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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Roundscape Adorevia

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Roundscape Adorevia

User Rating: 4/5
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Roundscape Adorevia is the Largest Lewd RPG Maker Game ever Made

Get in here you fantasy nerds. I want all of the elf-addicted, succubi-loving, D&D-playing, RPG-fanatics that I can get for this game. You’ll need to square some time away in your oh so busy lives for an epic experience. Are you tired of playing porn games that only take a few minutes to complete? Are you more invested in the plot than you are the kinky porn scenes? Maybe you want a game where you really have to earn those glorious fap seshes. Or, maybe, you just want a damn good game that has an expansive story and dynamic characters. If any of that sounds right, then put on your elf ears and don the One ring because this shit is going to be good.

Gain Access to Every Game by Kaliyo for $10 a Month

Roundscape Adorevia is perhaps the most ambitious RPG Maker game ever. It boasts itself as the biggest Western porn RPG ever fucking made. These are some bold claims. But shit can be big and still suck ass. Look at some of you lard balls. This main game was finished in early 2020, but the developer Kaliyo is still pumping out content that may come out as DLCs later down the line.

Being that this supposedly the “largest Western porn RPG ever made,” you shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that this game isn’t free. Sure, you can skim a free copy out there somewhere, but the creator charges for this shit. There aren’t any free versions or demos as far as I can tell. You’ll have to head over to and subscribe at the $10 a month tier to get access to the full version. Though that payment does give you access to every single one of the quality games that have been made or are currently in development by them.

Make Choices that Shape the Fate of the World the Characters!

Right from the start, it’s clear that Roudnscape Adorevia is a game built around choices and storytelling. You have five different options for your origin. If you’ve ever played Octopath Traveler then you’ll be familiar with the setup. Your origin determines your character’s alliances and starting story. The whole game will be shaped around that entry into the game, though the main storyline will be largely the same regardless of your decision. But you’ll have different ties, connections, and skills based on that first decision.

I picked the thief origin story. Of course, it follows you as you go on a failed heist to pick up some mystical artifact. Every background will put you in contact with this strange item in one way or another. It whispers strange things to you and hints at something being released. But, eventually, you lose it in the ensuing chaos and wake up in a small town with little memory of what the hell happened to you, your friends, or the artifact.

Pick from 5 Different Origin Stories to Shape Your Hero

This is where all of the origins end up bringing you. You meet this busty healer babe who agrees to go out into the world with you so that you can get to the bottom of what exactly happened. There are whispers of a dark orc deity being released upon the world and wreaking all kinds of havoc. And maybe you’re the one destined to stop evil in its tracks. It’s up to you to pick up the pieces of what happened and see the bigger picture at hand. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the plot for you nerds.

It’s definitely an RPG. You’ll have a vast town and surrounding area to explore. Everyone has got shit for you to do. Kill wolves. Find someone’s girlfriend. Spread the good word about a local business. It all starts off small, but you’ll soon work your way up to the point where you’re delving deep into the ruins of a dwarven city to uncover a magical artifact of great power. I usually complain about fetch quests and shit, but this game handles them well. They’re all optional. Only the main storyline is required. The rest is just some padding if you want to grind out experience or gold.

Dive into this Deep, Engaging RPG that is Bursting with Quality Content

Largely, the game is about building up your party of adventurers and leveling up. You’ll need gear. For gear you need gold. And for gold, you need to kill some fucking monsters and complete quests. The combat is fairly standard. It’s a turn-based system. There’s no too much else to say about it. Each character will have different special abilities that can be used. Monsters have weaknesses that you’ll want to try and exploit. If you’ve played a turn-based RPG before, then you pretty much know what to expect coming in.

Roundscape Adorevia is stunning. It’s the best looking RPG Maker game that I have ever played. That’s including the ones that weren’t full of kinky fuck scenes. This game has all of the great hallmarks of quality. The game is lush and vibrant with original assets and background designs. The cutscene animations are stunning. And the soundtrack fucking slaps. The characters are beautifully drawn. Every aspect of this game oozes quality and premium, thought out design. I certainly can’t say the same about 90 percent of the other RPG Maker games on the market.

Hundreds of Beautifully Drawn, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations to Jerk off to

But I know you horny gamers are just aching to know about the hot h-scenes. They are everything you’re picturing and more. Well, unless you were picturing animated scenes. They aren’t animated. From what I could gather, there are over 6 hundred lewd illustrations in this goddamn game. That’s insane. Each scene will have multiple kinky panels, and you get a wide breadth of fetishes. There’s some kinky shit in this game for all of you sex-starved fucks. But each scene will be fully uncensored as well as have some kinky moans and the occasional voice line. There’s a ton of voice acting in this game, and the h-scenes are no exception. You get steamy dialog lines, breathy moans, and sexy sound effects to really immerse you in the scene.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Man, can I say that the entire goddamn game was my favorite feature? No, then the hot fucking h-scenes were definitely it. They may not be animated, but the game more than makes up for that by pumping the game full of incredibly high-quality illustrations. It may take a bit to start getting to the lewd parts of the game, but that content will just keep on coming in once you do. And I wasn’t too upset about having to wait for the h-scenes since the base gameplay was so fucking good. This was one of the few games that I would still play if it didn’t have any porn in it at all. And that’s certainly saying something. I wish more h-games could stand on their own as quality games as this one does. No wonder these guys pull in thousands of dollars on their Patreon. They deserve every fucking penny of it.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Despite how solid this game was, I still have a few minor gripes. The first part of the game can be a bit boring. You get all of this excitement only to be thrust in some podunk boring town with not all that much to do. I wish that they had kept the pace rolling. And give me some hot illustrations to fap to! You have to work for at least an hour before you get the first scene or two. I need one to get me hooked and wanting for more right from the start. It can’t be that hard to throw a scene into each origin story.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Roundscape Adorevia is a must-play game for any RPG fans out there. It’s also a solid entry point into lewd RPGs in general. Though it will likely ruin most other RPG Maker titles for you since it’s so damn good. It’s got an engaging story, quality cast of characters, a stunning visual design, straightforward combat, and fapworthy h-scenes. What more could you ask for in a game? I highly recommend that all of you head over and at least check out some gameplay previews to see if this shit is for you. It’s well worth the 10 dollar price tag.

BestPornGames Likes Roundscape Adorevia
  • Enjoy hours of content
  • Engaging story and dynamic characters
  • The largest Western porn RPG on the market
  • Hundreds of uncensored porn illustrations and scenes
  • Fantastic visual design
BestPornGames Hates Roundscape Adorevia
  • It costs money!
  • The starting quests are a bit boring