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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Something Unlimited

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Something Unlimited

User Rating: 4/5
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Are you looking for something exciting? Something arousing? Or Something Unlimited? Most importantly, are you a fan of DC Comics? If you are, you’re going to fucking love this fan-fucking-tastic game that I’m about to fucking share with you. After I found this game, I immediately said to myself, “finally, someone actually made a game like this.” I had a fucking orgasm just by looking at the art cover of the game. Why? Because female superheroes from the comics and animated TV shows are the subject to every kid’s wet dreams! I mean, seriously. Who the fuck didn’t dream about having sex with Wonderwoman? Anyway, to know more about the game and how it may excite you, keep on reading below.

A Brain Teaser with A Lustful Twist

You’re all you’re not in the real world in this game. It’s a ton of you! You are the real goddamn deal in this game, although you are stupid in the real world. One thing that satisfies your dick will know that you are the principal character in this game and play an important role in the world. Even if it was just in an online game, this type of importance would be as horny and lonely as you are. If my very simplistic Circo-monkey explanations cannot yet penetrate your potato-sized brain, then I think you just have to go and fuck yourself, because you always do, because I’m not going to go through further specifics. I can only say that Something Unlimited satisfies your desperate desire for affection and lust. Oh, that’s right, you fucking read that right. You will fuck stupid sluts as Lex Luthor, ranging from heroes, fellows, and villains.

The Gameplay

Tou will be playing as Lex Luthor, so it is only right that you have a little bitch at your side. And that would be, Mercy. That bitch is the one that will help you start to rebuild your fucking empire. You will tour around the city and use the squishy thing inside your skull that your brain to unlock the locations and acquire more girls to use and help you earn money. The LexCorp, Tala’s Workshop, STAR Labs, The Glamor Slam, Cadmus, Legion Hideout, and Daily Planet were six locations. Moreover, the game is a visual novel with a spice of business perspective. It also offers corruption, anal, handjob, exhibitionism, voyeurism, mind control, prostitution, and other stuff that will keep you grounded. As you go deeper into the game, there will be places in which you will be taken.

In these places, for example like the yacht in which you can throw a party and invite villains to the side you and strengthen your connection and the prison where you could convince some fucker to work for you. At that point, it will be your chance to expand your power and control. Devices are also available in the game. There is a level one device that you can use to capture some self-righteous whores, and by that, you can control them, preventing them from fucking attacking the hell out of you. You can also contain the sluts’ sexual desires. Hell yeah, other whores join your cause willingly; others have a unique capture mechanism. The thing is you have Tala, and that bitch would be your loyal slut. You can use that bitch to capture dangerous or magical characters like Superwoman. Just keep in mind that the main fucking point of the game is for you to eradicate superheroes and rebuild your empire, so you have to do some work to do that!

You Get to Fuck Loads of Superheroes

What’s very cool is that it doesn’t restrict you to bitches and bimbos. This game is very nice. The game consists of 26 plus women, villains and even heroes based in the fucking comics. Yeah, you read that right, you dickhead. You know what Something Unlimited has been around for some time, so your baby cock can be satisfied with a fuck-ton of hours worth of content. If you have a form of learning disorder, the brain-damaged fools are still open to you with a fucking cheat program. So thank the damn developers. Kneel and kiss their goddamn feet to give you these games and women, who are esthetically pleasing.

Available for Windows and Mac!

Something Unlimited is fucking available on MAC and Windows to download, so there are no reasons why the fucking game can not be downloaded. I have downloaded the fucking game to fucking play it, as wild and horny as I am. Yes, dipshit, so that your fickle brains can hold back and hold on to it. However, the download of the game does have a little complication. Still, being douche as I am, my unending and full knowledge can easily fix the problem.

What I Like About the Game

Aside from the fact that this game is an adaptation to the characters from the well-known DC Universe, there’s also a lot of fucking factors that made this game really fucking good. So, let’s start with the first one, the motherfucking content. I can’t stress enough on how much content this fucking game has, even I can’t also believe it at first. Anyway, this game has so much content and gameplay that you’re going to get stuck playing this for a few hours. Not to mention that there’s a fuck-ton of bitches to fuck in this game, especially the really hot ones like Wonderwoman, Supergirl, and also fucking the brains out of Batgirl.

Furthermore, the user-friendly controls of the whole game also add to the already numerous reasons as to why this game is fucking good. You get to play the game effortlessly, you can even play it while you’re fucking fapping your dick off. Yes, it’s just that fucking easy. Moreover, the graphics and animations of Something Unlimited are quite nice. I can even say that it’s really that fucking appealing to the eyes. So, what are you fucking waiting for? I mean, is it every kid’s fucking wet dream to bang the hot bitches in the DC Comics? It doesn’t matter if its a hero or a villain, all of them are fucking hot.

My Recommendations for Improvements

As there are pros in the game, there will always… always be cons. It doesn’t matter if it was something that was developed for years. There will always be flaws in everything. Anyway, let me first start by furiously complaining about how fucking difficult the game was. I know, I said that the controls are quite easy, but it still doesn’t help the fact that it’s really fucking hard. And I’m not even talking about my fucking dick. Moreover, I can’t help but notice that the gameplay lacks… How do I say this? “Movement.” What I’m trying to fucking say is that the flow of the game is absolute shit at times.

Furthermore, I actually hate the overall quality of the music in the game. I mean, it’s not that the music is not present, it’s just that the music is repetitive and annoying. Moreover, the graphics of the game needs some polishing. I know, I said that the game is quite good in the graphics and animations department. Still, I’m only saying this because I know the developers can do better in this aspect. For Pete’s sake, high school kids can do better than this, especially in this new generation. Not to mention that the animations are quite basic that even I can do it back when I was still in fucking high school. Pay more attention to the details that every perv mostly focuses on. If you do that, then this game is all good.


Something Unlimited is now one of the best-known hentai online crowdfunded games for just one reason: the art and animation, which captures the essence of cartoons and comics. If you want to screw Harley Quinn or fuck the brains out of Wonder Woman and sell her sweet ass, play it free of charge. Moreover, the game is an all right game, not a decent game, but a poor one with a simple as fuck storyline. If you’re just playing the game to beat your fucking meat, a stupid dirtbag like you will screw these DC characters, and it would probably do the trick. This might be a great game for you, but I suggest that you put up with another one if you’re searching for the fantastic tangible game with a lot of fucking sex. Overall, this game will delight your sperm-filled balls, including some big boobs and ruthless blowjobs. So, download the game now, douchebag!

BestPornGames Likes Something Unlimited
  • The overall content is very rich
  • The number of bitches to fuck is massive
  • User-friendly controls
  • The graphics and animations are quite nice
  • Who doesn't want to fuck Wonderwoman or Supergirl?!
BestPornGames Hates Something Unlimited
  • The game is quite complex
  • The storyline lacks movements
  • Overall music quality is quite basic
  • The graphics need some extensive polishing
  • Devs should pay attention to the animations more