming experience doesn’t match makes the game feel more awkward. With that in mind, even if the game didn’t reach my expectations and my vibrant recommendation, you should give the game a shot.

BestPornGames Likes Red Light Center
  • Complete avatar customization
  • Combine outfits and create a virtual space with originality
  • Free-roaming with thousands of locations
  • Free to download
BestPornGames Hates Red Light Center
  • Limits your access to the game's features unless you pay for the membership
  • Expensive price tag
  • Outdated graphics