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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sin VR

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Sin VR

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Here we fucking are again with this 3D adult virtual reality games bullshit. I’m not exaggerating one bit, these types of games keep on coming. Don’t get the wrong idea. I have a thing or two for 3D adult games. But, I’m disgusted by the fact that there are game developers nowadays who switch to 3D gameplay that focuses more on the gameplay than the graphics. It’s fucking awful. Weirdly enough, I’m getting fond of these mediocre 3D adult virtual reality games because some of them utilize different sex elements into one game.

The game I’m about to show you is a 3D game full of lust, roleplay, BDSM, furry, big tits, MILFS, and all the sexy fetish you can imagine. If you’re a blind fucktard and have no clue as to what game it is, it’s Sin VR. Sin VR is an interactive 3D animation game with virtual reality that allows you to immerse yourself in a sinful game while looking at this horny sluts 360-degree angle. You can even purchase more virtually real girls that you’ve always dreamt of teasing, fucking, and spanking.

If the introduction of this review is enticing you alone, wait until we dive deeper into it. Before all the fun starts, you should keep in mind that the game is somewhat free-to-play and not. You have to purchase the monthly unlimited membership to gain full access to the content, sex positions, and scenes, and slut editor. I assure you that this highly enticing review can make you cum before you even have the chance to play it. So, without any delay, let’s start this sinful review.

Initial Impressions of Sin VR

You’ll need a fast internet connection when downloading the game because it will directly install the game using your browser. Moreover, you’ll need a somewhat medium system requirement in your desktop for smoothness whenever you hook your virtual reality headsets. If you visit, they stated that the game only supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Mixed Reality. If you own any other Oculus headsets, you’re better off playing using your keyboard and mouse.

If you’re a miserable bastard that can’t afford a decent desktop, you can also download the Android version of the game. SinVR also mentioned that they no longer support the game for Android, but they still provide you the link for the download. A significant disadvantage of playing SinVR on your Android smartphones is that the virtual reality feature can only work on CardBoard. With that in mind, you won’t experience the full potential of Sin VR’s 3D immersive virtual reality experience.

You can also find more information about Sin VR girls on their website or their Patreon page. What makes these girls interesting is that each girl has a unique personality and voice actress. Moreover, they also put a lot of effort into adding new girls regularly to make sure sinners have the best immersive, sexual experience. Going back to their website, you can purchase the girls separately or by bundle, in which I recommend you buy the bundle to save a bit more money.

Rest assured, all the girls you’ll find in Sin VR include MILFs, nurses, superheroines, villains, Disney princesses, cowgirls, video game characters, and characters from popular series. SinVR went extra with each girl because of their tech and features such as facial expressions when spanked, boob jiggling, hip controls, realistic skin shaders, and more. The game developers added in terms of tech and features in the girls to have practical sexual experience is truly a commendable feat.

Plenty of Sexy Content

When it comes to the free version of the game, you can go ahead and download it from Steam. What makes the free version of Sin VR unique that sets it apart from other game rivals is that the free version has a full ready-made scene about a cowgirl in a cowboy bar. The cowgirl you’ll be fucking in that bar is a horny, busty slut that’ll make you want to fuck her in many different ways until she reaches an uncontrollable orgasm. Keep in mind that you don’t have this kind of experience with other free versions of porn games.

Sin VR has a ton of content depending on the girl you purchased from their website, and you have full control of this slut. You can turn her into your sex slave or your cum dumpster. Everything is at the palm of your hand. You can even use sex tools if you want to go to the BDSM side of the game. Keep in mind that the game is Sin VR, which means it allows you to make your wildest fantasies come true, and your truest desires to become wild. Although each girl would cost you ten bucks, playing the free version from Steam should help you decide whether it’s worth purchasing the full entry membership.

When it comes to the girls, you should head on to their website and look at their sinful bundles of sin. Purchasing bundles allow you to buy multiple girls in different outfits and appearances along with a special discount. You won’t even have to purchase the membership. I recommend that you buy the sinful bundle of joy and the fearful bundle of sin. Why do you ask? The sinful bundle of joy allows you to fuck a gothic chick, a furry, the cowgirl, and a horny slut that looks similar to Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

Purchasing the sinful bundle of joy alone already provides you four different fetishes, mainly Western, mythical, goth, and furry. Imagine buying the fearful bundle of sin; you’ll get a slut parody of Harley Quinn, a crazed undead nurse, and a horny vampire woman. From the two bundles alone, you already have a massive combination of sexy content, if you know how to combine them with various scenes. Keep in mind that you have full control over what’ll happen in Sin VR, either you make everything steamy and pleasurable or follow the basics.

The Virtual Reality Experience of Sin VR

It would be exceptionally fucking weird to have VR in the name of the game that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the game using your virtual reality devices. Moreover, it’s also evident from that the game fully supports The Vive and oculus, which means you could use other oculus headsets apart from the oculus rift. I suggest that you make the most of your virtual reality headsets when playing Sin VR because the immersion aspect of the game rises by 100-percent.

Using the Oculus Rift and the two touch controllers make the experience even better because it would feel like the 3D slut is right in front of you. If the Oculus Rift doesn’t suffice, you can also use virtual sex systems such as the VStroker and synchronize it to the game. Having the VStroker while playing Sin VR helps you sit back and relax while the automated masturbator strokes your dick, making it feel like the 3D slut is realistically doing the sex.

What I Like About the Game

Firstly, I commend the game developers’ efforts to create a game that grants you full control of the features and the sexy content. And when it comes to the free version, I appreciate the fact that they provided full-unlocked scenes of the rodeo girl. Having a full-unlocked scene for people who have no idea of what they’re going to spend their money on allows them to get the idea of the gameplay and sexual experience. With that in mind, it also prevents people from mindlessly wasting their money on a game that they would regret in the future.

I also like that the game developers had the game on their website to prevent the embarrassment of having people find out you’re playing such games on Steam. On the other hand, Sin VR also has a mobile version for those poor fuckers who can’t afford the expensive virtual reality devices and a powerful desktop. But, for those who have access to virtual reality devices and virtual sex systems, they will never regret performing such sinful acts in Sin VR.

My Recommendation for Improvements

Sin VR has plenty of room for improvement because, from the way I see it, it is far from complete due to the low-quality graphics and texture bugs. What I don’t like to see when playing a 3D virtual reality game is seeing the hollow insides of a character’s body. Why? It makes me feel like I’m fucking another man when the texture bugs appear as I rotate the camera and zoom in on the fucking. Moreover, the game developers should take note that it’s the year 2020. There are plenty of rival games that have better graphics and realistic textures.


Overall, Sin VR is a great porn VR game because of the amount of sexy content you’ll experience with different girls that the game provides. And, since there are many issues with the graphics and textures, the game will give a better immersive, sexual experience once they improve them. Although I don’t recommend purchasing the membership due to the expensive price tag and having to buy the girls, you should still have a go at the free version.

BestPornGames Likes Sin VR
  • Has a free version with full unlocked scenes
  • Supports various virtual reality headsets
  • Can synchronize the game with Vstroker
  • The details on the girls are reasonably good
  • Plenty of sex
BestPornGames Hates Sin VR
  • No free roaming
  • Membership is fucking expensive
  • Have to purchase girls for additional content
  • Prices for each girl are also fucking expensive
  • Mediocre graphics and plenty of texture bugs