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Updated on 15 January 2020
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We are well away from the halfway mark of 2020. I must say that the internet has come a long way when it comes to 3D sex simulators, especially the ones that come from some random website online. I have dabbled a little in the field of 3D sex simulators as well, but Sex World 3D is cut above the rest. Believe me when I say so, my friend. Though I am no connoisseur, I think I have enough qualifications to be reviewing something like this.

Sex World 3D is probably one of the best sex games for the 3D simulators and that field. With the title being as it is, I probably don’t need to point it out, but for the idiots with 2 brain cells: Sex World 3D is an adult sex simulator! It is filled with pornographic content that allows you to freely manipulate what is going on in the scene. You’re basically creating your own porno scene, without having to actually “create” it. Is that understood?

I mean, it’s nothing like your top-tier pornographic producers like Brazzers or BangBros. Still, hey, at least this time, you get to make your own sexual fantasies with the very dream girls that you created! It’s creations on creations with Sex World 3D. I also appreciate their claims and efforts to make their software and creations as close to real-life as possible because that will just up the users’ satisfaction. Especially when they have to pay for the game.

A Fully Interactive Simulator

Sex World 3D is simply an executable application that you have to pay for online for a small fee of $20 monthly. It’s quite a small price to pay for the excellent service and experience it provides. I’m not bullshitting when I tell you that. With a fuckton of customization options, it’s impossible for you to not enjoy that aspect, it’s similar to creating your own RPG character, only this time you actually get to fuck the shit out of them.

Yeah, that’s right, a lot of fucking customization. Everything from your character’s facial features, appearance, body build, sex appeal, clothes, and a whole lot fucking more. Suppose I keep talking too much about this element of the customization – if that’s the case, I’ll be here way too long and probably exceed my word count. With the diverse customization, then you’re sure to be able to construct your own dream woman, and that’s without the sex yet!

The whole creation process was made really simple, as well. Thanks to that user interface, without that being simple and straightforward, you’re going to be stuck creating the avatar instead of actually getting to fuck them senseless. You’re not really going to get all of that virtual vagina wrecked if you’re in that create-a-character screen, are you? You’re not! Because your perfectionist ass thinks that the lady you’ll be fucking has to be pixel perfect.

Creating a model with Sex World 3D was way easier than all of the other previous sex simulators that I’ve online. Probably the best sex game when it comes to the control I get over the character creation, models, and scenes. The other sex simulators I used just felt like premade generic models just fucking each other, which didn’t arouse me as much.

Be In Complete Control

If you are a dominatrix, you have this characteristic to always want to have control over the woman you’re with. Still, you can’t really do it if you’re a lonely fucker who has no social skills, now can you? That’s where Sex World 3D will come in because they are here to give you that control over a woman, albeit a virtual one. This time, we actually mean complete control because she literally won’t do anything unless you set the controls for the character model.

Being in control of an extremely alluring and erotic woman gets fucking better. The graphics that you can dominate those bitches are all in HD! That’s right, Sex World 3D advertised that their application is actually compatible with 4k quality and damn, did they really deliver with that statement. Everything being 4k took me for a spin because that’s the whole thing that made me believe that this is actually one of the best sex games.

So how do you actually control what goes on in the scene? There’s this little thing called a remote control, you know, like the ones you use to change channels on TV. Only this remote control in on the screen, and it allows you to control the animations and sex scenes rather than just channels. You’re also able to interact with anything going on in the scene, so it’s not just your typical, generic generated scenes. Your fav sex positions and more, bitch!

The Different Membership Deals They Offer

Sadly, you don’t get any of these amazing content for free – which is quite understandable when we’re talking about the sheer greatness of what Sex World 3D has to offer. Though there is a paywall to get access to the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the developers are just greedy pigs who want to horde all of your money. A well-crafted product has to be correctly compensated for with money, correct? That directly applies to Sex World 3D.

It doesn’t cost that much to buy a membership to the Sex World 3D website. The cheapest you could go for is just $19.95 or just $20 rounded up. Which is pretty great if you ask me because that’s about on-par with all of the other virtual sex simulators on the market. However, with Sex World 3D, you actually get a bang for your buck, as they say, because of the great features that you get all packed into a low price of $20 – though you have to pay monthly.

There’s the 3-month offer and the 12-month one, but I’m sure you’ll be pretty satisfied with the game in just one month. Since you have a month to play around with the entire game, you should definitely take your sweet, sweet time with it because there’s nothing better than unraveling your work and merely basking in its pure and utter greatness. That’s only if you made something that wasn’t actually hot garbage and the like.

What I Like About Sex World 3D

There were quite a bit of things that I liked when it came to using Sex World 3D. Let’s start by talking about the damn good content that they have. It’s a fuckton of shit to go through, but that makes it so much better since you have a lot of options to manipulate when creating. Their content is what actually makes the whole experience better since you’re not stuck with a lot of the generic shit that other virtual sex simulators give you.

The way they present these contents is commendable as well. It’s a great way to keep all of the users interested and definitely always extremely aroused. I mean I couldn’t wait to try out the sex scene that I made. That creation to experience link is definitely the bridge that makes me think that Sex World 3D is definitely one of the best sex games I’ve played – regarding the genre of virtual sex simulators. I have played quite the number just to review them.

Though the experience of using Sex World 3D is definitely way off comparing it to the experience you get when you’re actually having sex in real life, it’s not that bad. The immersive experience was definitely enjoyable. With the graphic quality supporting 4k, it made the whole experience better for me. Pair the graphics with their smooth animations and incredibly hot women. That’s a surefire way for you to ejaculate almost every time.

What I Don’t Like About Sex World 3D

Finding something that I didn’t like when it comes to Sex World 3D is a hard task for me since I pretty much liked everything that they threw at me. I didn’t have time to really find anything annoying or aggravating when it came to the game since I was too busy having a great time playing around with it. That just adds to the fact that I believe that this game is definitely one of the best sex games for me, definitely on my list.


Wrapping up my whole schpiel of reviewing Sex World 3D, I’d have to give my verdict, correct? Well, my verdict for this virtual sex simulator is overwhelmingly positive. Something that you should definitely try out, only if you have the funds to do so. If you’re like me and don’t necessarily see yourself use it for a long time then I’m sure the $20 monthly subscription would be the best fit. I give Sex World 3D a solid 4 out of 5.

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  • Outstanding graphics.
  • Smooth animations.
  • High customizability.
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  • A small number of animations.
  • A monthly subscription as a paywall.