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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hey idiot. You’ve been lurking around the internet for so long that you’ve come across this excellent game review of mine. I know that you think that this is just some boring game review that will waste your time. You’re probably right, but I assure you once you start reading this review, you will see that every minute that you spent on this one is very worth it and you will be thanking me in the end for the excellent news I have shared with you.

If you’re a big fan of adventure-based card games, then this one is definitely for you. SmutStone is a card game that has tons of steamy sex scenes in it. This is a hentai game, so you better expect that this shit right here is way better than the average games you always play. You get to enslave bitches in this game and watch them have sex with other characters from the game.

I find this game very interesting because it’s not the typical type of sex game you always see. Other porn games are way too easy to play, and it can become annoying sometimes because it doesn’t have tasks that challenge gamers like me. This game will surely excite you because you will need to strategize all the time if you want to achieve your goal. Reading the complete review will give you more insights as to how the game works.

SmutStone Controls

Most sex games that have an exciting storyline have complicated controls in it. This kind of issue always annoys gamers like me because we just want to have fun, but instead, we end up being confused because of the controls games like those have. The good thing about SmutStone is that the navigation process is very easy to understand, and there’s not a lot of stuff that needs to be done inside the game. You just have to read and click all the time.

What I Like About The Game

The game has excellent artwork when it comes to comic-based sex scenes it has. You can see that the game developer made a lot of effort into perfecting the artwork used to the intimate scenes this game has. Hentai games that have this kind of graphics always makes me want to masturbate. Even though there’s not a lot of action in this game, the graphics still makes me horny all the time.

I love the fact that this game has plenty of playable characters. Some porn games have limited characters in it, making the whole game pretty dull. You get to see different gorgeous whores in this game, and you also get to see them being fucked by some dude with enormous cock. I always get excited every time I play this game because the characters that are in this game are very unique and sexy.

The storyline is not that bad compared to other card games I played before. There are games out there that have better graphics than this one, but their storyline is very dull and not that engaging at all. The game’s storyline is so fucked up and unique that you begin to dislike other games once you start messing with this one. You get to fuck girls at the beginning of the game, but you’ll also be cursed after all the sexual acts you’ve done.

Porn games that have plenty of side quests are entertaining to play because you won’t feel like you’re stuck in just one mission. This game has tons of side quests, that’s why I keep playing this one. If you don’t feel like doing the main objectives of the game, you can waste your time on doing some side quests until you get bored. You can always do the main task once you’re finished with all the bullshits you’re doing.

Unlike other porn games out there, this one is free-to-play. You won’t have to spend anything on this one because you can still play the game using the free deck of cards you have. You can get new cards once you win every round of the game, but if you want to have more of it, there’s an option in the game where you can purchase new cards using real money. I haven’t tried making some in-game purchase, but I still enjoyed playing this one with the cards I have.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

For a porn game, this one sucks because of the gameplay it has. The gameplay is so dull that I end up playing other games. The gameplay doesn’t excite me that much, and the controls are very basic. I’m more into sex games that challenge my intellectual capacity. I’m not like other gamers out there that’s only after games that has plenty of sex scenes in it. I don’t see any reason why some people love messing with this game.

The graphics are actually pretty decent considering this is a free-to-play game. I still feel like this game should have better animation when it comes to the intimate scenes because it doesn’t show much of what the whores in this game are capable of, especially during the sex scenes. I know that this is a card game, but I still think that the game developers behind this one can do a better job when it comes to the game’s graphics.

The game’s background music is not that engaging. I don’t feel the hype when I’m playing this one because of the dry ass background music this game has. Music is essential, especially for porn games, because it helps gamers to concentrate more. It can also make a gamer more excited, especially when he/she knows that a good scene is about to happen. The graphics may be okay, but the background music is not that impressive at all.

I hate the fact that you still have to spend money for you to get a new set of cards. If you don’t have spare money with you, then the only thing you can do is to grind every day until you get new cards. Acquiring new cards in this game is very tiring because you’ll need to make sure that you defeat that enemy you’ll be facing. This shit right here is the reason why some people think that this game is a complete piece of shit.

From what I’ve seen, the sex scenes are kind of dull because you don’t actually get to see them do it. You will just see a series of pictures where they will perform different types of sexual acts. Porn lovers like myself would love to play games that have intense sex scenes where we get to control our character as we fuck dozens of women. This game right here doesn’t have that kind of feature.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

There is a lot of stuff I noticed in this game that needs to be fixed right away. The first thing the people behind this game should do is to change the gameplay of the game. They should at least make it a bit hard so that we can feel like the game is really challenging us. The controls are very basic, but it’s okay as long as they do something with the gameplay so that the game will become more exciting.

The game devs should also change the background music to add more thrill and hype to the game. The game’s background music doesn’t really match the game’s vibe. This is a porn game where you get to battle with different creatures. That’s why it’s crucial to make the background music much more interesting so that gamers like me will have more fun when we’re messing with it.

I have no complaints against the game’s animation. I just want to recommend upgrading the game’s graphics with higher quality so that the game will look more realistic and natural. Imagine seeing those busty ladies in HD with their tits hanging out. I will surely masturbate every day if I see those gorgeous whores in a much better animation. The people behind this game should try making this game VR compatible.

The last thing they need to do is to make small clips every time a sex scene is going to happen, so that perverted gamers like me will know what it looks like having sex with magical bitches. We don’t want to settle in just looking at dull pictures. We want to see some intimate actions from the characters of the game. It’s okay if the rest of the game stays the same, but they should change the visuals when it comes to the sex scenes.


I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this game is by far the best adult-themed card game I have played in my whole boring life. This game may have minor issues, but it is still playable. This is the only game where you get to fuck bitches every time you defeat or rescue them. The flying pig is really helpful, but it’s kinda weird that the pig is always around even though you’re having sex with some busty whore.

This game may not have exciting gameplay, but I swear that you’ll be addicted to it because of the storyline it has. Card games are usually hard to understand, but you won’t have to worry about this one because there will be guides at the beginning of the game. I hope that I’ve said all the essential details in this review. You should try this game now so that you’ll see if all the shit I’ve said is true or not.

BestPornGames Likes SmutStone
  • Impressive Artwork
  • Free-to-play
  • Gorgeous Bitches
  • Tons of Playable Characters
  • Games Storyline
BestPornGames Hates SmutStone
  • Spend Money for New Set of Cards
  • Boring Gameplay
  • Background Music
  • Dull Sex Scenes
  • Animation