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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Slave Lords Of The Galaxy

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Slave Lords Of The Galaxy

User Rating: 4/5
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Sex entertainment is all about fantasy, and with incels going crazy these days, we need that more than ever. Of course, there are plenty of comparatively more well-adjusted people who are horny but don’t have the time or money to get into certain carnal lifestyles.

One of those which requires a ton of time to build up trust is highly dependent on compatibility, and is going to run a lot of money is being in a BDSM relationship. And no matter how loyal and pleasing your sub or dom is, there are certain things no can do.

Like, let’s say, doing some hard dungeon fun, then hopping to a different star system to get to advanced bondage gear.

Good thing then that, thanks to the miracle of cheap programming and art software, just about anyone can make their own game. As these things often go, most independent designers and small studios don’t always make the greatest or even playable games.

Then there are those who have a knack for putting in the effort to make a quality gaming experience which is sometimes extremely erotic.

Now for the big question which requires about 1,700 words to answer: which of the two is Slave Lords of the Galaxy?

A Sequel to an Underground Indie Classics

It looks the makers of SLotG, Pink Tea Games, first released Slave Lord, a concubine/BDSM simulator set in a medieval fantasy world. From what I’ve played, some parts are hot, but nothing to write home about.

It was clearly a complete rip off of Lord of the Rings when it comes to parts of the plot. Certain sequences are extremely text-heavy, and don’t exactly read as if they were composed by Tolkien.

On the other hand, the romance and sexual components were decently made, and the game had good visuals. Still, overall this game felt more like a beta, or more accurately a warm-up to something better.

A year later, Pink Tea came out with a spiritual successor of sorts, Slave Lords of the Galaxy, which fundamentally was a sci-fi version of their first title. However, rather than be a simple reboot with a futuristic coat of paint, this game offers much more in terms of originality.

The Story Is A Bit Deep Though Sometimes a Little Convoluted

In a sense, this game has a sort of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night feel to it given the way the plot is structured. No, I don’t mean that there are any vampire demons or gigantic werewolves. I am talking about the high place that you, the player, start with only to sadly lose.

You play as a hard-working, interstellar traveling, but benevolent dom who lives on a lush, exotic planet. Starting with everything from a palatial estate to a loyal, sexy sub, you’ve got it made.

It’s from this point the game takes you through a quick, but not totally complete, tutorial. Then out of nowhere, a cadre of sci-fi ninja chicks destroy your home and attack you.

I’m not going to spoil it, but after a tragic loss, your character retreats to his spaceship and flees to the Tatooine-inspired planet of Scantor. While there, you end up getting entangled with a servant of the local monarch and the mysterious Black Order.

She gives you a new slave to train to be utterly obedient by the Day of Humiliation – but that’s only the start of a wild, kinky adventure.

As you move through story threads, you discover more about the famous Black Order you are now connected to and uncover clues as to what happened during the game’s tragic opening. As you advance, you’ll unlock new locations on this planet, and eventually, go on quests located on other worlds.

The one big catch is that it can be confusing as to where to go and what to do sometimes. The game isn’t particularly challenging, but since there is no guide or many hints, you’re going to have to just figure some things out.

That said, when it comes to action sequences – which I’ll get into later – if you do fail, the game does allow you to load from the last sequence.

Keeping With the Story There Are a Lot of Game Mechanics

Obviously, the main thrust of this game is to train your slave girl to become completely submissive. Like other games that are dating, courting, or plot-driven BDSM simulators, you have to romance and subdue your slave girl.

However, since you the player respect boundaries and your new sub is quite defiant, there are several means by which you can go about this. There are four means of interacting with your sub, the most important being Intimacy, Discipline, and casual conversation.

Conversing is broken down into romantic and sexual convo threads, which are subdivided into more complementary or dominating type language. You’ll have to choose very carefully to advance your relationship with your harem woman and drive the plot forward.

Further, you are also going to have to keep your sub happy, fed, and rested in order to earn her obedience. It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but if you stick it out, you’ll be able to virtually stick it in her.

While you do, you’re treated to a series of mini-games that are easy to play. Initially, this consists of how fast you want to hump, how long you got at it, and, when fully ‘charged’ your character cums.

Of course, once you have her trust, you can select a specific bondage training style that is on a spectrum from relaxed to harsh. As this training continues, your slave will either become a total sub, erotically well-rounded, or a completely sex-crazed nymphomaniac.

Besides training, the main way to augment this is by buying toys, lingerie, and other kinky goodies. With all of this detail, you are going to have to go on a series of fetch quests and find ways to make money.

I brought up that there are ninjas and action sequences, and no, I was not referring to the sexual situations. While it is not a true combat system, at certain points in the game, there are reflex-based action scenes. Funnily enough, the first one involves a katana-wielding warrior against your character who brandishes a dildo!

The Levels of Customizability Are Pretty Impressive

As I said, you can get new dungeon gear for your sexual encounters along with additional knickknacks to decorate your spaceship’s interior. But that’s only a few ways to tailor your experience.

At the start of the game, you can pick your character and sub’s name, the name of your spaceship, and pick a safety word. Once you get enough resources and build up trust with your sub, you can pick her hair color, pick her regular outfits, and decide want kind of underwear she’s in during sex time.

Other than the interactions with your sub, the dialogue trees with other NPCs aren’t too deep. Still, depending on how you respond to certain questions, does seem to affect the way the story goes a little.

So Here’s the Big Question: How Explicit Is Is?

The rendering of the characters is clearly based on the hentai look. And for an indie game, the characters, items, and backgrounds look amazing. Instead of only giving you glimpses like some other disappointing “sex” games, this one doesn’t hold back.

Once you acquire your slave’s trust, you can not only see her in the underwear you want but completely undressed, too.

I already talked about the sex toys you can use, and yes, they are useable during the explicit sequences. There are too many animations throughout most of the game. However, when you start unlocking BDSM encounters, there are plenty of tit jiggles, o-faces, penetrative thrusts, and even cum shots.

The Sound Design Is Decent Enough

I have noticed that when it comes to music and other audio elements, most independent games are all over the place. Some have a fantastic original music score and well-crafted sound effects. Even in the last half-decade, though, there are way too many indie titles that have almost no effort put into the sound design.

Rarely, I find some which are somewhere in the middle.

I wasn’t sure at first, but Slave Lords of the Galaxy seems to be an example of the third kind of game. Don’t get me wrong; there are musical themes throughout, which add to the experience. Further, with each click of the button, there is some kind of complimentary sound effect.

In both cases, they aren’t precisely iconic but decent to make this a well-rounded game.

Tired of the Slow Plot? Go Ahead and Cheat

I’ve hinted at it a couple of times, but it’s worth reiterating that this game does not hold your hand. Outside of the initial tutorial, figuring out how to interact with characters and unlock features can be a little taxing.

Some people really might like this challenge, especially those of you who are into these sorts fo simulators. But not everyone has the patience to go through a lengthy trial and error process to get to the good stuff. A general rule of thumb would be to go to as many locations as you can, engage in as many convos possible, then click over to your ship’s bedroom and use the Sleep function.

If things are still going too slow for you, through the menu, you can use the Cheat feature. By doing this, you can skip to one of three parts of the story and even determine what your subs temperament is.

The one downside is that some of the outfits and a few other actions are already determined for you. You also don’t get to do certain quests, which is a bit of a bummer. However, since you essentially get a bunch of free shit and can move forward a lot faster. Plus, you get to be able to enjoy the BDSM dungeon scenes a ton faster.

The Download and Online Requirements Are Reasonable

A least a good third of the games I review, at the very least, is only available on Steam or the developer’s personal website. In this case, though, you can find a few reliable and safe places to play this game online.

For instance, Newgrounds, hFlash, and GamCore are but a few places to play this game while on the web. If you are gaming online, you will only need a basic internet speed and having your Flash player updated. On top of that, this game runs on most browser applications.

Further, there are more websites that allow you to download SLotG and save them to your hard drive. I didn’t check all of them. But the ones I have looked at seem to be safe. Like always, exercise plenty of caution, and update your firewall and anti-virus software.

There Are a Couple of Language and Advancement Options

Most of the games I review are available exclusively in English and have some strict system requirements. However, like the operating requirements in the case of SLotG, this game does provide one other option for some players.

Besides English, there is a Russian version which you can get on which, as far as I know, reads just as well as the original.

The Maker Is Very Receptive to Customer Feedback

SLotG’s creator (or creators?) Pink Tea Games has continued to make even more games since their second title’s release. However, I have seen forums wherein Pink Tea talks to people and even addresses critiques and compliments. I don’t know about you, but I rarely see producers of any sort – porn directors, game makers, web designers, etc. – ever talk to their fans or critics.

I can’t be sure, but I’m still pretty sure that Pink Tea is not only continuing to take feedback on this roughly three-year-old game but is still coming out with new versions. So, if you like this game but want to see some new features or something improved, I’d suggest reaching out to Pink Tea Games through their Patreon page.

Of course, the best way to get their attention would be by becoming a contributor. However, doing so won’t break the bank, assuming you aren’t a broke wanker who can’t afford between one and five dollars a month.

Here Is My Ultimate Conclusion About This Game

All things considered, there isn’t that much to criticize about this game. That’s not to say there are more things I’d like to see more outfits to buy, more sex toys to use, and more erotic animations.

This doesn’t detract from the experience, but when it comes to sex-centered adventure stories, quantity is always appreciated. When it comes to the gaming fundamentals and the story, this game was put together with exemplary levels of quality.

If you like dating simulators, BDSM sex adventures, and have a thing for sexy science fiction scenarios, Slave Lords of the Galaxy will keep you entertained for hours. Even if only one or two of those things pique your peen, you should give this game a shot.

It is free, after all, so why not? With that endorsement, I’ll wrap things up by giving this game a good four and a half out of five hands.

BestPornGames Likes Slave Lords Of The Galaxy
  • Once you get into it, the plot is pretty in-depth and fun
  • From the outfits to toys to sex acts, this game is highly customizable
  • When it comes to the looks, this game is excellent
  • You can skip between entire sections to get to the good stuff
BestPornGames Hates Slave Lords Of The Galaxy
  • At first, the learning curve is a bit steep
  • Some might find that the plot is a little tedious
  • The music isn’t bad but not all that great