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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hear ye, hear ye, you filthy weeaboo disappointments! I’m sure this isn’t the first time and certainly will not be the first time you came across a very ambiguous game title from a website that houses nothing but the best sex games, right? Such is the case with what we have to present to you today, SimGirls. Judging from the title, you’d guess that it’s kind of similar to TheSims games that you love and are familiar with, or so one would think.

Well, I do have to tell you that you are utterly mistaken and that this game is nothing like the one that you have in your head. SimGirls is an adult game where you can actually be the alpha male that you wish you are. This game actually makes you think that you are a man worth fucking and one that has a high value when it comes to women, not like the shy little bitch boy you are right now who can’t even talk to women for the sake of his own life.

Anyways, I’m sure that you’ll come to love SimGirls as I have because this game is actually the shit. Not necessarily a masterpiece perse, but it is incredibly enjoyable because it did a great job of hooking me on to it, so I’m sure you’ll be the same. I mean, sure, it doesn’t have the best art design or art style, nor does it have the best game mechanics, but the storyline is sure up there to please. There are 4 maidens to fall in love with, which you’ll more about later.

What My First Thoughts On SimGirls Were

I have already mentioned it in that last paragraph, where SimGirls isn’t particularly outstanding in the field of artworks nor game mechanics. Still, the story writing element is definitely there. You start off with a rather plain and basic character creation screen where you can choose what your personality trait will be like – choose between Criminal, Playful, Intelligent, or Casual. The first three excel in one stat but suck in the other; Casual is just your average Joe that doesn’t really excel in anything.

Once you’re done with the whole character selection and name choosing, then you start off like any typical shoujo manga scene in your room where you get woken up by your childhood friend. I can’t definitely say that I’m a huge fan of the vintage-looking art style that the developer used but honestly, I’m actually quite fond of it’s use in this game. The game’s quality makes it feel like its old – in a good way, and the art just supports that.

Like any dating simulator type game, you start off as a beta cuck little shit that can’t even talk to many women. You start off with low stats for everything – charm, strength, and intelligence. This means that you can’t even muster the courage to strike a casual conversation with a girl. Don’t fret, you mongrel, it only feels that way for the first 5 days or so because you can’t even interact with the girls much, so you need to rack up some stat points and money.

Like I said earlier, SimGirls is like your typical shoujo manga, where there are plenty of love interests for the main character and, of course, a rival that is just an absolute prick who thinks the world revolves around him, a rich fucker named Ryuji. You get your childhood friend Ami, the campus crush with daddy issues, Tomoko, the wholesome shy-type gymnast Kotomi, and the overly-seductive lesbian teacher Akira. Pretty sure you’ll like that character round-up.

The Actual Storyline Of SimGirls

Speaking of vintage manga and whatnot; if you’re a fanatic of the older and more classic side of manga, then I’m sure you’ll come to see a familiar face among the characters. The thing with SimGirls is that its kind of a play-off on the original series of DNA2, which was released at around 1993 or 1994. If you’re familiar with the plot of DNA2, then I’m sure you’re going to notice how the two have quite the same plot – admittedly quite basic, though.

Since you are a loser with a shy personality(already highlighted quite the number of times earlier), this would then be the futuristic girl’s cue to go back in time to stop you from potentially becoming a “mega-playboy.” This futuristic girl is named Karin(another play-off of the original DNA2. She does this whole time-traveling because you will be one of the leading causes of the world’s overpopulation in the future. Highly unlikely, to be honest.

Her solution to stop you from becoming a big problem in the future? Well, it’s to shoot you. It’s a quick and easy solution and completely eliminates you from this said future that you will cause problems in. Though she doesn’t shoot you with a bullet that ultimately kills you, it’s some sort of DNA bullet that just rearranges your DNA that will turn you into an average person. Keyword, average. If you weren’t average before then, you are now!

After playing the game close to completion, I can confidently say that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing SimGirls. I already mentioned that I’m not huge into vintage manga and anime, but the whole shtick of me playing the game and searching for the references was pretty cool. The storyline was pretty great being paired with the entire dating simulator theme. It was a cool take creating a vintage/modern dynamic.

You know what the aspects of dating simulators I’m talking about, right? You have stats that you can improve by incorporating specific tasks into your daily routine to make it easier to attract those around you. You have the whole intelligence, strength, and charm stuff that makes it easier to fight(to earn money) and talk to the ladies without being a pussy. Charm and intelligence actually help you with your job downtown and your exam scores.

It wouldn’t really be a dating simulator if you can’t actually take the girls out on dates, right? Right. You can only do so after reaching a certain point of relationship with the girls, sort of like a close friend or a best friend status. The mechanic to take them out on dates is by talking to them, and they tell you what day they are free throughout the weekdays(which is numbered 1-5). Oh, did I mention that you have to the number inputting thing when you answer their questions, where it’s just multiple choice? Well, that’s how it is.

What I Liked in SimGirls

I loved the dynamic they created. They mixed the more vintage-styled artwork with the more modern routine of dating simulators. Don’t get confused though, it does still feel somewhat like a janky game where the game doesn’t really have smooth animations nor high-effort structures and backgrounds. You’ll look past those little things and come to enjoy the game as a whole. At least that’s what happened to me.

You actually get to become more than a little bitch boy and interact with ladies or maybe even bring them out to dates. Something you could only dream of doing unless you want to change that. So what am I referring to? Well, the game gives you lots of freedom to do whatever, as long as you have the right amount of stats and lots of money to spend on whatever the fuck you want to spend on.

My Recommendations For Improvement

Being an older game, created by a small team, I wouldn’t doubt that there are plotholes somewhere or sequences that occur out of place. You’ll know what I’m talking about as soon as you start playing the game for yourself. There are events in your calendar that don’t have any background information like you attending a car show where all of the girls from your school use your judgment to determine the winner. I got lost here.

So maybe they can add a little something to make sense of those events, like your childhood friend Ami inviting you to go because she wants you to see her in her outfit as well as your other classmates. A dialogue exchange or two would have been nice, but alas, you just have to piece those scenes together.


I’d say that SimGirls definitely had one-up over its competitors at the time because the game honestly has a great storyline with the gameplay to back it up, even if it’s just a little. All of the references made in SimGirls actually made me search for what happened in the original DNA2, and researching for stuff is something I love to do, so that was a big up from me. SimGirls does make you work extra for the sex scenes, but they are pretty good. 3.5 out of 5.

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  • Passable animations.
  • Well written storyline.
  • The vintage art style makes it unique.
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  • Feels a little janky.
  • There are some plot holes.