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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sex Gangsters

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Sex Gangsters

User Rating: 3/5
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Sex Gangsters is a Casual Idle Game about Running a Kinky Sex Empire

I love kicking back and watching old-school mafia and gangster flicks. The dudes in those movies are always surrounded by the hottest pieces of ass on the planet. Plus, they can take that pussy and pound it whenever the fuck they want. Who is going to say no to a powerful mob boss with money, drugs, and power? Fucking nobody. Don’t get me wrong, I’m leagues better than you cucks when it comes to getting laid. I’ve got bitches knocking at my door at all hours of the night just to feel my pecks. But, man, there’s always a bigger fish. These dudes are on a whole different level. They probably attract any horny, drug-addled sluts within a 10-mile radius of them.

Why am I going on about gangsters? Don’t worry, I’ve always got a decent reason. This time it’s because I found I freemium sex game based around the mafia/gangster aesthetic. It’s an in-browser game called Sex Gangsters. You can find it over at It’s that fucking easy. I’m not sure exactly how long the game has been around, but the site has been around since 2013. I’d hazard a guess that this shit has been playable for five or so years. Not too fucking bad for a free browser game. And they still manage to bring in over 200 thousand of you horny bastards every single month.

Play the Full Game in Your Browser Window with Zero Downloads

This shit is so straightforward that even the dumbest fucks amongst you should be able to understand it. You play as this dude who is the son of a gangster boss. Your dad has been plowing pussy and fucking sluts for as long as you’ve been alive. He’s built up a veritable empire of whores. Now it’s your turn. He’s not handing it down to you. It’s not going to be that fucking easy. He gives you a single slut and tells you to go off and make him proud.

You get a pretty succinct tutorial that walks you through every step of the game. I’m glad they have one because there’s a lot of shit going on here. It all happens so fast that you really have to stop and make sure you know what the fuck you’re doing. Your job is to go across the planet and meet hot babes that you bring back to your sex den of degeneracy. Each meeting with a slut has multiple steps where you’ll have to take them on dates, buy them shit, and then fuck their brains out.

Meet & Fuck Hot Babes and Recruit them to Your Growing Empire

The more babes you get the more you can upgrade your empire. It’s all about bringing in that sweet, sweet dosh. You also need dosh and gold to buy items that let you further those individual steps I was talking about earlier. Each meeting will require a whole slew of items that you need to buy on the spot to proceed. And this is how they get you with the premium currency. You’ll be happily clicking away when all of a sudden the game will stop. Fuck! You’re out of gold/energy/cash. You can either wait and do a bunch of busywork to get that shit, or you can hurriedly plug in your mom’s credit card number to keep fapping.

They really nail that shit home with how the game’s visuals are presented. It’s all one big comic with multiple panels. These panels get kinkier and more fetish-filled the further you get into each scene with any given slut. You could get cock-blocked right in the middle of your fap sesh if you don’t dish out that dosh fast. Man, that’s goddamn diabolical, to say the least. I could definitely see how loads of you betas could get roped into this predatory microtransaction system.

A Solid Time-Killer where there’s Always Something to do

This is the kind of game that can keep you busy for hours. I actually do mean that in a good way. Sure, it’s not a very deep or complex game. But it’s damn good at being a time-killing idle game. There’s always a task to accomplish. Run out of energy? You can spend in-game cash on dressing up your characters or modifying their living areas. There are collectibles to find, places to visit, fights to win, and so much more. You could have this shit running in your browser window all day and have something to fuck around with every few minutes. In that sense, the game is designed pretty well.

Fans of comic/toon style will like the overall visual design of Sex Gangsters. Like I said above, every scene is done in a comic style. It reminds me of those older-school adult comics that were really popular, well, back in 2013. I guess that makes sense being that this game supposedly launched right around then. I’m not huge on it. Sure, it’s raunchy as all fuck. But everything is a little too stylized and exaggerated for my taste. All the dicks and tits are outrageously huge and a little too detailed. But that’s just my opinion on it. It’s still some well-done artwork that isn’t lazy or anything.

Uncensored, Comic-Style Sex Scenes Full of Fetish Content

There’s no real separation between the general visuals and the sex scenes. Every scene in this game is more often than not a sex scene. Hey, I’m not fucking complaining about that. I wish more games focused on the porn side of things as much as this title does. Every panel will be fully uncensored and full of all of the hot fucking that you could imagine. Enjoy gangbangs, blowjobs, facials, anal, and much more.

Though I hated that there isn’t any audio in this game whatsoever. No music. No menu sounds. No sound effects. Fucking nothing. I’d at least like there to be some hot moaning and sound effects during these raunchy sex scenes. Talk about a buzzkill. I wonder if there used to be sound and they took it out or something. It just doesn’t fucking add up. I hope that someone there reads this and adds that shit back it. It would make the game so much more enjoyable to play.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It’s a damn good time-killer. You can whittle away days and weeks playing this game without ever finding an end in sight. If that’s the kind of experience that you’re looking for, then this is the game for you. There are always missions to do, babes to fuck, and collectibles to unlock. It’s a completionist’s fucking nightmare. Just make sure that you login and make an account, otherwise, you might go to the site to find that all of your progress has been lost. Don’t clear those cookies!

I liked the comic approach. I may not have been huge on the art style, but it was a pretty creative twist on your usual idle game. The art is expertly crafted in a toon style that most of you cucks will probably enjoy. And, man, this title is jam-packed with quality fetish content at every turn. Once you get deeper into the game, you’ll start unlocking the really kinky sluts. I’m talking loads of BDSM scenes. It’s fucking fantastic.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Add in sound. Any sounds at all. I simply don’t understand how you’re going to have a 7+-year-old game with no fucking sounds in it. There are no music tracks or sound effects at all. It’s this awkward, total silence all throughout the game. I’d take some royalty-free shit at this point. I also wish that the game didn’t push its microtransactions so hard. It’s certainly not the worst offender that I’ve seen over the years, but they really do toe the line of being obnoxious about it.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Sex Gangsters will keep you casual gamers busy. Those of you looking for a laid back experience that won’t take a lot of attention to play will be happy with what this game has to offer. The more intense gamers out there might get bored with this shit quickly. Don’t come into this game expecting an expansive story with dynamic characters and complex mechanics. It simply isn’t trying to be that. If a casual, fappable game sounds up your alley, then head over to and give it a shot in the comfort of your browser.

BestPornGames Likes Sex Gangsters
  • An easy-going, casual idle game
  • Comic-style visuals with loads of fetish scenes
  • Completely uncensored sex scenes
  • A free-to-play browser game
BestPornGames Hates Sex Gangsters
  • No audio whatsoever
  • Microtransactions