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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sacred Sword Princess

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Sacred Sword Princess

User Rating: 4/5
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It’s sacred, it’s something about a fucking sword and a busty princess. Yes, welcome to my review of the game called Sacred Sword Princess, motherfuckers. Picture this. You’re just lying down in the center of the forest and going into sleep when a strange fairy girl half-naked, pushing you to snatch her fucking boobs and asking you about a holy sword. You learn that your holy sword really is your dick and will cling to the pussies of as many women warriors all over the world to awaken their true power so that they may undo the wicked Night Queen. She is creating chaos in the world. Oh, did I mention that you’re the only fucking guy in this universe? Well, to know more about this, let’s dive balls-deep to understand the game better.

Initial Impressions of the Game

In reality, Nutaku has brought this game to Android devices alongside being played on PC if you’re a man on the fucking go. It turned out that this was good, but it suggests to play with Firefox when you are having problems. I get an alert to attempt and load Holy Sword Princesses in Opera because it does use a feature not completely enabled by my software. There are two servers in the series, Trisha and Isabelle. Isabelle was the initial server by the looks of things, and Trisha was substituted because demand was too strong. I was a little surprised that you can not full screen this motherfucking game.

Early in the game, you will be introduced to Luna, she will lead you for a long time on your Sacred Sword Princess’ ride. I’m a huge fan of little women, and so I decided to get nutted from the fact that here Luna is little and fine as hell. She has wide green eyes and a nice outfit too – with a short skirt, what can go wrong. I believe that the dirty slut of hentai doesn’t even wear the underwear! A man could imagine, okay?

Your Dick is The Sacred Sword

A ‘mysterious maiden’ in the Sacred Sword Princesses is the first truly immersive game, allowing you to run hidden in a cave from other creatures. Soon Luna enters, and well, the hentai begins pretty darn quickly. You can see her blonde hair spreading charm, and she begs a little love with her close, shimmery pussy. I recommend turning the sound on – they have Japanese voice actresses who make sexual sounds thoroughly. Nutaku doesn’t bother with quality material. This video is a clear indication of the actions they would take to give the game’s fans!

Finally, you will be taught combat – by pressing the field and utilizing the techniques in the lower right-hand corner, you can push the character around. The barrel attack seems particularly powerful, and, with little effort, I demolished anything in my way. Honestly, the Sacred Sword Princess is quite well played for a browser-style game – who knows, Nutaku could make titles like 3D MMORPG that was hentai inside and totally free to play?

The Graphics Quality

Sacred Sword Princess is some of the best I saw in any hentai game. To trigger animations, the fucking developers used Live2D tools. The girls smile, move, and go through the sequences of the plot. For your ideal girl’s curves, you can search in the main menu. Girls’ armors are light across the breasts and buttocks, which makes the beneficial maneuver in battle! The historical backgrounds are all magnificent. The gloriously painted towns and castles are transformed into gritty reality by their middle paws. Old sacred altars of mysterious light, where too many sex scenes take place. The ancient ruins are full of plants inside the strong steel frameworks that have been designed by previous generations.

Overall Music Quality

A series of powerful songs rock the soundtrack. Five separate battle songs are here! The music on the playlist is always good and cheerful. It is not music that you continue to play for a long time, but at town gatherings, it can definitely raise your spirits. The music of war is brutal, and sex is sluggish and sentimental nonsense of the piano. In most parts of the game, there is very little voice-acting. Every girl I met so far, however, had a voice. Throughout the conclusion of her one-two-combo, she repeated her only paragraph of conversation. You barely notice something in the narrative sequences. The artist was incredibly choosing what scenes were executed.

What I Like About the Game

Well, to be honest, the game is actually fucking commendable. I can actually recommend this pile of shit to the people I know, and of course, to any who is reading this review. Anyway, on to the things that I like about the fucking game. For starters, I really liked the fact that the developers of the game are still giving constant updates to it. It’s not just one of those bitch-ass games that some shitty devs make and just leaves it to rot in garbage platforms. Moreover, this game truly has a fuck-ton of content to drool over. I mean, it really does have a shit-ton of contents to enjoy as I ended up wasting numerous hours in this game. Even more than what I initially planned on wasting. For Pete’s sake, I was only planning on playing this for an hour or so, but I ended wasting the whole fucking night with this.

Furthermore, the game has quite an engaging storyline. No wonder I ended up wasting numerous hours playing this motherfucking game. It’s the overall story that really got me hooked with this. Moreover, the game’s artwork and graphic design are awesome. It fucking blew me and my fucking dick away. It’s really that fucking good. Not to mention that the game is completely free to fucking play. Yes, motherfucker, you read that right! The game is completely free! No microtransactions, no buy-ins, no in-game currencies, or some other bullshit scheme that would take your money and turn into a useless piece shit. And I fucking appreciate that.

Recommendations for Improvements

Don’t get the wrong fucking idea, this game is totally fucking worth it, and you should really try it. However, I’m reviewing this game, and I’m one nitpicky motherfucker. So, prepare your fucking anus for what I’m about to say, as it may or may not shock you in any way. I have a lot of fucking complaints in the game that I want the developers to fucking improve. Or else, there will be no future in this shit. Firstly, let me be the one to put out that this game takes a lot of fucking time to move on to the next scene. Yes, motherfucker, progressing through this pile of shit takes a lot of time and effort, you need to have a lot of fucking patience to get through this mess.

Furthermore, I would like to recommend to the developers of the game to add a full-screen mode, if the developers are not fucking lazy. It would be highly appreciated. Why? Because this game has an MMO vibe, veteran players of MMO games would want to play this in full fucking screen, especially when the sexy and erotic parts come into play. However, there’s this one thing that I absolutely hate about this shit, the audio quality is not fucking leveled in all elements in the game. Well, what I’m trying to say is that the audio is quiet in some parts, then it suddenly sounds like the characters are fucking screaming when it comes to the sex portion. All I’m asking is for the developers to put easy access Mute button, it would gladly make anyone’s day a little better.


Since Sacred Sword Princesses is a bit more sexual and sex-oriented than other Nutaku titles, I prefer it above them if you are ever searching for anything like this. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of fun gameplay-like elements. Hence, I hope someone who’s trying to pinch too frequently will be able to achieve what they’re seeking with SSP and partner up with others to battle bigger enemies.

Okay, fuckers is the last part here, but take fucking note of this regardless of your fucking peanut-sized brain. This game is one of the best out there. It continues to be a game where veteran hardcore dweebs spend time once in a while to relive the world of possibility that is Sacred Sword Princess. Therefore, if you find the need to moisturize your cock with limitless pleasure, do it even if it is always too sweet. Make sure that you’re playing this game ASAP to bring a new life to your fucking boredom.

BestPornGames Likes Sacred Sword Princess
  • Constant updates to the game
  • Has a fuck-ton of content to play with
  • An engaging storyline
  • The artwork is awesome
  • Completely free to play
BestPornGames Hates Sacred Sword Princess
  • Progressing through the game takes a while
  • No full-screen mode
  • Unable to mute the game