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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Seeds Of Chaos

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Seeds Of Chaos

User Rating: 4/5
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Wipe the fucking cum off your thighs and get a load of this goddamn game that I’m about to show you. But wait, let me ask this, do you have any fantasies that involve a character drowning in darkness and ends up fucking every bitch and bimbo he encounters? If you do, then wait until you start playing Seeds of Chaos. The game is a visual novel by Lord Arioch and his team of artists, animators, and writers. This is the subject of the whole fucking imagination. The game is also inspired by the twisted fantasy side of every story.

This isn’t a game where you play as a bright knight to save the world from the dark clutches of evil. Fuck that shit. Screw that trash. In this game, you’re the big bad. The game was influenced by games like Evil Hearts, The Witcher, Corruption of Champions, and the Slavemaker to show you a game in which the darkest, most perverse wishes can be met. If you’re already at the edge of your fucking seat, then let’s get straight to it. So, without further ado, let’s get this damn review down.

Shit Happens in Every Decision

The game begins intimidatingly. You support Rowan as a retiring icon. Seven years ago, you battled against the powers of evil and smoked the fuck out of the moist mantle of Alexia’s aunt. From the very beginning, you get dialog and narrative choices. And whatever you choose will influence how the game continues. This isn’t an easy point-and-click type of an adventure where all performances are the same. You’re going to come back to your wife and warn her about fake robbers and then have dessert, so you might push her and tilt the counter and deepthroat her with your fucking cock. This is what I’m fucking talking about.

Perhaps you can imagine what I have fucking chosen. After that, you’ll hear a knock at the door once you’re done fucking Alexia absurdly. In a red cloak, some mysterious babe calls news of bandits capturing her daughter. You go to save the kid, naturally, and that is when stuff gets to the edge.

Brutally Erotic Sex Scenes

It is a fucking trap, so when the town is burnt to the ground, you are swarmed by Orcs and shit. The kid was one of the two daughters of a major bad devil you killed 7 years before, a long story short. She turns up and robs Alexia, to compel you and her brother to do their work. And here, in fact, you can choose your reasons or even try to refuse them if you feel fucking tough. I won’t ruin all the fun shit that happens, but I know your decisions will affect the direction of the game.

Uh, yes, so either the male or the female demon must be forced to fuck to seal the alliance. I don’t know why. All I know is, in this game, the sex scenes are fucking awesome with its artworks. Really, I’ve never seen such a brilliant art of a game. Yeah, anywhere on a wall, I should see this stuff framed; it’s just that fucking good. And this is not just “perfect for hentai.” It is such a wonderful piece of art in general. It’s incredible.

Bursting with Fetish Content

It’s quick and easy to view all the hentai scenes and constantly tricksome. The game isn’t voice, but it isn’t necessary, frankly. The conversation is steamy. The painting is not filtered, and you may also pick what sort of immoral practice you want to perform. If you turn off kinks like cuckoldry, don’t be worried because when these scenes occur, you can turn them on or off. I know that in real life, you have to deal with it enough to not need to sit and watch your wife get ravaged.

After the devils have all this kinky sex, you’re going to explore the world, Rosaria. This is the main loop for gameplay. You explore, meet, get corrupted, and return to the castle to rest or be raped by a sibling of the demon. Each week you have a range of blocks on your map so, as long as you obey your instructions, it is up to you to find stuff. Otherwise, that could imply a game over if you don’t. Save your game many times, or you have to quickly click a hundred lines of dialogue.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s fucking do this shit. Let’s start with the basic shit that I absolutely loved about the game, and that’s the motherfucking erotic scenes. The game’s graphics are pretty basic; however, it doesn’t cover the fact that the developers really managed to focus on the fucking sex scenes. I’m quite surprised, to be honest. Moreover, I can’t help but notice that the dialogue is well-written. Yeah, I know, there are errors here and there if you’re the type to really read it all. Still, it’s actually not that noticeable if you just focus on the penetration of a dick into a pussy.

Furthermore, I loved the game even more because it’s not just one of those idiotic porn games that go straight to the sex scenes and do not bother any form of foreplay whatsoever. The game actually does have some good writers behind it that resulted in it being really playable. Not to mention that the developers of the game managed to add some intrigue into it, thus making the overall gameplay quite engaging. So, are you ready now? To play the fucking game, of course. If you are, get ready to take part in an adventure in which your character falls from its heroic acts and does the bidding of evil. Of course, the character goes on a sex rampage, adding to its already lustful experience. Oh, wait. Did I mention that this game is free? Well, now you fucking know that it’s fucking free to play.

My Recommendations for Improvements

If you’re asking me, this game is already as perfect as it is, knowing that this game was purposefully made. Duh! I’m not some fucking idiot that would ask for something stupid like wanting a 2-D game converted into 3-D… Okay, only a little. Regardless, there are still some things in the game that I want to improve. Firstly, I have previously mentioned that the game is quite wonderful in regards to the writers of the game; however, I can’t help but notice the grammatical errors in it. It’s not noticeable to some people, but you’ll be able to see after playing it over and over again. It’s not that big of a deal to some people, but it is to me.

Furthermore, let me take this time to specifically mention that in-game map of the game. This is a role-playing game, of course, there’s a fucking world map. But I’m not complaining about that, I want it improved as there’s a lot of shit in it that I want to change such as the clustering of the elements. You don’t have to stack all the elements together in a fucking map, it’s too fucking small and annoying to look at. Not to mention that it gives players a hard time looking at it. Moreover, the graphics really need some polishing. I know the game is already good to the eyes of the average bastard. Still, I personally feel that it needs some fucking magic done into it.


I enjoy the game and the dimension of Rowan. He was not only portrayed as the hero and a legend but also a villain who got used and manipulated by some fucking bitches. The ongoing battle of becoming the very monster he once fought was fucking awesome. Aside from fucking bitches, I admired that this game has monthly updates. Moreover, Something that cries for perfection is tough to tell. So far, there have been bugs in the game; however, the game is regularly updated. Not to mention that it served with dark fantasy, fetishes, kinks, and other lustful satisfaction that keeps you rooted and enchanted for hours.

Ultimately, you must try to fucking play this game. So, why not go ahead and acknowledge this, I know for all the fucking weebs out there that you fantasize about manipulating the hot babes to your will. One game that can satisfy your lust is the Seeds of Chaos, it is a high-quality game that is worth playing for hundreds of hours. There’s a fuck-ton of pornographic scenes full of fetish and over half a million words of romantic descriptions. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing with your lives if you are not running over and playing this game now. Ditch your lame-ass flash game and think about the consistency of the Seeds of Chaos. I would definitely rate this damn game a solid 4 out of 5 fucking stars.

BestPornGames Likes Seeds Of Chaos
  • High-quality erotic scenes
  • The writing of the dialogue is good
  • The gameplay is intriguing and quite engaging
  • Be the antagonist and have a lustful experience
  • It's FREE!
BestPornGames Hates Seeds Of Chaos
  • Some grammatical errors here and there
  • The in-game map is quite confusing
  • Graphics needs some polishing