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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)

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Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)

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Sonic Project X is a Kinky Parody Beat ‘em up Game by Zeta Team

I’ve never seen a fanbase quite as obsessed as the cucks who are into the Sonic franchise. I don’t know what it is about that blue fucking hedgehog that makes you so enamored. The games are fine, I guess. Hell, I’ve been addicted to games for years, and I feel like I haven’t even come close to having the unconditional love and admiration for those titles that you pathetic gamers have for Sonic. It’s baffling. There’s always a legion of you bastards at conventions decked out in all of the merch. I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to attract a massive and loyal fanbase, so I went searching for a quality Sonic game for you eager fappers. I dredged up a title called Sonic Project X: Love Potion Disaster. Judging by the cover, I thought this shit was ancient. It’s got a Windows DVD logo on the cover, but I guess they’re just being ironic. But it seems like it was launched back in 2018 by a group known as Zeta Team. The game is in version 7.8 Alpha, though I haven’t heard of any updates coming out since last year.

Play the Full-Game for Free on Windows!

The entire project is free. You won’t have to go scrounging around for any dosh to get your hands on this kinky beat ‘em up game. You just need to head over to their site to get a download link for the full game. There are no strings attached. You don’t even need to make an account! Though it looks like the game only has direct downloads for Windows. However, you can find Mac versions floating around on third-party sites like There are quite a few modes when you first boot up the game. You can try your hands at a boss rush, view the lewd scene gallery, or fuck around with extra shit. I’ll be focusing mainly on the standard story mode, which is what you guys are going to want to start off with anyway. You get a short set of animations that gives you the low-down on what the fuck is happening.

Can You Reverse the Effects of Doctor Eggman’s Lust Potion?

All of your favorite sonic characters have been captured by the infamous Doctor Eggman. You know, that bald fuck in the flying orb with all of the robots. Yeah, him. You’re thrown in a cell while his assistants devise a love potion of some sort. Why? Well, uh, it’s some sort of secret project. No real reason aside from that is given. But, of course, the assistants fuck it up big time. They put too much lust pheromone in there, which causes the entire thing to erupt in a massive mushroom cloud of lust that blankets the entire city.

Pick Your Favorite Sonic Character and Fight Through Waves of Horny Robots

Everyone is horny as fuck and will brutally rape anyone in their path. For some reason, the robots were extra susceptible to this. With most of the heroes out of commission, it comes down to whichever character you choose to wade through the chaos and put a stop to this shit once and for all. You can pick between any of the main characters from the Sonic franchise. Each one has special abilities and attacks, so you can pick whoever suits your preferred playstyle best. This is an arcade-style beat ‘em up where you fight robots and kick ass until you can get to the big bald boy himself. It’s a pretty straightforward game. You fight enemies, collect items, and complete stages. Oh, and I should mention that this game is fucking brutal. I admit that I’m not the best arcade fighter out there. I struggle. But, man, I did not expect to have such a hard time with this game. My tip is to not use Cream. She fucking sucks. Switch to somebody like Tails if you even want to stand a chance against the onslaught coming at you.

Classic Arcade-Style Visual Design with Fluid Animations

The graphics take me back to old-school arcade games. It’s pixelated and has a lot of rough edges. It’s not trying to be some polished game with HD illustrations or anything like that. I think it looks fucking great. They nailed the retro style that they were shooting for. And they manage that look and feel while still having a vibrant style worth looking at. Plus, the controls are clean and easy to use. You’re not stuck with some janky control set with shitty animations. Everything flows well, and combat feels smooth. You have health and stamina to keep track of at the top of the screen. Getting hit a few times will trigger a grapple scene where your character gets brutally fucked by whatever enemy they’re going up against. And some of these scenes are not for you vanilla fucks. The first enemy you face will strip your slut down, spin her upside down, and proceed to shove a mechanical drill into her pussy. Fucking hell. That’s brutal, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s even more hardcore scenes as well as a fair mix of bestiality if you’re into that sort of degenerate shit.

Fap to Uncensored, Fully Animated, Fetish-Heavy Sex Scenes and Illustrations

Each scene will be fully animated and be pretty fucking graphic. There’s more detail here than I expected. In addition to the pixelated sex scenes, you’ll get special game-over animations that are a bit more HD and show off some even lewder scenes if you lose. There’s so much goddamn porn in this game. Even the loading screens will have hot illustrations to jerk off to. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this game. There must be dozens of hot scenes and illustrations to enjoy.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Well, I’m sure this being a Sonic game will be a favorite feature for most of you horny gamers. You’ll be fucking your poor Cream body pillow until it disintegrates into a pile of crusty cloth with how good the porn is in this game. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting this much crazy fetish content to be in such an innocent-looking game. That’ll be the last time I make that mistake with a Sonic game. There is some brutal fetish content in this shit. Pain, rape, bestiality, vore, stomach distention, and even more. If you’re looking for a fap that makes you feel guilty for a few days afterward, then this is the game for you. The scenes are beautifully animated despite the grungy, rough look of the game. You get fluid animations with lots of subtle details packed into them. Cum will shoot out of every orifice when your character gets creampied by a massive horse. That’s the sort of detail you can expect to find in every single scene. And the variety was great. You get illustrations, short animations, and full scenes that will blow your mind. Oh, and I didn’t get to mention it above but the soundtrack kicks ass. It’s got that retro arcade vibe that I was looking for in a game like this.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I do think that the difficulty is a bit steep. Really make sure to pick a usable character. Some of the options make the game so much more difficult than it needs to be. I’d also have liked a tutorial mission where the game showed me all of the controls. As is, I had to smash buttons until I figured out what each one did. That was pretty frustrating. Other than those small gripes, I had a damn good time with this fun arcade game.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Sonic Project X is a must-play for you degenerate Sonic fans out there. It hits every base that you horny gamers will be looking for. It’s simple. It’s fun. It has loads of fucked up fetish porn scenes that you won’t see anywhere else. Oh, and the entire game is available to you cheap fucks for free. That last part should be the real kicker for you guys. Get off your asses and go download this shit right now. You’ve got nothing to lose! I highly recommend it to fans of the franchise as well as fans of more fetish-heavy games.

BestPornGames Likes Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)
  • A fetish-filled Sonic parody game
  • Classic arcade-style beat ‘em up
  • Uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • You can download the full game for free
BestPornGames Hates Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)
  • No tutorial makes getting started difficult