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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Rogue-Like Evolution

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Rogue-Like Evolution

User Rating: 4/5
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Did anyone order an X-Men porn dating game? It’s here. Someone made it. It’s pretty sexy, too. Standard visual novel dating gameplay, without the boring story bits. Sure, there’s some story, but it ain’t no hentai game. It’s quick, it’s fun and there are so many fucking sex scenes to unlock. It doesn’t stop there, either. It’s more of a dating simulator. At first, there’s Rogue, then, there’s Kitty and well, then there’s the modding community, but we’ll get to that. Suffice it to say that you get to stick your cock in a lot of X-Men babes. Some of the dudes are here too, but they’re mostly for show. They don’t get involved, thank God. No, this is a game that’s all about you and the X-Men babes and boy are they horny. But, be careful, because they have wants and needs too. Seriously, this game feels like a dating Tamagotchi. I wish Japanese hentai games took a few pages out of this game and simplified the gameplay. I like that there’s not a lot of talking. I don’t know what man came up with the idea of having women talk for hours in porn games, so that you would have to listen to them in hopes that they’ll eventually take their pants off. Fuck that noise. I like earning my pussy as much as the next guy, but listening to women talk for hours doesn’t get me in a fapping mood. It gets me in a suicidal mood. Luckily, Rogue-Like Evolution is all about having fun. And, by having fun I mean orgies, but you’ll have to work your way up. First thing’s first. You need to get Rogue to suck your cock.

World’s Weirdest Superhero

In Rogue-Like Evolution you play as one of those mutant fellows, you know the ones with the superpowers. What’s your superpower, I hear you asking? Well, you’re immune to other mutants’ superpowers. That’s it. That’s all you get. Not a lot of use for that in the field, but, it does mean that you are technically the only person that can touch Rogue without immediately dying. And, if you can touch her, that probably means you can also stick your cock in her ass. I mean, it’s a valid theory worth testing, don’t you think? So, you start things off slow. You meet Rogue, you get to know the layout of the school and you spend damn near every waking second trying to get in her pants. It’s no small task. She’s a real bitch at first. Plus, the game keeps track of her bitch points and her slut points. Although, I think they were called submission and love. Whatever the case, the game remembers how far you’ve managed to impress her. This means that you have to constantly keep trying to woo her, be it with conversation or a backrub. You have to hit all the right marks to get to the pussy. That’s just how things work in this universe.

Open-World… Sort Of

There aren’t that many parts of Professor Xavier’s academy present in this game, but what you do get is there for you to explore freely. You must have seen this setup in other porn games already. You have a day and night cycle and people tend to be in specific places during specific parts of the day. So, if you want to shower with Rogue, you just go into the showers in the morning and hope she’s in a good mood. It’s very straightforward stuff. You’re free to visit any of the rooms at any time, provided the person on the other side hasn’t locked the door on you. So, this is partly an open-world dating game. And, since the girls unlock as you progress certain story elements, you’re going to have to investigate a lot of these locations for key parts of the story that you have to get through. The world is interesting enough, but it gets old pretty quickly. You’re mostly being pulled forward by the desire to see more pussy. And boy is there pussy in this game.

Mutant Girls

Obviously, Rogue is in this game. I’ve been talking your ear off about her. There’s also Kitty. You might remember her as Ellen Page from the movies. Well, thankfully they went for an actual sexy rendition in this game. I.e. she looks nothing like Ellen Page. Instead, she’s actually really hot, skinny with taut breasts and a fuckable ass. She’s also got a cute face, but who cares, am I right? All in all, both the main chicks in this game are drop dead gorgeous. Now, there is one more babe in the game, if I’m not mistaken, but that’s not what I wanna talk about. No, I wanna talk about mods. Apparently, the fans of Rogue-Like Evolution have fallen so deep in love with this game that they can’t get enough of it. They’ve resorted to making their own girls from the X-Men universe and coding them into the game. You can now mod a bunch of extra chicks into your game and it all works seamlessly. Since the game is technically open world and it keeps track of your relationships with the babes, it’s not that hard to swap girls in and out of Rogue-Like Evolution. Hell, there are even scenes that feature multiple girls and take into account their combined affection for you. So, if two babes like each other and they like you then they’ll probably be down for a three way. As for the orgies, well, I don’t know, to be honest. We’ll have to scour the internet for the proper mods to make that happen. Even without the mods, though, the game has ample pussy. Even if you only fuck Rogue and Kitty, there’s more than enough unique sex to go around.

Unique Sex Scenes

By unique, I don’t mean original. You don’t get a ton of originality with this game. It’s all straightforward 2D Flash-looking art. There’s hardcore penetration, blowjobs, footjobs, back rubs, the works. What I really like is that you get distinct sex scenes, depending on how far you’ve managed to romance a particular babe. On top of that, the sex scenes are kind of contextual. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you also get dialogue throughout. The dialogue is sort of written independently, so the babes are free to comment on… whatever they want to, really. If you walk in on them in the shower and they like you, they might invite you to join them. If you’ve been acting like a cuck, they might even order you to comply. The game remembers how you treat the girls and then plays out the end result in the sex scenes. It’s fucking awesome. So, you can turn yourself into the ultimate beta pussy-lord, by bending over backwards to please the girls. Or, you can pretend to be a real man and order them to take the cock like good little whores. Either way, you’ll have to earn your place. They won’t go down easily.

So Much Customization

Taking a page out of Witch Trainer, Rogue-Like Evolution lets you customize your interactions with the girls which kind of makes you feel like you’re developing a long-term relationship with them. I know, that sounds creepy as fuck, but it works really well in practice. Say you have a steady relationship with Rogue, but you don’t like her calling you PornDude. Well, you can order her to call you “Daddy” instead. But, what if you don’t like her hairy pussy? Well, you can have her trim it or even shave it. You can also have her change outfits for you and order her to wear specific outfits during specific activities. You can even order her to sit around naked, whenever other people aren’t around. At this point you’re not just romancing; you’re customizing the ultimate harem. You decide how they’re going to wear their hair, what they’re going to call you and even how they refer to themselves. I have them go around calling themselves cock sleeves. It’s the most appropriate name, I believe. All in all, this is a great game with a lot of potential for expansion in the future. Whether it’s coming from the developer or from the modding community, this game welcomes innovation. I loved Rogue-Like Evolution when it first came out and I love what it’s become today. Fucking these mutant babes never gets old with me. And sure, the gameplay can get a bit repetitive at times, but the unlockable dialogue more than makes up for it. It helps you really feel like you’re going through the female roster of the X-Men with your cock in your hands. It’s certainly a must-play porn game for any and all X-Men fans.

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