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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Rick And Morty A Way Back Home

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Rick And Morty A Way Back Home

User Rating: 4/5
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Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home is a Fun, Free, & Kinky Parody Game

What is it that you nerdy fucks are always yelling? Wubaluba something or other. I don’t fucking know at this point. You high-IQ Rick & Morty fans are always on some new cringey shit. There was the goddamn Mcdonalds fiasco with the dipping sauce. I’d never seen so many of you neckbeards pack up and leave your crusty fap dens before. Who would have thought that berating fast-food workers would be the thing to bring us all together as a people? And then there was that pickle bullshit. God, you betas are lame.

But. if anything, you’re part of a big-ass fandom. You guys gobble up merch, board games, stickers, and all of that shit like it’s the next best thing that this world has ever seen. Justin Roiland is your God and you would do anything to please your benevolent overlord. What if there was something more? A hot porn game to jerk yourself raw to. I know you cucks are just like Morty and ache at the thought of going balls deep in Jessica’s tight pussy.

Download and Play the Full Game for Free!

Well, it’s time for me to do what I do best—make your dreams come true. Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home is a kinky porn game that was made by a talented developer known as Ferdafs in late 2018. They’re pretty popular for their League of Legends parody games, but they’re also known for just being a damn good parody artist. You won’t be able to find this title on their Patreon page for some reason. You’ll have to pop over to Ferdafs.itch.io to grab the game for free. You can download that shit or play it in the comfort of your browser.

You start off the game getting a short intro of Rick and Morty going through some adventure where Morty botches an opportunity to save the day. He needed the confidence to take the shot and just didn’t have it in him. I’m sure loads of you pathetic betas can relate. You can’t even approach a hot babe in your dreams without pissing the bed.

Explore an Alternate Universe & Build up Your Confidence

So, Rick decides that Morty needs to stop being a pathetic loser and stand up for himself for once in his goddamn life. To do this Rick takes Morty to an alternate universe and basically tells him to go wild. He places a tracker in Morty’s neck that will only activate when he gets to a certain level of assertiveness. If he doesn’t, then he’ll be lost in this universe without Rick forever. Talk about tough love, right?

I’m sure you nerds are already forming theories in your head about how this makes Rick some fucking saint. Regardless, you’re told to do whatever the fuck you want. Oh, and you’re blasted with a beam that makes everyone in the world 18 years or older. Clever. But the art style and all of that good shit won’t change. All of the characters look the same, so you don’t have to worry about any weirdly aged up characters or whatever.

Incredible Art that Echoes the Style of the Original Show

Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home really does nail the original theme and style of the show. The characters are fucking spot on. The dialog feels like shit the characters would actually say and not some high-school level fanfiction. I was pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of the game in general. The writing is quirky and fun just like it is in the show. The art is nearly a perfect parody of the real deal. It’s some solid work overall.

The game itself is largely a point-and-click adventure. Well, just without a whole lot of clicking around. You don’t go from room to room in the traditional sense. Objects don’t highlight, and there isn’t much to be found in most rooms. You have a list of locations you can go to and a map that lets you explore the town. But it’s more about going to the locations that characters are at or going to certain locations to pick up items. It’s not as puzzle/searching based as much as it is about going from scene to scene.

Do Kinky Shit to Raise Your Assertiveness Gauge

There’s no physical gauge for your assertiveness, but the game will tell you when it goes up. The hornier and more direct you are the better. Checking out Jessica’s tits as she bends over or sneaking into your Mom’s room and eating out her pussy while she’s passed out drunk will raise it. Does that count as incest? I mean, technically Beth isn’t Morty’s Mom in this world, right? I don’t fucking know. But I’m sure the incest freaks amongst you will love it one way or another.

You get some choices, but they don’t end up mattering a whole lot. It’s more along the lines of deciding if you’ll do something kinky or if you want to skip the scene. There’s this one bitch at school who blackmails you with your nude photos. To keep her quiet she’ll want you to drink a ton of water and piss in her mouth while she fingers herself. Damn, talk about some wild shit. She’ll also want to watch you get your ass plowed by another dude. It’s up to you how you handle her kinky requests.

Fully Animated, Uncensored, Fetish-Filled Sex Scenes

But you horny bastards want to know how good the porn is. It’s fucking fantastic. You get fully animated, uncensored h-scenes full of crazy shit. There are way more fucked up fetishes in this game that I thought there would be. There wasn’t any hot audio, which sucked. But the game more than made up for that lack with the quality of these scenes. The animation is fucking great. The uncensored art is fapworthy as fuck. It’s some good shit.

It’s slightly behind the desktop version, but you can play the full game on any Android device. You can download a free app version of the game right from the developer, or you can check out some of the fan-made ones floating around. Either way, the game plays virtually the same. Again, it’s not caught up with the desktop game, but it’s getting there.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It’s a solid Rick and Morty parody game! I may not be as entrenched in the fan theories and the fandom, but I’m sure most of you nerds are. I liked how true to form this game was to the show. The dialog is on point. The art is fucking great. If you like Rick and Morty, then odds are that you’ll be going wild when you see this kinky game. Plus, who hasn’t dreamed of bending Summer over at fucking her in doggy style? This is a game where you can finally live out that fantasy. It definitely helped that the whole game was full of amazing, uncensored, fully animated, fetish-filled sex scenes.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Alright, I get that audio would be tough to add to the game. You get into a load of issues when it comes to character voices. You don’t want to get that shit wrong because it would really ruin the immersion and feel of parody. But add in something! It’s fucking quiet. I don’t want to have to go and throw my own music on just to enjoy the damn game. And, plus, you could easily add in some moans or other hot sound effects without worrying about the voices that much. Hell, just throw in some wet slapping sounds and I’m most you fucks would be happy.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home will be an instant hit amongst the tried and true Rick and Morty fans out there. I’d even go as far as to call it a must-play for you nerds. There just aren’t a fuck ton of games that cover this fanbase, so you should play as many as you can get your hands on. For those of you who may not be fans of the show, I’d still pick this game up. It’s free. It’s full of hot, animated sex scenes. And, man, it is packed with some very kinky fetish content.

BestPornGames Likes Rick And Morty A Way Back Home
  • Uncensored, fully animated sex scenes
  • Loads of fetish content
  • A quality Rick and Morty parody game
  • It’s free to play!
  • You can play on Android
BestPornGames Hates Rick And Morty A Way Back Home
  • No audio