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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Seed Of The Dead

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Seed Of The Dead

User Rating: 4/5
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This is a bit of a weird one. Imagine Left4Dead, but with hentai titties all-over the place. That’s… exactly what you get with Seed of the Dead. Seriously, I could just end the review right there, but I won’t. I gotta do my due diligence and cover all the details. Suffice it to say that this is a weird game. I’m never quite sure how to address these kinds of games that mix a bunch of different genres together in never-before seen ways. I’ve seen porn shooters before, sure. But, this game is straight up a Left4Dead homage, there’s no way around it. It even has the exact same UI for fuck’s sake.

However, the models are nothing like Left4Dead, because they’re hentai babes. Yes, actual 3D hentai babes. They look like little schoolgirls with giant tits. Also, you know how the zombies in Left4Dead look like actual human beings who’ve turned feral? Yeah, that’s gone too. These bad boys look like they’re made of fleshy spaghetti, for some reason. They’re actually much scarier than your average zombie in a shooter game. On top of that, they’ve sort of forgotten the age old zombie credo of wanting to eat brains or die trying. Instead… they crave hentai pussy. No, I don’t mean to eat, I mean to bang. These guys remind me of me. I too would go feral if I go without pussy for more than a day. So, in a way, this is a sad story.

It’s Left4Dead, Ok?

Seriously, it’s Left4Dead, I’m not going to stop saying this. I can’t believe they actually managed to get Seed of the Dead on Steam, but hey, they pulled it off. The only downside is it doesn’t have multiplayer, which is kind of unfortunate, but I’m pretty sure I know why. The game has three babes and one dude, stuck in the apocalypse, shooting their way through a zombie horde. Well, the dude fucks the babes. I know, big surprise. Anyways, if you played this with your friends, everyone would like to be the dude and eventually you’d just get really frustrated and stop playing all-together, so, I guess that’s why this is a solo title. That aside, you get the standard Left4Dead format of episodic levels where you go from point A to point B with a bunch of zombies in-between trying to ruin all of your fun. You’ve seen it all before. There are tons of regular guns that more or less exist in real life as well as some meme material like actual fucking lightsabers. Fuck it, this game doesn’t pull any stops. In between the levels you also get some visual novel style conversations with the babes during which they’re drawn like actual 2D hentai chicks straight out of a comic book. During the gameplay, they’re 3D models.

Seed of the Dead is… kind of shit. I mean, the potential is there. The graphics are more than decent. I’ve seen worse from triple-A studios. I swear. But, the physics, oh dear, the physics. The physics are a fucking joke. You shoot a gun, it doesn’t shake. A bullet impacts with a zombie, the zombie doesn’t flinch. You hit a zombie on the head with a giant club, literally nothing happens. Someone, somewhere forgot to code in the physics for this game. But, one way or another you put lead into zombies and they go down.

The Graphics

There are three types of graphics in Seed of the Dead and they’re all mixed together with no regard to immersion. The game looks like a joke because of it. Firstly, there’s the main gameplay art that’s comprised of realistic renders of modern city environments and zombies. This entire section of the game is hyper-realistic, true to life and I enjoyed it very much. I thought they did a great job, even if they didn’t animate everything properly. The game looks like something you want to have in your Steam library.

Then, there’s the babes. They’re a part of the gameplay, they run around you and they shoot zombies alongside you. So… why in all shits do they look like they hopped a train from RapeLay and got lost in the middle of Left4Dead? Whenever they’re on screen, the game looks like a joke, because they have these bright vibrant colors and no skin textures. It looks like you’re ushering 3 plastic dolls that have come to life across an apocalyptic hellscape. They don’t feel like women; they feel like walking dildos with hair and guns. The final graphics are arguably the best, but you don’t see much of them. They’re the visual novel style drawings of the babes and they’re just standard hentai shit. You see these graphics when the babes talk to you during the cutaway sequences. There’s not much to say about this part of the game, since it’s just a bit of a break between all the action to get to know the babes and exchange some words. You don’t fuck them in the 2D scenes. That comes later.

So Much Fucking

There are multiple layers of fucking in Seed of the Dead. First up, there’s the rapes. Your babes can get raped by the various zombies throughout the game. Instead of losing the game, if you suck, one of your babes gets her clothes ripped clean off and she gets absolutely brutalized by these disgusting monsters. Each monsters comes with its own animation and since the babes are so different, you kind of want to see each of them getting dicked by each monster. It’s all part of the fun. On top of that, you get to fuck them yourself, several times over, provided you can get to that part of the story. You get through a level, they chat with you and eventually they like you so much that they let you dick them. You get a sort of interactive 3D fuck-room simulation where you can play around with the camera and a bunch of different moves. It feels a lot like those 3D sex simulation hentai games you’ve seen already. It’s pretty hot, or rather, it would be, if the girls didn’t look like they were made of literal plastic. Their tits in particular look god awful and trust me, I’ve seen bad tits.

At the very least they moan in pleasure while you fuck them, but it’s the standard hentai screaming nonsense that sounds like they’re trying to pass a large dookie. It’s not sexy. Well, except for the blue haired bitch. She actually moans like a real woman. All in all, the sex scenes that you get with them are not at all hot. They look weird and awkward and you would kind of rather be playing the shooting bits.

The Girls

At the very least you get a diverse group of girls and a couple of them are very fuck-worthy, especially the blue haired bitch. She’s got huge cans. I’m a sucker for huge cans. The pink haired cutie is also pretty decent; I would certainly wave my cock at her. But… the blonde. Jesus… the blonde. Japanese people have ruined porn games. There, I said it. The blonde is a standard hentai stereotype, in that she is 18, but she looks 8, but she also has tits, but they’re tiny. It’s like one long string of nightmares with her. Fucking her doesn’t look hot, unless you’ve got some sort of mental problems. It looks sad. You really want to protect her and get her the hell out of there. You have no reason to be fucking her.

This game had a lot of potential as a shooter and that’s probably why it made its way on Steam. But, instead of leaving it a shooter, they made it into a porn game and that’s probably where they went wrong. There’s isn’t enough porn in this game to call it a smut game. There certainly isn’t enough proper gameplay to call it a shooter. So, it’s more of a zombie nightmare, not unlike the actual zombies that you fight within.

Seed of The Dead is one of the most disappointing high quality titles I’ve ever played, which is a crying shame considering that some of the assets look damn good. Plus, the game is really optimized as far as I can tell and it runs great on my PC. There is yet another downside though. You can’t map your controls. You are stuck with the defaults. Also, playing with a controller is damn near impossible. Just as a P.S, don’t buy this game on Steam if you want uncensored smut. Due to standard Japanese law, most of the best bits are censored. Fuck that. But, if you’re just dying to play it, it’s pretty darn cheap so by all means. They’re currently working on a sequel, so you might want to check that out as well.

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