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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Slave Maker

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Slave Maker

User Rating: 3/5
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Time to review a classic. Slave Maker is a cult classic. At first I didn’t get the appeal of this game. It looks like ass, it runs like a three-wheel shopping cart and it’s made in Flash. Why would anyone ever play this game? Well, give it a few minutes until you get hooked, then try your best to stay away from Slave Maker. You won’t make it. This game has a way of reeling you in. It has the same appeal as Mugen, if you’re old enough to remember what that is. Mugen was a game engine that let you duke it out Mortal Kombat style, but with community supplied characters. That way you could finally find out if Goku could beat Superman. It was an absolute clusterfuck, but to this day it remains community made with thousands of characters that you can download for free. Slave Maker follows in the same footsteps. This game might be coded poorly in a shitty engine that is soon going to be deprecated, but it works. It works fine. You can play this game for as long as you like and you won’t run into any issues. Plus, it’s so simple and basic, it’ll run on a smart fridge. I don’t own a smart fridge, so I can’t test this, but I know they have browser capabilities, so… yeah, why would this game work? I should note that you can download Slave Maker onto your PC if you don’t want to play it in a browser and there do seem to be different versions of it, but we’ll get into that. Slave Maker is a legendary smut game masterpiece with a huge cult following and I’m about to mansplain to you why that is.

Humble Beginnings

Originally, this game was nothing more than a porn parody of Princes Maker, which … I know nothing about, because there’s no smut in it. Looks like a dumb-ass pet game. The wiki page says it was made in 1991. So… Slave Maker is a tribute to a game that was made in the eve of the 90s. So far, sounds like shit. But, whoever was behind this project had a lot of passion in their heart, namely for variety of pussy. They crammed this bad boy with a bunch of chicks that you could own and train and everything just sort of took off from there. Pretty soon, every Tom, Cock and Harry in the porn game sphere knew the name Slave Maker. The game became a staple of smut gaming. It didn’t exactly innovate. This game is simple as shit and there are countless others that came before and after it. What made it a staple was the huge range of shit you can actually do within the game and also how ridiculously replayable it is. Oh and it didn’t hurt that they loaded the damn thing with as many 2D graphics as they could find. None of them were drawn for the game, it seems, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a free game, so they can get away with using other people’s assets. Speaking of…

Celebrity Babes

Think of a random fuckable babe from a cartoon, anime or video game that came out in the past 30 years – she’s probably featured in Slave Maker. When the game first came out, there were only a handful of girls from some random ass anime cartoons that I haven’t seen because I have a life and I do not own a body pillow. But, pretty soon the developers realized that their game was perfect, so all it really needed in future releases was … more girls. So, they started adding girls. Lots of girls. Most of them were anime characters, but there were quite a few video game characters and over the years they pretty much covered the spread across all kinds of industries. They found every single sexy 2D babe that you’d actually enjoy owning as a sex slave. So, we’ve got all-stars like Bulma from Dragonball, Heather of Silent Hill fame and even random shit like Rouge from Sonic and Lois fucking Griffin. You know, the mom from Family Guy. Yeah, they got really weird with the babes they added to the game in more recent slave packs. But, as long as I get to own my very own Kim Possible, I’m not complaining. I guess the moral of the story is, it doesn’t matter what cartoon you’re from, if you’re fuck-worthy you’re up for grabs as a sex slave in this game. As a side note I’d also like to mention that you can own and bang Shinji Ikari in this game – you know, the awkward protagonist from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is the polar opposite of “my kind of lay”, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who’d like to get fucked up on awkward teen cock. There are also more than a hundred minor slaves who are named and playable, but they do not come with a lot of art and you should probably just give them a pass for the time being. I think they had to add a bunch of these because the game has you hiring assistants or whatever.

A Day in the Life of a Slave Maker

This game is built all around the concept of planning out your day and that of your slave. You go from one day to another, setting her schedule. Let me just say, the amount of shit you can have your slave do in this game is mind-blowing. There’s all kinds of tiny configurations you can make, to optimize your slave to be a perfect cock hungry whore. You think Akabur’s games had in-depth slave training? Think again. This game makes Witch Trainer look like a 2-day game jam title. So, for example, you can order your slave to work at a brothel, whoring herself out to make you money. Then, she can expose herself, put on some make up and cook your dinner, after she cleans up your home. On top of that you can send her to school, because every slave needs to know basic math, or whatever. She can learn how to be a better stripper and even attend sex classes, if you don’t think she’s fucking you well enough. Then, there’s some basic options like taking your slave for a walk, shopping for clothes and getting her hair done. You can also visit the stables in case your slave happens to also be a horse. I am not kidding; this game is that fucking complex.

Text-Based Goodness

Text-based games suck, mostly, except when they don’t. Then they’re 10/10 masterpieces. Degrees of Lewdity’s great, Corruption of Champions 2 is great and Slave Maker, well, it’s almost entirely a text-based game, but they do a great job of fooling you into thinking otherwise. You do get actual images of your slave in this game, especially when you’re fucking her. If no images are available, then the game will fetch some from other slaves, trying to keep the visuals as close as possible. So, you might get a pussy shot of Bulma, but it’s actually Tifa’s pussy. Whatever, it works. Most of the actual gameplay is text-based, though, even if you do have buttons for all the actions. It’s still all textual. You read the buttons, you press the buttons and a text dump tells you what happens next. You can’t see the change that you’re making, you have to read it. That being said, the text-based approach allowed the developers to cram in a shitton of custom situations that are so extensive I think that there’s no way to see them all in a day of playing this game. You can even skip sleep and you still won’t 100% this bad boy. And, if you want to get through the whole game with every single babe, you can forget about it. I don’t think any single human being has that kind of time. You’d sooner die of old age.

An Amazing Indie Piece

So, the game is massive and it’s in-depth. It lets you feel like an actual slave owner. Plus, it lets you define the girl’s psyche by gradually breaking down her confidence and getting her hooked on cock. You decide how that’s going to happen. You decide whether you’ll let other dudes fuck her. And, most importantly, you decide when and how you want to have her. You don’t have to ask; she’s your property. This game is a must-try for any true porn game lover. You might be turned off a bit by the retro-vibe of the graphics and the fact that it’s a Flash game, but I think that the game still holds up. Thousands of people swear by Slave Maker and to this day it’s still receiving free updates. So, check it out. You have nothing to lose and many slaves to gain

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  • Open-ended gameplay
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  • Infinitely replayable
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  • Retro vibes
  • Flash Player