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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sakura Swim Club

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Sakura Swim Club

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Sakura Swim Club is a Basic Visual Novel Full of Lewd Moments & Romance

Where are my weebs at? Oh, right. Probably at home fapping. Well, this will get to them eventually. They have to crawl out of their neckbeard nests at some point. Once they’re done binging 18 seasons of some shitty Shonen anime, they’ll come crawling back to me for some kinky h-game suggestions. If you haven’t wrapped your single brain cell around this yet, I’ve got a hentai game for you betas today. It’s going to be in a classic visual novel style, so strap in for lots of reading about cute anime waifus.

Sakura Swim Club is the game in question. It’s yet another title by the prolific “Sakura” game developer Winged Cloud. I swear this dude is like the Stephen King of hentai waifu visual novels. He’s been pumping these out every year like he’s a fucking Call of Duty developer. The guy’s work ethic is insane. It’s not like he’s putting out shitty half-cocked titles either. Each and every one of his games can be bought on Stream. That’s an accomplishment in its own right.

Buy Sakura Swim Club on Steam for $9.99!

Sakura Swim Club is an eroge visual novel about, you fucking guessed it, a swim club. You can dish out some dosh over at to support his up-and-coming projects, but you can only get this game by going on over to Steam. It’ll run you $9.99, but you get an awful lot of bang for your buck. This shit has tens of hours worth of content and story for you to delve into. This particular title is one of his older pieces. It launched way back in September of 2015. Don’t worry. It still holds up to this day.

You play as some chump named Kaede who is your average high-school dude. You never even get to see what he looks like. Well, aside from his dick when you’re plowing some of these chicks tight pussies. Your parents have you move out on your own, which means you need to transfer to a new school. Man, talk about some harsh parenting. But it’s cool. You still chat with your folks all of the time, even if they are pretty damn overbearing. They criticize your choices at nearly every turn.

Meet Cute Waifus and Take Charge of the Dwindling Swim Club

Your teacher calls you out for being a lazy, uninvolved fuck and tells you to join the swim club for some reason. Also, your teacher is pretty goddamn shady. He keeps talking about some sort of erotic mystery surrounding the club, but he won’t tell you what the hell he’s going on about. Anyway, I just assumed that the club is somehow cursed by evil and that you’ll have to fight a god later in the game. That’s usually how these anime games go, right?

Actually, this is more about romance than any sort of fighting. It’s not quite a dating simulator. You get plenty of dialog choices, but these choices don’t matter. They’re just stylistic choices that slightly influence the conversation. The vast majority of your decisions won’t have any effect on the actual story. It’s as basic of a visual novel as they come. You click through and read dialog and descriptions until you get to the kinky content. There aren’t any resources to manage. You don’t need to keep track of time. Days pass without your control.

A Solid Anime-Style Story Full of Funny, Cute, and Engaging Characters

The writing is great. It’s kind of cringey, but it wouldn’t really be a good anime visual novel if it wasn’t. Nothing here feels like a shitty translation or anything like that. Every line tends to sound right, so they at least had a solid translator. Plus, you get a voiced game! Every hot waifu you meet will have all of her lines voiced by a talented Japanese voice actress. It’s so fucking good. You weebs will be hard as diamonds once you hear these sluts.

And there’s more to these characters than meets the eye. There are some genuinely sad moments in this game. Expect to have your emotions sent on fucking roller coaster throughout this title. I never thought that some weeb game about a swim club would have me feeling these kinds of emotions. But, hey, that’s the mark of a solid title. There will be fighting, love, hate, loss, and many other themes explored in this 10+ hour-long title. Fuck, this game is long. But I’m sure you visual novel lovers are used to that kind of shit.

Jerk off to Dozens of HD, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations

Surprisingly, Sakura Swim Club doesn’t keep you waiting for h-scenes for too long. Most visual novels that I’ve played will have you waiting hours before you even get a glimpse at a slightly lewd scene. This game is throwing lewd hentai illustrations at you every 5-10 minutes. It’s impressive just how much quality artwork has been packed into this title. It does tease you a bit. You won’t get to see any full-on fuck scenes for a bit, but there will be plenty of lewd moments to keep you invested.

Plus, the quality of the art is amazing. I can’t believe that this game came out in 2015. It makes most current titles from indie developers look bad. You get incredible illustrations of these kinky waifus in their full HD, uncensored glory. You even get all of the sexy sound effects, moans, and voiced lines that you could ever want. These are some of the best visual novel h-scenes that I’ve seen, well, since the last Sakura game I played. This dude knows how to craft fappable hentai illustrations that will keep weebs coming back for more. It’s no wonder his shit is so freaking popular.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature might be some of you snobby fuck’s least favorite. This experience is more fan-service than it is an actual, fully-fledged game. It’s all about the hot hentai scenes. The story is decent and has some fairly well-written characters for the genre, but you’ll be swimming in hot scenes. This title takes every opportunity it has to make a scene lewd or erotic. That’s my kind of shit. I’m here to fap. But some of you may feel that this takes away from the story that the game is trying to tell.

The scenes themselves will blow your minds as well as help you blow your loads. Each scene will be fully uncensored and rendered in a crips HD hentai style. And, man, the voice acting is so goddamn sexy. I get why you weebs rub yourselves raw to Japanese babes. There’s just something about these Japanese slut’s voices that’s so sexy. You can’t help but whip out your dick and fap to these waifus!

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish that some of the characters and storylines had more depth. You’d think that a game about a swimming club would be a little deeper. Heh. I crack myself up. There are some genuinely heartfelt moments, but the game has a tough time capitalizing on that mood. The tone will instantly shift to a joke, lewd scene, or weird happy line. It could have been a more cohesive game. And some further romance options would have been welcome. It feels more like a book than an interactive visual novel. I would have liked some more dating simulator elements and stuff like that to really sink my teeth into. Having some mini-games or other minor gameplay elements would have really helped with the overall pacing of the game as well.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Sakura Swim Club might be hit and miss with some of you. It’s a great visual novel for just sitting back and fapping. It’s got tons of uncensored hentai illustrations, a fully voiced cast of waifus, and cute anime babes galore. It doesn’t have more in terms of gameplay or other elements to offer. If you’re looking for a complex game with branching romance paths and a more involved player experience, then you might want to take your search elsewhere. But if you just want to mindlessly fap to busty hentai sluts, then this is the game for you! Check it out on Steam today!

BestPornGames Likes Sakura Swim Club
  • A fully voiced cast of hot waifus
  • A 10+ hour-long game full of romance
  • Dozens of uncensored, HD hentai illustrations
BestPornGames Hates Sakura Swim Club
  • A shallow gameplay experience
  • Your decisions don’t really matter