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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Space Paws

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Space Paws

User Rating: 4/5
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I know you perverted bitch boys have come across an ambiguous title on a site that offers nothing but the best sex games? This is one of those titles, believe me. You would think that this game is all about your friendly neighborhood furry creatures flying around the endless reaches of space looking for intergalactic treats or something, right? If you fuckwits have an imagination that strong, then you’d probably come to that conclusion, but you’re very wrong.

Why am I wrong? You might be asking yourself, here’s why. Space Paws is way pornographic than any of the thoughts that would come to your head if you think Space Paws. Yes, you explore the different civilizations in the universe. Still, each adventure is filled with lewd, nude and horny life-forms – of the anthropomorphic kind. This game is a jackpot for any of the perverted fucks who love anything and everything furry! Trust me on that one.

So what’s the story? You woke up in a cryogenic capsule without any recollection of where you are, what you’re doing, or how you normally act – quite a corny cliche. The first person you encounter is your red-headed partner in your repopulation mission – her name is Allison. She’s quite the snarky bitch. She takes you to your robot commander, E-millio. He’s quite the sarcastic joker, he projects the instructions and the backstory of why you’re there.

What You Need To Know About Space Paws

The first thing you need to know that makes Space Paws great is that it is absolutely fucking free to play! Nothing beats a pornographic game that’s free, right? You can even play the game right on your browser as a flash or even download it for free on the creator’s website. I recommend you take the time and effort to visit the developer’s website to download the game because you get the highest quality and even extra animated scenes!

At the time of this review, Space Paws is already fully developed. The developer is still working in tandem with Wet Pussy Games – for all I know. You get everything you want in the final version, so if you’re coming back from the older versions, you will be thoroughly surprised because of the amazing new content you can unlock on top of the ones you already experienced. The Space Paws you know has become way better!

A Game For Everyone, Moreso Furries

I briefly went over the backstory of the game earlier, so I don’t think I don’t need to repeat it again. Right after that short introduction, you can already move around your space ship to get a bit more information about yourself through the different rooms on that ship, like your basic information in the cryogen room, or even your stats on the top left corner. You can develop your stats as you progress through your pornographic adventure!

Anyways, why did I choose that subtitle? It’s because the game allows you to choose among 5 main storylines you wish to pursue. It’s more like story arcs for the different heroines you want to end up with. Do skip to the end for the likes and dislikes if you’re a sissy bitch boy who doesn’t like being spoiled about a game’s storyline or plot. Now, without any further delay, let me tell you about the furry and non-furry heroines you can pursue!

The Allison Route

The first heroine you come across is none other than the snarky red-headed minx that you first encounter in the entire game, Allison! She is the only human heroine that you can pursue in the entire game – might I add that she is quite a beautiful heroine. Allison’s storyline is the most laborsome of all because you’ll have to do quite the amount. You’ll need to complete the three heroine arcs before you can even progress with Allison.

However, once you’ve completed the requirements(which she states as you talk to her) – visit 3 different areas on the 4 different planets as you take each heroine on a date. Did that make sense? This part is important to your mission of “finding a suitable place for humans to live and repopulate,” Don’t try to sneak your way out of it. Only then can you start with Allison’s story arc. Even her story arc is laborsome because of the labyrinths involved in pursuing her.

The Nebet Arc

This story arc is really wholesome – despite the overall erotic-ness of the game. Nebet is the cat-like heroine that you can come across in the exploration. You can find her on the second planet shown in the ship’s control panel. She is somewhat like a high-priestess that can see into the future or something. She believes that your visit to their planet was to solve their drought issues as a messenger of God. You do still get to fuck her, though.

The Roselyn Route

This story arc is the simplest and shortest of all – does it remind you of anything, perhaps your little wiener? It is probably the most wholesome among the heroine story arcs. Roselyn is the dog-like heroine among them. She is located on the first most earth-like planet. Roselyn is the Queen of that kingdom, and you just have to do a little puzzle-solving to get a bracelet she wishes to possess. After obtaining that bracelet, you can have your way with her.

The Siaren Route

Siaren’s story arc is probably the most peculiar of the bunch. She already falls in love with you and deems you as her husband the first time you encounter her. Might I mention that your first encounter is already peculiar. You meet her tied to a tree wanting to be raped. Her storyline includes advanced technology, corruption of politics, and quite an interesting bunch to be surrounded by. Her people are more like foxes, so pursue her if you wish!

The Vyl Daemith Route

Her storyline is the most unique of all, due to the succession mechanics. First of all, you have to trigger an event to meet her because her planet is actually really shit. You need to have a certain level for each stat to progress through the whole thing smoothly. Her arc also includes puzzle-solving – no better way I can phrase that. Her people are lizard-like but still maintain humane facial features. So, green skin and a tail are what they have.

The Reconciliation

Each heroine has their own unique conclusion. If you wish to pursue one heroine over the others, then you can definitely do so. If you’ve built your relationship to the proper level – you can do so by fucking them after your dates in 3 different locations. You have to go to the heroine of your choice and click the heart interaction. After answering 6 questions correctly, you’ll arrive at a conclusion for that heroine and even an epilogue!

Different Routes And Easter Eggs

If you can’t choose a favorite among the heroines presented to you, then Space Paws also offers a harem route for you to choose from. You end up with all of the heroines and probably even unite all of the races. Even the developers said that this ending was quite ironic as the humans were assigned to take care of the other planets despite destroying their own. Hell, if you’re into that kind of thing, you can even have an ending where you end up alone.

Easter eggs, you ask? Well, why don’t we discuss it? There are plenty of other female characters present among the different planets, “meeting them” (having sex with them) is also possible! A red-hooded dog girl in the dog planet, a nerdy fox scientist in the fox planet, a genie named Ginny in the cat planet, A panda girl living among the lizardmen, an AI in the VR world, and even Roselyn’s attendant in the dog planet again. The replayability is endless!

Cheats And Walkthroughs

With the game having plenty of easter eggs, sex scenes, and heroines to go after, the game will be hard and extremely confusing. Don’t worry though, the developers were kind enough to include a full 14-page PDF that gives you a list of cheats that instantly boost your stats and the walkthroughs for each heroine and easter egg. They knew that their audience wasn’t going to really fucking smart, plus knowing the routes increases replayability.


I absolutely adore the game. I have no qualms about how all of the story arcs were laid out, neither with the number of heroines and easter eggs. In fact, having that many actually made the game extremely fun for me – truly deserving of becoming one of the best sex games on the internet. Each girl is incredibly sexy – and that’s coming from a guy that’s not so fond of furries. Everything was great; the writing, the music, the erotic scenes. Everything.

BestPornGames Likes Space Paws
  • Plenty of heroines to choose
  • A fuckton of endings to achieve
  • Amazing sex animations and nudity
  • Free to play
  • Furry and non-furry titties!
BestPornGames Hates Space Paws
  • Too much dialogue