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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sim Brothel 2

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Sim Brothel 2

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What the fuck is up, low-life virgins? Yeah, you read that right, low-life virgin because I have another highly informative review about an adult game to help you get through life. I’m almost sure that you have no sex life and experience with any woman whatsoever, given the fact that you do nothing all day but watch and play porn while you masturbate. Don’t worry, though, because the game I’m about to show you will provide you with a similar experience. With all of that to keep in mind, the game’s title is Sim Brothel 2.

Sim Brothel 2 is a 2D adult role-playing game with a top-down oblique camera angle filled with big tits, anal sex, blowjobs, and all the hentai fucking you crave. You can finally turn your sexual fantasies into a reality with the classic gameplay of Sim Brothel 2. Although the game isn’t in the typical modern 3D artwork that we have now, the game developers worked so hard to make sure you perverted bitches have fap-worthy content. You can also have a good night’s sleep while cuddling your life-sized sex dolls in your mom’s basement.

What makes Sim Brothel 2 interesting is that you don’t have to spend a fucking dollar since the game is free-to-play. I know what you’re thinking. Since you do nothing all day but fap to 2D girls, you don’t have a single dollar on you, which makes your single life easier. One thing you should take note of when playing the game is that you’re going to be handling the brothel. Of course, owning a brothel is one of the jobs you imagine doing because there’s plenty of horny women surrounding you every day. With all of that shit in mind, grab hold of your dicks and start stretching your balls because we’re going to start this highly enticing review.

Managing a Brothel

When you think about managing a brothel, you think that you’re going to have to take care of women and keep them comfortable as they do their jobs. Sadly, that isn’t the case with Sim Brothel 2. Although the game has a brothel management mechanic, you have to take up quests and party with other non-playable characters to unlock plenty of shit to benefit your brothel. With that in mind, you have to take quests and missions aside from managing a brothel to expand your business and recruit more women.

You shouldn’t forget that the game is a sex simulation, which means you’re ought to learn a thing or two about how to fuck women in real life. But, in Sim Brothel 2, you can consider all the smut as a reward behind all the RPG experience because the gameplay is more on fighting monsters, upgrading your gear, and buying shit for your brothel. Another benefit of taking missions and quests is that they reward you with women for your brothel, but it also doesn’t mean that you’re bound to get one every time.

If you’re ever tired of taking missions and quests to get more women for your brothel, you can always go to the slave market and have the horny slaves work for you. Did I also mention that they provide you with sexy images of women after finishing a quest? No? Well, they do. I must say that the pictures aren’t fap-worthy material because I can find all those hentai images from the internet. The game developers should think of a better reward system because hentai images are too fucking ordinary.

Challenging Quests

The challenging quests highlight Sim Brothel 2 since there is plenty of shit you have to do in a single quest. When you think of top-down RPG games, you frequently have to move around from one place to another while collecting and searching for items that’ll help you with your quests. Those are the type of shits you have to accomplish in Sim Brothel 2. They’re challenging because they reward you with women for your brothel, the game developers can’t give you run in the mill tasks.

Besides the challenging quests, you also have to work hard to make your character stronger because there are certain classes you pick that come with spells. The spells, combat skills, and items are the only way for you to fight monsters and greedy bitches that get in the way of you and your brothel. Remember, your other goal is to have the best brothel in town, which means there will always be competition around you.

Traits and Jobs

Traits and jobs are also crucial for your brothel, an exciting feature in Sim Brothel 2. The reason being is that the traits and jobs aren’t for you, but your women. The benefits of traits are that they provide you with various bonuses that could enhance your skills for a short period. The only way for a woman from your brothel to acquire unique traits is if they successfully work a job. Moreover, gaining a trait is also not that easy; it will require a particular woman to complete a job multiple times before they gain a specific trait.

Another problem with traits is that you won’t know what trait your woman will acquire. The acquired trait will depend on their jobs and the conditions they’re in a while doing their job. For instance, there’s an Independent trait that they could randomly learn from a job. The Independent trait’s disadvantage is that you can’t order the woman around and will tend to refuse your requests. The only way for you to get rid of the woman’s trait is to send her to a dungeon for an extended time.

On the other hand, a woman could also learn the Love to fight trait, which helps you gain more stats after a battle. The only way for a woman from your brothel to acquire that particular trait is by sending them to a job that requires them to guard something.

Active Community

One thing perverted fuckers look for in a game is an active community where they can learn and gather information from other perverted fuckers who’re experts at the game. Thankfully, Sim Brothel 2 has a vibrant community where they communicate and state problems about the game through Tapatalk. Although the forum consists only of over 2,000 members, you’ll find various forums such as tutorials, suggestions, bug reports, and news about the game.

The most crucial part of the Sim Brothel 2 forum is the frequently asked questions. The reason being is that if you’re going to play the game, you might as well head over to the forum to make sure that the game is running correctly. Moreover, the community members can also help you go through specific bugs that they went through before. You’ll even find members there that have been posting since 2013. If you ever face a problem and get stuck on a particular quest, don’t hesitate to ask them questions because they will gladly help you find solutions.

What I Like About the Game

Sim Brothel 2 is an adult game that focuses more on the RPG gameplay, which I like since most RPGs nowadays feel innocent. Moreover, mixing in plenty of smuts and lots of hentai waifus makes the gameplay more exciting. The reward system is also a commendable feature because you feel more accomplished if someone rewards you with nudity and all that shit. Although the game is quite old and the interface looks dull and straightforward, Sim Brothel 2 will keep you occupied.

The active community is also an excellent bonus for the game since you can gather plenty of information and tutorials about how you’re going to get through a particular quest. Besides asking for help, you can also discuss with other members about the shit you like about the game. With that in mind, you’ll never feel alone anymore since you have an idea that you’re not the only perverted fucker playing the hentai game.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The game is old, and there are many things that the game developers need to change to make the game fun and unforgettable. Since the game is old, one that annoyed me mainly was the graphics. I came across plenty of RPGs with great graphics even though they’re old. I’m confident that the developers can do something about it, given that their community is currently active. On the other hand, the interface also needs a lot of work because the color and design look terrible. The interface ruins the mood and makes it feel like you’re playing the game with no energy.


Overall, Sim Brothel 2 is a fun game where you work as a brothel owner while battling monsters and taking quests to gather more women to work for you. Although the game needs a lot of improvement due to the bugs, poor graphics, and dull interface, improving the game on those factors can provide you excellent gaming experience. I highly recommend that you give the game a shot because you can find anime and hentai characters that you might have seen before.

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  • Plenty of women surrounding you
  • Unique combat system
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  • Has a lot of bugs
  • Game developmentā€™s slow
  • Dull user interface