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Updated on 15 January 2020
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School Of Lust

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School Of Lust

User Rating: 4/5
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There’s two kinds of porn RPG games, RPG Maker shit-shows and actual good games that innovate and do shit right. School of Lust is one of the latter. This is a good porn RPG with a ton of great decisions and a few weird moments that gave me some what-the-fuck moments. The game’s funded through Patreon, so there’s always an army of loyal fans standing behind every update, eagerly awaiting new content. The developer is super active and bringing constant updates to this bad boy. School of Lust started out great and just kept getting better. As of right now it’s barely half done and still, it’s loaded with high quality sex scenes and a ton of story. It’s the kind of writing that really keeps things light and breezy.

School of Lust is a barrel full of laughs, plain and simple. You can tell they really wanted you to have fun with this game. On top of that, it’s maximally smutty. I mean, it is depraved as all hell. They didn’t pull any stops. The game was originally partly incest themed as well, as there are three girls that you’re dead ass related to. And, they’re arguably the horniest. However, this game is Patreon funded, so that means they had to cut all the incest out. They were not very clever about it. Your sister is now … your sister, but you’re not blood related. The main character literally says: “That’s not my sister, she just calls me bro”. Ok, whatever you say, weirdo.

Gone to School

The game starts off with you receiving an acceptance letter to a prestigious academy, on account of your great grades and all. It doesn’t take you long once you’re there to realize that everyone there has got sex on the brain. Everyone. The teachers and the students are all looking to get a piece of your cock. Plus, all of these people are hot babes. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how gigantic their tits are, they’re desperate for cock and you’re the only eligible bachelor around. On top of that, you seem to have some sort of natural charm with the ladies that never fails.

You’ll be attending class in this game and it’s where you’ll find most of the mini-games sort of sprinkled throughout the game. Like, during math class you’ll solve some basic arithmetic problems. It’s all short and sweet so it doesn’t really get in the way or anything. It’s not like you have to grind mini-games or anything. It’s just some extra cute flavor thrown in for kicks. A lot of the game is designed in this way. Cute or jokey elements are shoved in at random and they’re never intrusive. Like, at one point, I straight up met a dude that looked exactly like One Punch Man and he was a bit of a pervert. Why is this in the game? Who knows. Fuck it.

Unique Art Style

School of Lust is one of those games that really brings the A-Game when it comes to high quality original art. It’s entirely 2D and I love it that way. The artist behind this game was touched by the smut gods. Everything he touches turns to gold. Whether he’s drawing mini-boobs on a tiny schoolgirl or wrapping a giant pair of quadruple Gs in a cloth, he hits all the marks. It’s the kind of high quality art that can keep you hard for hours on end. What I find particularly fascinating is that every single babe has unique private parts. No two pairs of tits look the same.

On top of that there are some babes in School of Lust for all you perverts that look way too young to be 18. The main character’s sister deserves special mention here. Her tits say 21, but her face says 12. I don’t get the appeal for such young faces in porn gaming, but it’s definitely a trend. Hell, most of the girls in this game that are students at your school don’t look like college babes. They look like teenagers, at best. The adults are all quite adult looking; I’ll give them that. But, the girls your age all look like jailbait. Even you, the main character, look like jailbait. You have a very modest cock, the kind that you might see on an actual 18-year-old. I’ve gotten so used to giant pythons in porn games that I actually found this kind of refreshing. The girls all find it really adorable too, but like in a sexy way.

Perving Around

Whether you’re at home, out on the town or at school, you’re constantly looking for ways to perv on all the babes. You always have something better to do, like an actual main quest to follow, but pervy situations hide around every corner, much like you with your desire to strip all the chicks. So, you’ll often find yourself on the other side of gloryholes or peeping through keyholes. Then, there’s the swimming classes at school where you can’t go a full five minutes without whipping your cock out. But, in your defense, the chicks were asking for it. They’re just dying to see it.

I mean, it’s an all-girls academy, they’ve never had boys before. It’s like you’re a piece of meat thrown into a pit of ravenous cougars. They need to feast on cock and yours is the only one on the menu. This works particularly well with your character being a sort of a beta. I mean, he’s cool, but he’s tiny and inexperienced. He’s not a walking fridge with aspirations of being a Chad. He’s just an average looking tiny-ass dude with an average cock. He’s minding his own business. All the pussy just happens to fall in his lap. Such is his luck. That’s probably what I love most about this game. All the smut is a matter of luck and perseverance. You never force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Hell, even your little sister is constantly trying to barge into your room while you’re changing in order to get a peek at your goods. It’s like they took the standard Japanese pervert trope and turned it upside down. All the women are perverts and you’re powerless to stop them from pleasuring you. What a wonderful world.

Uncover the Mystery

In between fucking every single woman with a pulse, you actually have a main story to follow and it’s all very well written. From the very beginning of the game you’ll be wondering why you ended up at the academy in the first place. Then, you’ll start to notice that a ton of the babes are acting kind of strange, like they’re hiding something sinister from you. Then, you’ll learn that quite a few babes have gone missing. Then, girls that you’ve already met will start to up and vanish and the mystery will just ramp the fuck up from there.

So, you’re racing against the clock to stop some sort of secret plot, but you don’t even know what the fuck is happening. You gather clues, sneak around town and meet all kinds of memorable NPCs in order to get to the bottom of things. This game is equal parts school life simulator, detective game and porn RPG. It has a little bit of everything. It also feels like a dating simulator at times, since the babes are a bit demanding before they actually let you have a peek at the goodies, even though it feels like they hold all the cards.

100% Worth Playing

I wholeheartedly recommend that you try School of Lust out, even though it’s not finished yet. The updates come out very frequently and what we’ve got so far is long enough that you won’t feel cheated. I mean, a ton of the core gameplay is ready and so are the sex scenes. Plus, the story is linear so you can just play up to the point that’s already been written. This ain’t some sort of buggy alpha, it’s a proper porn game that’s already ready for store shelves – and it’s entirely free, so what the fuck do you have to lose.

By the way, you can nab yourself the anti-censorship patch over on F95, if you want to restore the mother and the sister back to their original form. It’s a tiny patch, since it doesn’t do much except restore important text files. But, I personally believe that the game is sexy regardless. The whole little sister and mommy bit didn’t really do much for my boner. It’s not my flavor of pussy, to be honest. I’m just glad that we get a choice when it comes to these kinds of porn games. You wanna bang your sister? Go the fuck ahead. You wanna bang someone else’s sister? That’s very much possible as well.

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  • Not 100% ready yet