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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sakura MMO

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Sakura MMO

User Rating: 3/5
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Don’t let the name fool you, this game is absolutely not an MMO. The Sakura part is on point though – this is weeb shit. This game is a generic hentai visual novel like all the ones you’ve seen before and it’s by Winged Cloud no less. You must have heard of them if you’re a hentai fan. This is their 18th hentai visual novel, if I’m not mistaken. They really know their stuff. So, if you see their name on a game you know that it comes with a guarantee of quality. But, there’s also the guarantee of standard hentai tropes. If you’re out for something new in the world of hentai, then you should look somewhere else. This game is as generic as they come. On the other hand, if you want a spin on a genre you’re already familiar with, you can’t go wrong with Sakura MMO. It’s got mild Sword Art Online vibes. That’s an anime about people who get stuck inside a video game. But, why am I explaining this? If you’re looking up hentai games, you’ve seen SAO, you weeb. Anyways, this game is a pornographic version of that concept, with a female main character. So far so good. There’s a lot of sex to be had, a lot of decisions to be made and most of all, a lot of monologue to sit through. I swear, Japanese game developers have a problem. Their idea of the hottest shit on the planet is pixelated pussies and listen to women talk for hours on end. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Sakura MMO.

Waking Up Inside a Video Game

You play as Kotone, a generic and forgettable young protagonist with no discernable characteristics and a cardboard personality. So far we’re hitting 10 out of 10 marks for a standard hentai game. There is a slight difference between this game and other similar hentai titles though – you play as a chick. Wow, so innovative. Anyways, other than the fact that your character is actually a woman, nothing in the actual writing changed, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Basically, Kotone goes to bed one night and wakes up inside the video game that she plays – a game called Asaph Online. In that game she is Viole, the Dark Witch. This chick’s been playing an MMO for a while and one day she wakes up in the skin of her actual fictional character. So, you’re playing a story within a story. While she might be bland as all hell, inside the MMO she plays it cool and people know her as a genuinely fierce presence. These kinds of games really appeal to people who have no real ball sack, so they grow a virtual one by becoming wizards inside a digital world. Well, now this babe has to live out the rest of her life as her own video game character, which is quite preferable to the life she led before. Still, she wants to figure out how she got there. It’s every day you wake up inside a video game. I know I’d like to wake up inside a video game in which I get to legally have a proper harem of hundreds of 21-year-old bitches. But let’s not get off topic. We’re talking about Kotone today. She’s bland, she’s boring and she’s kind of annoying, but you’ll help her navigate this adventurous fantastical medieval world full of magic and sorcery.

World’s Least Believable Lesbian

Since Winged Cloud mostly make games for men, there are a lot of lesbian scenes in this game. In fact, all of the sex in this game is girl on girl, which is a big yes in my book. I’ll never get enough of watching girls getting it on. I know, it might be nicer if I could squeeze my dick in there right down the middle, but when I’m fapping, I just sort of do that in my mind. It works fine. Anyways, my immersion was kind of ruined by this game since the main bitch acts like a dude. Now, I wouldn’t mind playing as a dude who acts like a dude. I’m a dude. I can handle being a digital dude inside a virtual game. But, as it stands, you play as a girl in this game and she will not stop acting like… well, me. Kotone is rude as shit. She dead ass acts like a fucking playboy. She talks to other women like they’re pieces of meat and she’s constantly horny to the point that she sometimes even comes off as a loser. That’s what guys are supposed to do. Girls are supposed to get it on and then talk about their feelings. And I’m supposed to not listen to them when they open their mouths. That’s the natural order of things. But, no, in this game you play as a lesbian trapped inside a digital lesbian and neither of the two act like actual lesbians. They act like horny schoolboys. And I guess that’s exactly who this game was made for.

The Writing is So-So

On the one hand, it’s everything people expect to see in a hentai game. On the other hand, the writing in this game is a fucking joke. It’s generic, drawn the fuck out and it provides no real story short of a few twists and turns that serve to delay the pussy. I don’t mind working for the pussy, don’t get me wrong. But, this game doesn’t actually make you do much of anything. You mostly just listen to women bitch and moan about their problems. Then, something random will happen to them, like they’ll get jumped by monsters or whatever, then there’s an upskirt shot and a few seconds later, bam, you’re back to listening to them talk. It’s the most annoying shit, I swear. I’d rather if they had just thrown in some mini-games with sex scenes in between. But no, you have to actually watch the damn story. And do you only do this once to see all the sex scenes? Nah, fam. You have to go through this entire drudge three times if you want to see all the pussy. That’s because there are three different girls that you can end up with. There might even be a harem ending, I’m not sure. I only got through the game once and I wasn’t exactly warm to it. I didn’t want to play it all over again. But, you’re free to replay it as much as you’d like. That’s one thing about the story I can’t fault. If you actually like listening to women bitch and moan, then you’ve got hours of good stuff inside Sakura MMO.

Great Art

No surprise, Winged Cloud deliver when it comes to the art. Sakura MMO’s art is a true 10, plain and simple. It’s that high quality high resolution anime hentai that you know and love. Everything’s equal parts cute and hot. The babes all have giant tits and asses and of course, all the environments are gorgeous. I don’t know why Japanese animators spend so much more time on the environments compared to western animators, but they really like drawing trees and sky. There might actually be more trees in this game than there are words and boy are there a lot of words. Anyways, I’m talking about the art now. Better focus. It’s hot. The sex scenes are even hotter. Every single shot is a unique experience into high quality pussy. These are the kinds of sex scenes that really stick with you. You can take any single shot from this game and make a wallpaper out of it. No jokes, the scenes are definitely worth it. You will have to download an 18+ patch though, since this game is over on Steam and they are kind of fussy about pussy. I don’t know what their problem is. I’ve seen raunchier games get away with no censorship on Steam, but Winged Cloud’s games are all PG. I think it’s because they want to market the games to a wider audience. Then, if you’re an adult and you want to play the game one handed, you can just get the adult patch. Easy peasy.

My Verdict

As a porn game it’s kind of so-so. It’s not really immersive, the story is more annoying than it is interesting and the sex scenes, well, they’re too far apart. There’s too much talking in-between the actual sex scenes. That’s the honest to God truth But, as a hentai game, it’s one of Winged Cloud’s better titles and I think you’d like it, provided you’re a hentai fan. All the people on Steam that played it seemed to like it except for the few that, like me, griped about the story. I guess they had their standards set too high. Either way, Sakura MMO is available on Steam for $10 and with that price tag it’s no wonder the weebs are all-over it.

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  • Great art style
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  • Main character is a dick
  • Story is long and kind of boring