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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sakura Dungeon

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Sakura Dungeon

User Rating: 4/5
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Sakura Dungeon is Fun Dungeon Delving Hentai RPG Mixed With a Visual Novel

Alright, you horny weeaboos. Yeah, I’m talking to you cum-stains today. You cucks fap to so much hentai and watch so much anime that you probably dream in 2D. It’s, honestly, pretty fucking pathetic. I don’t know how you dudes expect to get your own real-life “waifu” when you’re spending every waking hour rubbing your yourself raw to loli hentai girls. But I’m not here to berate you. Well, I am. But that’s not my sole purpose today. I’m here to fuel your addiction with yet another kinky hentai game for you fucks to bust nuts to.

I’d be surprised if you hentai addicts hadn’t heard of the Sakura line of games. There’s a fuck ton of them. The developer Winged Cloud has pumped out nearly a dozen of them over the past year or so. Most are visual novels, and some are idle games. The important detail here is that each and every single one of these games is jam-packed with amazing h-scenes and illustrations. Sakura Dungeon is no exception.

Grab this 2016 Hentai Hit for $19.99 on Steam

If any game could be considered the main title, then this would be it. It’s a fully-fledged dungeon-delving visual novel that you can pick up on Steam for $19.99. It came out way back in September of 2016, so you can certainly get your hands on this title for cheaper. Though I’d consider supporting this talented cuck over on his Patreon page at If you contribute 15 bucks a month then you’ll get guaranteed Steam keys for every single game that this dude makes. That’s not a bad deal.

This game has quite the anime start. You play as this busty fox girl named Yomi who turns out to be an ancient spirit that has been asleep for the last few hundred years. She’s awoken by a bodacious knight named Ceri who tries to kill her. Using the last of her dormant power, Yomi binds Ceri to servitude. Yomi’s powers have been siphoned away by some unknown evil. With Ceri as your combat slave, you delve back into the dungeon depths to find out the culprit and recover your lost power.

Strap in for a Well-Written Visual Novel With Loads of Unique RPG Elements

Expect to sit down and read a fuck ton of dialog. This game blends in some RPG elements, but it has a lot of visual novel elements to it. Thankfully, this title is relatively well written. There won’t be any glaring issues or anything along those lines. Expect it all to read like anime subtitles. It’s usually right. It just might slightly miss the mark with some of the more nuanced lines.

You start off in the small village outside of the dungeon. You can buy supplies, talk to townspeople, and do sidequests. This place will act as your central hub, at least for the first few hours of the game. The main gameplay is focused on delving into the dungeon. You make your way through level by level. You’ll encounter enemies, traps, treasure, and special events. It’s all about managing your resources and deciding when to retreat and come back another day.

Dive into a Massive Dungeon full of Busty Monster Girls

The game shifts to a first-person perspective that’s reminiscent of very old school dungeon crawlers. You control your movement with the keyboard and slowly reveal darkened areas of the map as you search for treasure. You’ll encounter a lot of monster girls blocking your path. We’re talking petite bunny sluts, massive cowgirls, and even the occasional snake bitch.

The combat is turn-based, but it does have a couple of unique elements to it. Your health is tied to the condition of your armor. The more that’s stripped away the more damage that you take. You’ll want to make sure that you can escape the dungeon before losing all of your health or you’ll be screwed. Not literally, unfortunately. You just get a game-over screen.

Capture Hot Sluts to Make them Fight for You!

Capturing your foes is important in Sakura Dungeon. It’s got a Pokemon vibe. You can weaken enemies down and then capture them to make them fight for you. You can build a party of horny monster babes and grind away in battles to train them. Each girl will have a special elemental power, so you’ll want to build a varied party so that you can take down any bitch that stands in your way! And you’ll need to be pretty strategic later on. Some of these dungeon levels can be fucking brutal. Though, again, none of these encounters will be unreasonably hard. Hell, you can even toggle the difficulty down if you’re having a hard time.

As with all Sakura games, this one looks fucking amazing. Every character has a unique design and personality to them. Each area will have backgrounds that will be bursting with vibrant colors and detail. Winged Cloud is a damn good artist. That much can’t be argued. You also got some quality sound design throughout this game. You don’t get any voice acting, which is definitely a bummer. You do get lots of quality music and sound effects. There won’t be any awkward silences or anything like that.

Fap to Dozens of High-Quality, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations

Of course, I have to give you horny bastards the scoop on these kinky h-scenes. While you don’t get any animated scenes, you do get some gorgeous illustrations. These panels are fucking incredible. Each scene will have multiple panels of whatever busty monster girl you have getting fucked. It’ll all be uncensored and in a fantastic HD hentai art style.

If you like hentai, then you will be hard as diamonds when you see this shit. Though don’t expect much fetish content. Most scenes will be babes getting fucked or fucking themselves in pretty standard positions. The most you can expect in terms of kinky fetish content is some light rope-play or some footjobs. Though, most of the h-scenes will be masturbation or toy scenes. There aren’t really any scenes of babes getting boned. That’s fine with me, but I know some of you dudes need to see a cock and balls just to get hard.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I loved the visual design. This game looks like it’s straight out of a high-budget anime. It’s fucking incredible. This is the game for you if you’re looking for just some straight-up quality hentai art to jerk your dick to. You don’t have to deal with low-resolution images or shoddy artwork here. You get some damn good uncensored illustrations to fap to. Expect well over a few dozen unlockable h-scenes with a wide variety of different characters.

The gameplay was solid as well. Sure, you’ll have to slog through a ton of dialog, but you weebs love that shit. I liked the focus on dungeon delving. It’s really a game that lets you tackle it at your own pace. It’s challenging enough without being overly brutal. Capturing hot babes and building up your party was a fun mechanic. I simply had a lot of fun with nearly every aspect of this game!

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish that you had more choices. You’ll get a few here and there, but the story largely goes in a single direction without much influence from the player. I would have liked some romance paths or a branching story with multiple options. It’s very railroaded. Some players might not mind that, but I like to have a little more say in how the story goes. Also, for almost 20 bucks this game should be voice acted. If I’m paying a premium price, then I want all of the fucking bells and whistles to be present.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Sakura Dungeon will please most waifu-addicted weebs out there. It’s got all of the trappings of a quality hentai game. You get uncensored artwork to jerk your dick to. There’s a simple but fun combat system. You have hours upon hours of cheesy anime dialog to read through and enjoy. Fuck, what more could you weeb want? I know I’d like this game to be cheaper, but I can’t have everything. If you’ve got a 20 dollar bill burning a hole in your pocket, then consider picking up this quality title on Steam.

BestPornGames Likes Sakura Dungeon
  • Delve into dark dungeons and capture monster girls
  • A fun and engaging combat system
  • Loads of uncensored hentai art
  • Visually stunning game
  • Hours of content to explore!
BestPornGames Hates Sakura Dungeon
  • It costs 19.99
  • There’s no voice acting